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Three Pinterest Strategies To Help Boost Your Business

Three Pinterest Strategies To Help Boost Your Business

Next to Facebook and Twitter, there is no doubt that Pinterest is one of the most popular social media sites today. More users referred by the site are more likely to purchase products than those sent by other social media giants. With its unique and super simple navigation ways, everyone has access to ideas, samples, guides, How-To’s, content, images, and techniques that might be vital to one or more person.

Pinterest has more than 150 million monthly active users, and most of the people joining are outside the U.S. So to continue the growth — usage is up about 50 percent year over year, as last year there were 100 million monthly active users — Pinterest has taken new approaches, including employing artificial intelligence, a faster system for ranking, and localization of content,” says Jordan Novet in an article posted on venturebeat.

With a huge user-base, Pinterest can definitely help you reach your target audience through aesthetic, well-planned, strategically organized Boards. Every member of the website has the ability to customize their own Boards however they see fit, which is a driving factor for many to proactively direct links to their target web pages (more likely a direct link to their own website).

The Must-Try Pin Strategies

internet marketing wilmingtonWould you like to reach the 150 million active monthly users? Would you like to know what categories are the most used out of the 20 million pin recommendation candidates ranked per second? How about the 200 million visual searches per month? If you do, Neovora can help you start reaching more people with these simple but effective methods.

Board Optimization

How you name and describe your boards are equally important. It tells users what to expect from your pins and at the same time, it helps them find your content. In as much as possible, make these names and descriptions an exact match of the keywords your target audience would use in searches. If you are into the clothing business, narrow it down by using specific terms like skinny jeans or off-shoulder tops or use popular brands.

Don’t forget to optimize the description of each board. The limit is 500 characters, therefore you can keep the content short but precise and contains at least a gist of your overall business; write it down like you would with a meta description for an article or blog post.

Pin Description Optimization

In addition to board optimization, you would want to optimize the individual pin descriptions. Often underutilized, the context found in this section helps visitors understand what the pin is about. It is a good engagement factor which leads to getting likes, comments, and re-pins. But don’t just throw in random thoughts when describing a pin.

Keep in mind that it helps your target audience understand the pin, therefore it might require a lot more thinking. Draw out the writer in you and piece together the best marketing piece you can muster. It may be a bit of work but it’s totally worth it!

“Pin It” Button

The ‘Pin It’ button is like a little a power button that allows your users to take charge in pinning content, images, and posts from your website. To simply put it, allow them to do the work for you. With this button, visitors can share your pages or posts using the pin button in a few clicks instead of copy-pasting the URL, opening the Pinterest site, then share. It’s less work for them, and much lesser for you!

The best part of this strategy is the possibility of reaching different audience type, not just your target market. The visitors and readers who pin your posts have their own followers, and these followers will see the activity in Pinterest which could increase the impression of your content and could lead to higher conversion rate.

There are far more advanced marketing strategies for businesses to boost traffic and increase conversion. Check out this beginner’s guide for more information. Or visit www.neovora.com/ for additional social media marketing strategies.

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4 Easy Ways To Achieve Professional Branding On Instagram

4 Easy Steps To Achieve Professional Branding On Instagram

Why is Instagram a popular app for mobile users and marketing agencies alike? This is because of the existing 500 million users (and still growing) in this application and the incredibly high potential for a person or brand to gain popularity through an increasing number of followers. It is also one of the best platforms to post quality pictures that will truly satisfy the visual hunger for vivid, realistic, fashionable, and marketable images and short videos, which can become the next viral thing on the internet.

Over the past four years, what began as two friends with a dream has grown into a global community that shares more than 70 million photos and videos each day,” says Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom.

This Facebook-owned social media photo-sharing app was launched in 2010 and became a household name since its conception. And if that number isn’t enough, the ‘like’ button is tapped approximately 2.5 million times per day. This goes to show how powerful this social media outlet has become, and this is also the reason why, with a professionally done branding and effective marketing strategy, this is a perfect spot to build your brand name.

Start Off With The Most Basic Yet Effective Methods

Internet Marketing TulsaIf your shop or business is fairly new, then these starter methods can definitely help you kick off in the right direction. And don’t forget to conduct a research on the type of audience you want to reach for this is vital in your marketing approach. You can start with…

The Free Instagram Tools. This platform recently launched its business profiles which have the contact call-to-action, call or text the business, or allowing users to access the business email. It bears a huge resemblance to the Facebook business page (which isn’t really a shocker). Businesses also have access to analytics, Insights, and gives access to impressions and engagement data. Consider converting your personal profile to business so you can take advantage of these features and more. It pays to know what engages your visitors in making better adjustments and improvement to your page.

Don’t Bombard Visitors With Too Much Content. To stay relevant you have to keep posting photos and videos about your brand, product, service, customer interaction, and events; but too much or too frequent posts can overwhelm your followers and customers. There is no strategy that will work for every business or brand. You’ll have to plan and test which formula will work for you. The best approach, for a start, would be to post twice in a day, each post added in different hours to figure out which time has the most engagement. This is a never ending task, but you have to be patient and watchful of the changes in visits and interaction.

An Interactive Hashtag Always Works. Don’t just use any hashtag, use one that users often use when tagging photos of a product they just purchased. This is a very simple strategy but if done correctly, it can help you reach more audience that you originally planned. As an example, you can create one that your company can re-use when re-posting pictures and content which will help you accomplish two things:

1.Whenever someone posts using your hashtag, your brand, product, or service will be exposed to their followers. That’s free advertising right there.
2. Your customers want exposure too and by using your hashtag in their posts, they get a chance to be featured on your page.

Customer Interaction Is A Huge Deal. When customers take a few minutes of their precious time to leave a comment on your post, may it be a simple question or a feedback on your overall service, it is only proper to write a reply and thank them for doing business with you. Stimulate customers to interact with your posts by adding lines like ‘Tag five of your friends who like this’ or ‘Mention a friend to win a price’. Customer engagement through this method is more ‘natural’ since it’s their own friends tagging them in the post.

You can learn more about Instgram marketing in this helpful guide, as well as visit us at www.neovora.com. Also, check the business profiles of the people in your industry, especially those with more followers, to get inspiration on how to successfully engage your followers.

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Reaching Your Target Audience Through Successful Facebook Ads

Reaching Your Target Audience Through Successful Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the largest and one of the most influential social media website in this computer age. The range of users vary from teenagers to adults in their fifties, wherein millennials are the age group that largely use this site to connect with friends and family to get updates, news, and stay connected to the rest of the world.

Customer acquisition platform Fluent released the results of a new survey that analyzed the smartphone and social media use habits of 1,769 millennials (aged 18 through 34) and 1,191 non-millennials (35 and older). The survey found that millennials spend the greatest portion of their “online time” on their smartphones, as 24 percent of millennial smartphone owners said “nearly all” of their online time is spent on their smartphones and 27 percent said “most” of their online time is spent on their smartphones,” this is according to a survey breakdown published on August 2016.

These numbers if multiplied tenfold or more, the number of possible and potential customers you can reach through Facebook alone can probably generate profits more than you have initially targeted for your business.

Ways To Reach Your Target Audience

Internet Marketing BridgeportThese ways can help out new businesses and small companies wanting to grow big online but don’t have the capacity to hire a marketing agency or create an internal marketing team to create campaign materials that will definite sell to the target audience. If you are looking for ways to save on online marketing without losing the chance to reach your target audