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How Inner Linking Increases Site Visibility

Albuquerque SEO

When we dwell into the inner linking subject which is a familiar term for computer programmers, web builders, and site developers. In itself, it is a complex matter when it comes to it’s technicalities yet a simpler logic frameworks the backbone of the system. Strategic inner linking is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) power technique, propelling the success of content marketing. Learning this technique will help online marketing maximize it’s effectiveness on a steady ongoing basis. For a comprehensive discussion on Albuquerque SEO, read here. By linking one page in the website to another page on the same website with the use of an internal link, the probability of the website to indexed is high.  Inner linking has three main purpose: l  Assists in website navigationl  Scatters page authority and ranking power throughout the sitel  Characterizes the hierarchy and architecture of a website

The Inner Linking Theory

How Inner Linking Increases Site Visibility

How Inner Linking Increases Site Visibility

SEO Albuquerque

Kissmetrics.com explains how the theory of inner linking advances a website’s searcheability on Google.

Most of the “solid information” and “powerful strategies” on internal linking are little more than sophisticated-sounding prognostication. Still, there’s some merit to theorizing about how Google ranks and values the internal network of linking.

The basic theory is this: Internal linking strengthens the overall search-optimized value of a website. Inner linking does so by providing clear paths for spiders, prolonged sessions for users, and a tight-knit network of pages and posts.

The Components of Inner Linking For A Top-Notch SEO 

Produce Multiple Content

Albaquerque SEO CompanyTo successfully create multiple inner links, first there must be a great number of content to work with. A slaying content marketing strategy goes hand in hand with a slaying inner linking strategy. One can not maximize it’s full effect without the other.  Internal linking does not require organizational spreadsheets. Its the abundance of content pages that leads to one informative page to another informative page which is also connected to another helpful page that makes this system effective. Searching the local Albuquerque market, you can see the impacts of Albuquerque SEO.  Those sites that are ranking high are not always there by chance.

Anchor Text 

Anchor text will lead the readers directly to the exact page in the website where additional information or new topic is discussed. Using an anchor text is easier compared to linked images which needs to be properly alt-tagged. Keywords used to optimize the page shouldn’t be the anchor text. A plain, simple word or set of words in a sentence can be anchored. A perfect anchor text will pass juice to another page on the site, like right here, where I type in Omaha and link to our Omaha Nebraska SEO page.

More Importantly, Use Relevant Links 

In the same Commandments of Internal Linking article from kissmetrics.com, it was stressed out how important relevant links are when added to a content.

Internal linking, as I’ve made clear, is less rigorous and scientific than some might think. But you still have to be intentional. Don’t merely link for the sake of linking. Instead, link to content that is relevant to the source context.

In other words, let’s say I have a page on my site about dog food. And, I have a page on my site about the nesting habits of parakeets. (I have neither.)

Should I link the two pages?

There is not a strong connection between dog food and parakeet nests, especially on a superficial level. These two pages probably won’t provide mutual enhancement from internal crosslinking. Again, from Kissmetrics.com.

As much as possible, link to relevant content in your inner linking. Be sure to learn more about our strategy on our Albuquerque SEO company page.

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Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Top ranking pages. We all want them, but sometimes we don’t have the resources to dedicate in order to achieve these rankings. So what is the solution? There is definitely a way to earn decent rankings without the large investment that usually accompanies content marketing and targeted backlinking strategies.

This post will cover several of the easier and less time consuming methods that small and medium-sized businesses can use to really ramp up their existing page rankings. Let me first go over why the page rankings can be crucial or not only your website pages but also your blog posts. As a Fresno SEO Company, we deal with these kinds of issues on a daily basis.

Whether for our website or when working for a client (we are a Fresno SEO consultant), these are foundational ranking strategies that we base everything else upon.

Top Fresno SEO Tips and Tricks For Page Rankings

Search engine spiders are adding data to google's computers every dayEvery day millions of Americans and world citizens are using Google and other search engines to find solutions to their problems. Often the solutions they are seeking will fall it directly into your basket. This means that by putting out blog posts and pages that answer specific questions, you are placing bait in the World Wide Web’s ocean. How did you find this page? Searching Fresno SEO Pros often works!

These prospects will pick your bait and find a way to your site. Eventually a small percentage of these prospects will convert on your pages and your blog posts. Most often small and medium-sized businesses have some small bait that is floating in the ocean. However because these businesses’ expertise is not in search engine optimization for Fresno topics, that bait is not optimal.

Fresno SEO Discussion on Page Rankings

We’re going to cover some of the things that will allow you to layout the best bait that you possibly can with the tools and resources that you currently have. We are a Fresno SEO Expert agency but do not take our word for it, test it out also! It will work!

  1. Look into rich snippets. Rich snippets are an amazing tool that will help search engines identify the content and topics of your website. Rich snippets provide meta-data that allow google to highlight specific parts of your page for prospects. Rich snippets can include: video schema, table of contents schema, menu schema, image schema, reviews.
  2. Improve crawl friendliness. When the website is optimized for internal linking, Google and other search engines can easily crawl and index all the pages on your site. Increasing the crawl-ability of your website means connecting pages that are similar and relevant to one another. Don’t connect pages that have nothing to do with one another even if they are still under your domain. You want to make sure that the pages that are connecting are of high value to the original page, the links are continuous an unbroken, and that the juice is free to flow throughout the website. Furthermore make sure that the navigation for your website is similar throughout the pages because indexing is a hugely important factor.
  3. Speed up your existing pages. With many tools that are available in WordPress you can ensure that your pages load fast. The faster that your pages load for prospects the lower your bounce rate and the happier prospects are. Google understands habits and tendencies of Internet browsers and rewards websites that have low page speeds. Reducing your bounce rate will also mean more clients will stay on that landing page and you are sure to get a higher conversion rate.
  4. Geotagging. If you don’t know what Geotagging is and you are operating in the local market you are missing a huge opportunity. First of all your pages and posts must be rich with visual media, meaning there are images that are appealing to your prospects. A large part of our browsing habits includes expectations of relevant images. Uploading these images to your website is simply not enough these days. Those images must have geo coordinates that allow search engines to identify that page with the specific location on a coordinate grid. Absolutely essential if you are a local marketplace operator.
  5. Optimize existing pages. Using Google Webmaster Tools you must identify webpages on your site are of high quality but do not have organic traffic. Likely you are missing out on organic traffic because the page is not optimized for any keywords or other on page factors. Buy high-quality we mean that even though the pages not listed in the search engines your prospects find their way to that page and spend a considerable amount of time on it. It will be highly worthwhile to identify the target keywords for that page and do your best to optimize it so that it can be found in the search engines.

Might we also suggest becoming integrated in the Fresno Chamber of Commerce? This will always provide valuable credit to your website.

Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Fresno SEO Company

Marketing Experts in Fresno SEO

Now these are the easiest methods for a small and medium-sized business to implement right away. This is taking into account that most business websites already have existing content in the form of posts or pages.

If this was valuable, check out our blog series on Fresno SEO Services! Other blog posts in the series are about long tail keywords and here is our recent press release for local Fresno SEO!

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Round Rock SEO | The Modern Homepage

Round Rock SEO | The Modern Homepage

Every website has a homepage. Think about yours for a second:

  • Are you pleased with it?
  • How does it rank against your competitors?
  • How does it rank against websites that you stumble across on the web for relevant keywords?
  • Did you pay a lot for it?
  • Did you spend hours and hours on it?
  • Did a Round Rock SEO Company build it for you?
  • What about a web developer?
  • How long has it been since you’ve updated even one page, let alone the whole site?

Have you looked at your home page SEO lately?Your homepage is an incredibly valuable asset for your business. Even if it is not the targeted page you’re looking to rank for, you’re homepage will speak volumes to your clients and prospects.

As the Internet has evolved, so too has the search engine’s expectations and requirements of the website. The purpose of this blog post is to go over the differences between the old format of websites and what search engine algorithms are looking for in a website today.

If your website has not been updated in a year or more, the chances that you are suffering from one or more penalties is high. Even if you’re clear of penalties you may be using outdated methods that Internet prospects have evolved beyond. We are a Round Rock SEO Consultant and we will discuss our methods.

A Seminar with A TOP SEO in Round Rock 

Let’s go over some of the more traditional methods for homepage. These are what you need to steer clear of and step away from.

Homepage Clutter

  • early home pages were very cluttered

    early home pages were very cluttered

    OLD Promoting all types of site content on the homepage. Are you familiar with Yahoo.com? Do you know what the homepage looks like with tons of links in text and videos and calls to action? Does your site look like this? It should not. Back in the day, home pages were full of scattered content and business owners sought to put all types of page summaries and links on their homepage. Our first implementations of search engine optimization in Round Rock were like this.

  • NEW In the modern era, we see websites that have just one particular strategy and goal. Browsing new sites you’ll find a one page design is highly common and the content on that page is extremely minimal. Companies are focusing visitors’ attention on one simple key call to action. The reason for this is simple. Our attention spans have been squandered as the web has gotten smarter. When we see those old webpages with tons of different things going on, get visually overwhelmed, so we click the back button and go to a new search result.


  • Today's home pages are clean and simpleOLD Does your webpage aim to speak to all potential visitors? Back in the day the homepage was designed to be one-size-fits-all. This caused our main message to become blurred as we attempted to speak to all types of audiences in one fell swoop. Before we spoke to professional service business owners, we were a SEO Company in Round Rock that targeted everyone!
  • NEW Our current implementations of home pages and websites seek to focus on our clients’ most important customer. Targeting this primary audience allows you to communicate in your most effective language. Additionally, zooming in to your primary audience allows you to increase your conversion and engagement rates.

Keyword Strategy

  • OLD When SEOs first started optimizing small and medium-sized businesses, we were trying to get as many keywords onto the homepage as possible. The goal was to rank the homepage for every single target keyword. This caused the homepage to become long and full of content. As we saw in the last example, we want a minimal approach to the homepage. When it comes to local Round Rock SEO, this strategy doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • NEW The new optimized home page is seen by Google and search engines as part of comprehensive whole website. The search engine algorithms considers the target keywords for all pages and the homepage alike. Grouping them altogether there is no need to optimize each page and especially the homepage for targeted keywords. We suggest that each specific page targets one key topic or a small subset of your industry. Most successful websites homepage is very simple and often is rich with branded terms.

SEO Round Rock | The Modern Homepage

Round Rock SEO Company

Home pages Matter For Conversion in Texas

Before you do anything to grow and develop your SEO Strategy, make sure you look into a membership with the Chamber of Commerce. They don’t have many digital marketing resources, but they do know how to help to local service providers. For example, we were recently listed with an agency directory here in Austin. Seeking these internet properties can be a valuable asset.

Less Text is More

  • OLD Classic home pages have tons of text. We originally believed in selling a prospect on the entirety of our services on the homepage. Our first “Round Rock SEO Pros” website was full of words. More than this blog post even!
  • NEW Now we believe in communicating quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Most often the homepage will be video, image, or otherwise visually dominant. Our call to action and value proposition it’s highlighted in minimal terms. Most modern home pages that are converting at a high rate will be very simple compared to traditional home pages.

The Expert Agency Explains Home Pages


  • OLD Does your webpage aim to speak to all potential visitors? Back in the day the homepage was one-size-fits-all. This caused the message to become blurred as we attempted to speak to all types of audiences in one swift to go.
  • NEW Our current implementations of home pages and websites seeks to focus on our clients’ most important customer. Targeting this primary audience allows you to communicate in your most effective language. Additionally, zooming in to your primary audience allows you to increase your conversion and engagement rates. As a Round Rock SEO Expert, this is how we build and implement new strategies.


  • OLD Previously the industry believed that keeping things above the fold was crucial to gaining a prospects’ attention. We used to jam pack our message into the top of the webpage keeping the content under the fold to a minimum.
  • NEW Simply browsing new websites will show that content is being distributed across the long single page format. placing content sporadically throughout a long home webpage is what we shoot for. The goal here on the first fold is to draw the eye down the webpage and guide the prospect into consuming the full webpage.

Are you considering a new home page now? What about your overall SEO strategy? Visit our other blog posts for more information on top strategies. Our local Round Rock SEO page is a great page to start. There are also other blog posts on linking and another post on our recent press release for Round Rock SEO Services!

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9 On Page SEO Tips | Albany SEO

9 On Page SEO Tips For Albany SEO Growth

This is the second post in a series of blog posts that we have created to better assist small and medium sized businesses in Albany NY. We are an Albany Search Engine Optimization Company that specializes in local SEO. Be sure to tune into our Youtube SEO expert playlist! This blog has a video on the playlist here:

On Page SEO Tutorial | Albany Search Engine Optimization Expert

Albany SEO Company

Digital marketing and internet marketing are built upon many strategies that can be categorized as on-page SEO tactics. These strategies are those that impact the way a website is viewed by Google. On page SEO methods are exactly that, they are tactics that impact components that are within the webpage themselves.

They are within the HTML, within the meta descriptions, within the images, and definitely within the layout of each individual page and the structure of the entire website. With on page SEO, you can truly be like the lion, king of your local business environment.

Lets go through a few of these strategies:

1. Schema mark up

Schema mark up is really one of the more remarkable tools. This is the reason why you might see star ratings on yelp search results, or on recipes on Google. They indicate what the webpage is about and relay this type of categorical information to the search engines.

2. Keyword optimized titles, descriptions, and headers

This is what SEO is built upon. Indicating what the webpage is about is inherent in utilizing the proper keywords for all possible locations on a website. First you must identify which keywords are valuable to your objective. Keyword research is easy but is the starting point for implementing a powerful SEO effort.

This means fully optimizing the page title, the page description, and the page header tags. You must be careful not to keyword stuff, as this can have a huge negative from the search gods, Google.

3. Page load speed

Having a quick to load page is very important to Google. They reward those pages that have minimal load times. When they go through the entire web and index pages, they make sure to note how heavy each digital footprint is, and will penalize those sites that are bulky and have long load times.

Why is this? Google wants users of it’s search engine to have the best experience. This means sites that look good, are relevant to searches and load fast!!

4. Geotags

A geotag is a identifier for an image or video that allows that piece to be attached to a specific location on a map. A geotag is incredibly powerful for local SEO efforts. By simply adding a geotag to a photo or a post, you are signaling to Google where you are located, where you offer services, and where you are a dominant business force.

5. Image meta descriptions

9 on-page tactics to be the king of your local nicheAre all of your images labeled something generic? Usually the images from cameras have a long generic title, something like “IMG_76976”. You’ve got to change these!! Make sure that images titles and descriptions have your keywords, have your services, and have your brand name in them! Google is digging deep within your site to learn these things. Feed the beast!

6. Video embeds

Are you creating video content? If yes, great! Get them embedded up on your site. If you have no content, its still ok. Embedding videos from Youtube is super powerful for your page authority. Every post on your website should have some kind of video, image, or authority link within it!

7. Content word count and keyword density

Make sure your posts are lengthy! Longer pages populate the first page of Google because they are considered more informative. Google wants to deliver prospects content rich in information, so provide it! Make sure you have your target keywords on each page, but not too many!

8. Page layout

Your page should read like a magazine article or a newspaper. This also includes a call to action at the bottom. Either an option to reach out to your business, a way to consume more content, or a video to watch!

9. Linking strategy

Make sure that your site is entirely laid out in a way that the Google Indexer can crawl your site without losing its way. This means that all pages are interconnected and there are no dead ends. Furthermore, this passes link juice from external links! Bonus! A great place to see a checklist is here.

A True Search Engine Optimization Expert

Check us out next week for the next segment in the Albany SEO Expert blog series. We are an internet marketing company that works with small and medium sized business in our local area.

Wondering how your website and internet marketing strategy matches up to other in your local market? Neovora offers a free website analysis. This report will generate a valuable report on a business’ ability to dominate local search markets. As an Albany SEO Firm, we provide this free of cost and can help you analyze your standing on the internet. Visit the next blog post for more info on how to use the internet for lead generation!

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Convert Prospects With On Page SEO | Fresno CA

Convert Internet Visitors With On-Page SEO | Fresno SEO Tutorial

This is part two in a five part local SEO series about leveraging internet marketing to your advantage. We are Neovora, a Fresno SEO Agency that is giving a super aerial view of what we do.

The purpose of this SEO Expert blog post series is to help businesses around the USA grow and flourish utilizing the internet and its many features. Neovora is a top SEO Company in California. As such, we like to offer a free website analysis to our blog readers.

What are you saying to your prospects to convert them to customers?This particular search engine optimization blog post about converting visitors is based on a previous blog post we made about attracting prospects. This is the second part of our journey.

We left off at describing the essential components of a website that is successful in attracting prospects to it. Now we delve into the methodology of how businesses can successfully turn this prospect into a lead.

Imagine that you have tons of prospects in Fresno, California for your industry. Lets use a dentist for example. The public is searching for things like “dentistry near me”, “Fresno dental office”, “family dentist”, “cosmetic dentistry” the list goes on.

Now imagine that our partner dentist “Bright Tooth Fresno” is in this market and has a website that is the first result for all of these searches.

This is big traffic for Bright Tooth. Everyone that is searching on Google for their dentistry needs is coming across the name Bright Tooth. This creates instant name brand recognition and familiarity. The prospect clicks on the link and visits the website BrightTooth.com. Now what?

From here the goal of the business is to get the client to call the office and schedule an appointment. But how to hold the prospect’s hand most gently to lead them to take this action? How to keep them on page, reading your content?

How to entice them to consider Bright Tooth above all others on that search results page?

Neovora Fresno SEO Expert | Internet Marketing

The whole team at Neovora, the top Fresno internet marketing consulting firm, strives to be on the cutting edge of marketing. When there are new updates to the periodic and complex search algorithms, Neovora is among the first SEO companies to find solutions that utilize them to our clients’ advantage.

From all of our studies, expert led seminars, and personal experiences, we have found the perfect mix of systems and strategies for hand holding a prospect to your door. This entails a well designed website layout, providing ease of browsing your areas served, your particular services, and a special area for constantly posting blogs and articles related to your professional industry.

This well written content on your website acts as a tool for your prospects to learn about your business. Prospects want to understand the complexities of the services they are seeking. By having detailed offerings of your business, you are providing a way for prospects to begin to trust you.

Usually, prospects like to consume content, articles, blogs, testimonials, and see the kind of work that you do through images and video content. While not all businesses want to do this, only the best and most successful will implement these strategies.

Neovora The Fresno SEO Company For Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

After developing this content, and laying out a schedule for additional content to be created, you must be able to provide some sort of value for free. This means giving your prospects a taste of what you offer, for free.

Usually, this free value offer is the first step in pushing them along the buying cycle. Maybe you make them more aware of their problem, or offer a solution that they were unaware of. More than anything, this provision of content is establishing your business as a trusted expert in the field.

Perhaps giving them a good price will push them to contract with a professional. Here are some examples of other content that can be built for some popular industries:

  • If you are a contractor, push these prospects to get a free estimate of your services.
  • A dentist might offer a free consultation to determine need and cost of treatment.
  • An interior designer would provide recent work to illustrate personal style and abilities.
  • A car dealership would highlight customers who purchased a car.
  • Travel companies could offer contents for special trips, free travel gear, etc.

Can you identify relevant content for your business industry? More important than gimmicks and aesthetics, your website must be content rich. This means that all websites much have a thorough explanation of all the services offered.

Using the Dentist example from above, I now list some of the kinds of blog posts and content that should be written and published on their page, BrightTooth.com. A dentist page would include:

  • Relevant information about the city they practice in
  • Procedural information for all services like: tooth extraction, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, teeth whitening, etc.
  • Insurance information
  • Different pages on cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, implant dentistry, restorative dentistry, etc.

All this content provides what people are looking for; Information and a trusted local professional for their problem.

This blog post is also in video on Youtube, check it out!

Convert Internet Traffic | Fresno Internet Marketing

Fresno SEO Company

Now that your site has valuable content that informs the prospect, you are looking to get them to ring your bell and say, “Hi. Im interested in your service.” But it is up to you to provide this bell. No successful business doing internet marketing is without one. What’s yours?

For example, our goal with this post is to raise awareness of business’ shortcomings on the internet. As such, we provide a free website analysis that would cost a total amount of lots of dollars.

This is how we attract visitors and convert them to leads. How would you be able to close the leads? Check out what Moz has to say about conversion rates online. Coming up next in the SEO Company Expert series is the blog post about how to turn the prospect into a client.

Closing leads is what this is called, and we will explain how to turn your website into a lead closing machine! Until next time!

ABC….Always Be Closing!

Was this post helpful? Visit the first step to converting in the Fresno SEO Company series!

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How to Attract Prospects | Fresno CA SEO Tutorial

Fresno CA SEO Tutorial For Attracting Internet Prospects

Welcome to the first blog post in a series of posts in our Fresno SEO series. The purpose of this series is to educate businesses as to how to leverage the internet in their business’ growth. As a premier California SEO Company, Neovora knows exactly what our partners need to thrive. We will cover all the major aspects that we advise our clients to pursue:

  1. Attract Prospects
  2. Convert Visitors
  3. Close Leads
  4. Impress Customers
  5. Grow Your Business

How do you currently spread the word about your Business to your target market?So let’s get started with the most important thing for a business: always having a steady stream of new clients.

So where do you get your clients now?

  • Word of mouth
  • Newspaper
  • Billboards
  • TV ads
  • Digital and Internet Marketing
  • Does your work vehicle have a huge decal on the side?

Going through this list, it’s evident that the old forms of media, communication, and advertising are long gone. In today’s marketplace, your business should constantly be looking to get your brand in front of the largest amount of your targeted prospects.

Digital Marketing and SEO Experts

This is where the internet comes into play. What was once a tool to send data between universities in the US, has turned into the most dynamic communication and sales channel ever! There are more than 1 trillion+ searches on Google alone per year.

Most of these are by prospects searching for local businesses, local goods, and local services that will provide them with solutions to a problem. These problems are widespread, people are searching Google for these kinds of local solutions:

  • “Divorce attorney”
  • “Furniture“
  • “Plumbing”
  • “Appliance repair”
  • “best dentist for children”
  • “roofer near me”

What is your business’ target keyword? How are you helping these search queries land new prospects on your site?

Those local businesses with web domains, optimized websites, a strong search engine optimization strategy, and a good ranking will receive the majority of these visits. Those websites that hold the most valuable real estate on the internet not there by chance. A complex and ever-changing Google Algorithm has selected those websites for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • A fluid website that loads fast and has images and videos throughout,
  • A site that has strong internal linking structure that allows indexing spiders to navigate the site and extract it’s content and themes,
  • On-page SEO,
  • Off-Page SEO,
  • Site provides valuable content,
  • Social media interaction,
  • Powerful inbound linking strategy.

These are the kinds of sites that are rewarded by Google. What is the reward?

Search Engine Optimization

The reward is prime real estate on the busiest intersection on the local internet marketplace. Being among the first search results on Google for your target keywords will be no easy task! Other entrepreneurs have already found that being here grows businesses. So how is it possible to oust the competition?

Attract Prospects Online | Internet Marketing in Fresno

Fresno SEO Company

Because Neovora is an SEO Firm, we have worked in dozens of industries and local search markets implementing local SEO systems, we know exactly how to dethrone the current leaders. We deliver results. In this case, the result is a company that has first place rankings for numerous of the most competitive keywords in your local market.

To attract prospects, you need to have all kinds of properties on page one. Your website, your facebook, your blog pages, and your local city pages will all be among the top ten organic search results.

With this strategy, your lead generation strategy is the most powerful among all of your competition in the local market. Learn more about identifying internet prospects here.

Was this post helpful? Visit the other posts in the Fresno SEO Company series!

How to convert the prospects to actually start spending money with you? First of all you need to be found online! This may be hard if your site is failing in some crucial parts of on page and off page SEO.

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Critical On-Page SEO Tutorial: Image and Video Ranking Factors

We have retina displays on our phones, 20”computer monitors at our desks, and thousands of pixels per square inch on our televisions. Internet users are becoming more and more used to seeing images and video on-page. Not only are they accustomed to highly visual and attractive pages that have imaging that guides their experience, but they are demanding it.

Increase user engagement with videos and imagesBecause of this video and images have become incredibly important components, and are definitely critical for your on-page strategy.

How are they demanding it? As an SEO Expert, we know they desire these types of media for two reasons, and both are causal. This is a demand not only in Round Rock Texas, but for businesses everywhere!

1. Conversion rates are much higher on pages with images and videos that are relevant to your content.

2. Because Google ranking factors are dependent on the user experience, and other components like bounce rates… pages with video and images get a ranking boost.

A recent report from Searchmetrics does a really good job of explaining the year over year impact of ranking factors. Their report, which is available via PDF explains the following:

The number of images found in the analyzed landing pages which rank in the top 30 search results has increased in comparison to the previous year. The ranking websites use around a quarter more images – this is probably partially responsible for the increase in file sizes compared to 2014.

How images affect rankings, from a report by Searchmetrics

Source: Searchmetricx

They explain that from 2014 to 2015, the number of images per ranking page went up. More images are being used on pages and this is why:

Images placed in content increase time on site and enhance the user experience. Some keyword searches even lead to picture galleries ranking highest, for example “hairstyle trends 2015” – because the user is expecting them. Users can also be reached via separate Google image search. PDF Available here…

Google is incredibly cognizant of what internet users want, and they deliver results. The Google image ranking factor is a major component of on-page requirements. Another important thing is to make sure that all alt-tags and descriptions for images are optimized for keywords that you are looking to rank for.

On our own internal pages and especially on clients’ pages, we develop the content around powerful images. This means that the pictures help guide the article and content. Now with smartphones and 20″ retina displays, this is what consumers want. So give it to them! You will not regret it.

Image & Video Ranking Factors | Round Rock SEO

Round Rock SEO Company

Pages that are walls of text are hard on the eyes and will deter consumers so fast! Make sure that images are relevant and optimized to fit your page. We will likely cover all the components of image optimization for page use, but in a later blog post.

The same Searchmetrics report includes many on-page SEO factors, one of which is video changes on top ranking sites.

The proportion of ranking sites with integrated videos on the page has fallen in comparison with the previous year. One reason for this is very likely the modification by Google in relation to rich snippets, whereby since July 2014 only video thumbnails are still shown for ranking results of larger video platforms.


Affects of video on page rankings, from Searchmetrics report

Source: Searchmetrics


While the video correlation is down by 3 percent, it can be explained by a change in the appearance of video. But notwithstanding, videos are still crucial, especially if you are embedding YouTube videos. Searchmetrics explains:

8 out of 10 videos in the top U.S. SERPs are from YouTube. It has also become more difficult to get high rankings for non-YouTube videos.

However, videos are able to greatly improve the user experience on the provider’s website and also increase time on site. Furthermore, people like sharing videos via social networks.

So what do images and video have to do with your site? Well these rich media components, increase visitors’ time on your pages. This means that Google interprets these pages as being more relevant by offering content that the user is looking for.

How all of this affects users' time on your site, from Searchmetrics report

Source: Searchmetrics

Remember, the videos and images you use must be relevant, geo-tagged, and optimized for your keywords or ranking strategy. We covered this more in depth in a recent blog post on geotagging.

Now, we know that creating your own content can be laborious, especially for the uninitiated. However, it’s absolutely crucial to either make your own or find some content online that you can use. Videos should be highly relevant and be on YouTube. Visit the last blog post in our Round Rock SEO Company Series!

Look through our website and to see how we implement these very strategies! Get those pages to the top of Google by creating content that your clients want to see! In addition to creating content, you need to make sure that your site is being found! First step is being identified by Google as a site that is meeting all their minimum requirements. Do you pass the test? Get your website audit for free today.

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SEO Round Rock

Outbound Linking Tips For SEO Round Rock

Today, for our On-Page post, we are going to cover how outbound linking can boost your page rankings. If you use private blog networks, you are likely opposed to outbound linking. This past year, we’ve been perfecting our strategies that use outbound linking to diversify our page profile.

A part of our business consists of a Search Engine Optimization Firm in Round Rock, and this agency has found that this is an issue of outbound linking is very much misunderstood, so we want to take some time to clarify it.

Consider The SEO Round Rock Expert

So let’s think about it, linking to other sites can give your site a lot of authority. All through academia, you are supposed to cite sources. Wikipedia must use citations. Well thought out and researched articles across the internet will list their sources. This usage of citations is recognized by Google, and will help your page authority and page rankings!

Harsh Agarwal had a recent post on Shout Me Loud discussing this very topic. We’ll use their site to better explain what outbound links are.

What are outbound links?

Outbound links are links that point to some other domain from your site.When you link out to related domains, it not only helps the search engine to understand your niche, but also helps to increase the trust and quality of your site which plays a vital role in your blog’s SEO.

Outbound links:

  • Give search engines a clear idea about your blog because of relevant links.
  • Offer the best way to be in touch/build relation with bloggers having same niche. (read more here…)

As you can see he mentions that outbound links can help develop relationships with other blogs. We will only mention the way that outbound linking can help the theming of your page. In the context of this page, all of the outbound links are pointing to SEO blogs and other SEO websites.

Also recently, Jonathan Hochman, posted an article that discusses the added benefits of external links.

Outbound Links Affect Your Reputation

If your site links to garbage, people will think your site is garbage too. That’s why link farms and reciprocal link schemes are such a bad idea. Sites that link to poor resources show the world that they don’t care what they say or recommend. They’ll do anything to get attention, including keyword spam and link spam. No wonder Google and the other search engines remove or down rank such sites.

By linking to quality resources that help your visitors, you can improve your reputation with users and search engines. That ultimately leads to more inbound links, and higher response rates. With good information and a nice selection of external links, visitors may even bookmark your site and use it as a jumping off point. Human readers like information that is corroborated by other sources, so go ahead and link to references. A well referenced page or article makes your site more authoritative. (see more on his page…)

Why Theming Matters For Round Rock SEO Services

When Google comes in to crawl our page, they are reading the headline, page title, and identifying all the outbound links. This then allows for the spider to place your site in a bucket, a niche, a topic. Ideally, you are writing each blog or page, whether it be for a money site, a blog post, or anything else for ONE SINGLE TOPIC.

Unless you’re a steam-of-consciousness writer like David Foster Wallace, there is no reason this is the case. Your pages need to be THEMED, and outbound linking helps this.

Outbound Linking | Round Rock SEO Experts

Round Rock SEO Company

Relevant Material for SEO in Round Rock Texas

Talking about used cars and linking to Ford.com or kelleybluebook.com is ideal. This reference source is topical, authoritative, and high quality. All things that factor into the ranking and trust of your page or Google +!

Imagine a web of sites that are all connected via webs, which is what the spider is crawling constantly. If these webs are within niche topics, the spider is happy. It gets confused and lost when niche topics are linked and passed onto random and non-correlated niche sites.

Anchor Text : Do’s and Don’ts

Now that you understand that outbound linking will boost your page and its relevance, what to use for anchor text?

Virtually anything is up for fair game, except one thing we want to steer you away from.

Lets say you have the following page:

Meta Title: Reputation Management: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Meta Description: Reputation management can make or break your digital marketing strategy. Learn valuable digital marketing for your company.

So “Reputation management” is something that we are looking to score for on Google.

Outbounding links from your page to sites that are not yours should be as natural as possible. Use nofollow and dofollow links at your leisure, as any real site would have these kinds of structures.


Sending juice to another site is OK, natural. Something that top sites do all the time. You should do it also if you feel like it. However, NEVER send juice through a valuable keyword anchor text that you are using on YOUR PAGE.

Perhaps we are pointing to site a page that is Headlined: “Why Reputation Management Is Crucial for SMBs.” Under no circumstances can you send juice to this page using a key component that is used in your page name, title, headline, or description (in our example, Reputation Management)

The Google spider will take credit and value from your page and send it to the site you are referencing! You can link by using the following anchors instead:

  • Read more about it here
  • Author at BlogSite says that…

SEO For Round Rock Companies

Don’t lose your juice, and remember to credit other sites! Next time we may discuss how you can develop relationships with other relevant sites by sending them valuable links. If you’re wondering about your current linking profile, an audit is a good place to start. A free website analysis will give you insight as to whether or not your site has what it takes to tank among the top!

Visit our Youtube Channel here for some hot tips that parallel our blog posts. Also our other cities that we work with apart from SEO Round Rock Texas.

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Internal Linking: Your Secret Weapon for SEO and Digital Marketing

Instant On-Page SEO Success with Internal Linking

As online marketing is a core strategy of ours, we have developed a multi-layered strategy that we implement for each project. Depending on the market, niche, and competition, we are quickly able to identify what kind of strategies we will need to implement. As a TX Search Engine Optimization Company, we know exactly how local businesses can benefit from this kind of internal linking strategy.

100% of the time, Internal Linking is the first serious on-page strategy we use. It has to do with the structure of the site from inception.

website structureOne of our projects recently was working with Plastic Surgeons in Latin America. The thing about this place is that the standard tricks and strategies we implement into the USA absolutely kill the market in LatAm. This translates well from South America and into our Round Rock SEO business.

Internal linking is effective and often its enough to get us significant rankings in the US market. This simple strategy is leagues beyond anything being implemented in 2nd tier markets! Regardless of the market, this is the number one solution we develop before even installing WordPress.

Its crucial to have a solid linking structure before anything else.

What is Internal Linking Structure?

Graham Charlton at SearchEngineWatch  had this to about internal linking.

Web practitioners from various disciplines may have different terms for this, but I think this is a term that’s well understood in the SEO ‘community’ and beyond.

Broadly speaking, internal linking refers to any links from one page on a domain which lead to another page on that same domain.

Now, internal linking should be rigorously outlined before beginning to even develop your site. It means outlining the pages, the flow of links, and more than anything, the content and keywords you will be using. Our main reason for using this is because it delivers results unlike anything else. Starting a site from scratch allows this foundation to be laid.

One that provides an endless flow of link juice through the site, in the direction we choose. If we want the flow from popular and powerful pages to flow to lesser viewed pages, we can do as we please.

Graham Charlton then goes on to explain the benefits of this structure:

  • It provides your audience with further reading options. For example, if you are writing about a new product or service from Twitter, and we’ve written a great post on Twitter in the past, link to it. It provides context for the reader and promotes older content.
  • It helps to improve your ranking for certain keywords. For example, if we want a page to rank for ‘search marketing statistics’ and we have a page containing these, then we can point people the page using the relevant anchor text. This sends a clear signal to Google that this page is relevant to search users typing in that phrase.
  • It can help you to promote events and other paid services. If we’re talking about link-building and we have a great speaker on covering that topic at an upcoming event, that’s an opportunity to promote them.
  • It helps Google to crawl the site. Internal links in articles, as well as in category and tag pages, help Google to index pages more efficiently.

Round Rock SEO Firm | Web Design & Development

Round Rock SEO Company

No Architectural Feat!

Bare with us. This is a quick mockup of a site we built in Brasil a few months ago. While we can’t completely give away the strategy, we can show you the blueprints for a site we’ve done recently. If you’re good at reverse engineering, then you deserve what you can extract.

For us, the benefits are beyond these few that are listed above. Having hidden supporting pages bumps our more prized pages. It allows for thorough theming and categorization of our site. And boy does the juice flow through our site. No more lopsided page authority.

seo site structure

Notice several things here.

  1. There is a standard navigation section. This section has standard links like Services, Areas Served, and other basic things like contact, careers, about us, etc.
  2. There are hidden pages. These are NOT on the navigation. These are essentially pages that serve as blog posts that cannot be normally navigated to from the home page.
  3. The flow of pages is a complete circuit. Meaning from Home to the Silos, and from one silo, back to home.

What is going on here?

While it’s impossible to give a free outline for every niche market, region, and industry, there is some value here for you. Remember we are an SEO company focusing on local online marketing, and we simply can’t unleash our most powerful architecture to the world for free. If you are a business owner looking to implement this kind of thing, we suggest reaching out to us.

Some more tips from Graham’s post:

  • Before inserting a link, I always ask myself: what is the probability that a user will click on this link? The higher the probability, the more juice this link will pass and the most value this link will from SEO point of view. 
  • I also try to vary anchor text pointing to a specific page across the site but keep it very closely related to the topic of the landing page. For large websites, HTML sitemaps are very important part of interlinking strategy–they not only help users to find right pages but also help distribute the link juice efficiently within the site. 
  • Links within content typically pass greater value because they are surrounded by contextual words which can have another benefit in terms of ranking for these related phrases.
  • Add internal links in moderation. Every link you include in a page will receive a portion of the link authority of that page, so the more links you include, the less value each will receive. 
  • Ensure that internal links appear to be natural, not manufactured. Links should occur as part the natural flow of an article and shouldn’t look out of place to the reader.
  • Make sure links add value. SEO is a factor of course, but links should also add value to the reader, perhaps pointing to an in-depth look at a topic which was only briefly mentioned in an article, or pointing users at some relevant statistics. (read more about Graham’s post here)

Visit the last blog post in our Round Rock SEO Company Series!

In addition to internal linking, external links and citations are also crucial! Does your site have these crucial SEO components? Take the test! Our free audit profiles insightful information on your current link profile. Get it free!

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Round Rock SEO Services

Geotagging and Round Rock SEO Services

The purpose of today’s blog is to bring the many ways to beef up on-page SEO to your eyes. Today we are focusing on Geotagging. It is one of the many ways to ping Google and let them know what your local page is about.

Have you ever searched for a vacation place on Google images, and come across highly relevant and beautiful images? Well this is partly because of a partnership with https://www.flickr.com/ and Google that brings highly relevant images for searches on Google.

How did Google know those pics were relevant? Because they were Geocoded!!!

Geotagged or Not? Round Rock SEO

If you have a smartphone, chances are all the images you are taking with your phone will relay some kind of information about the GPS coordinates of where the image was taken. Its kind of crazy, my iPhone photo library remembers where my photos were taken better than I do, every single one!

SEO in Round Rock and Geo Locations

This GPS geocode is then uploaded along with the image (and other metadata like timestamps, camera settings) and stored within the metadata of the image. As long as the image is present on any web 2.0 or a domain page, the image is just as visible as the geotag. Facebook reads geo tags, that’s how it is able to make a map of ALL the places you went to. Ahem.. USA Freedom Act?

What Does A Geotag Mean For My Pages?

This strategy helped our affiliate, a Round Rock SEO Company get massive rankings. So now, where are we? Say you have a Jaguar Dealership business and website. Everywhere on this particular page you are sending Google signals about how you are the best Jaguar dealer and repair in *San Francisco. You are mentioning the county, state, local areas, and doing everything you’ve been taught to rank for Jaguar in that region..

But then you did the worst thing possible… Instead of going and taking a photo of one of your cars in stock, you went online and took a picture of a nice, shiny, Jaguar from the internet, and you changed the title to something like img: best-jaguar-repair-SF-California.

Geotagging | Round Rock SEO Expert

Round Rock SEO Company

All or Nothing | Round Rock SEO Services

BUT…You’re forgetting something… hint: its Round Rock SEO Services! The image that you found online was taken near a beautiful beach in Florida, . And the image has a GEOTAG for FLORIDA!! 3000 miles away from your business. Nobody is likely to see this, because geocoding is hidden in the properties of the image….unbeknownst to you and them. But Google with their ever watchful eye will see it… And they notice the discrepancy between the location of the photo’s Florida geotag and your current location of California.

This mismatch is going to cost you some rankings. 

Google rewards…and Google punishes.

If you geotag, you are making your pages highly specific for local results. You will have a leg up in the local SEO game that everyone is trying to master these days.

So What Is A Geotag And How To Alter It? SEO Texas

Every image on your local site MUST have a relevant geotag. Even if you took the image in an appropriate location, I suggest you alter it.. Here are a few ways how:

  • Camera: Take the pictures with a GPS camera. Boom! All the data is solved, you have unique photos. Gold!
  • Tools: So you don’t actually have an inventory of Jaguars to shoot with GPS enabled. It’s ok. You can use some tools to edit the GPS coordinates, like geotagmypic or flickr.
  • Manually: There are ways to code the image and do that back-end stuff. But I have no idea how to do this, so use the Google.

We will begin to dive deeper into Local SEO methods for domination. I guarantee that if you establish this method to tagging your photos, you will get a leg up on all of the competitors that are trying to rank for your keywords in your local markets! Visit the last blog post in our Round Rock SEO Company Series! Also check our Youtube channel.

Another crucial part of local SEO is ensuring that you have good links coming from important citations. Make sure you are getting these! Our free audit will provide you with the insight you need to improve your site. Consider Round Rock SEO Services.

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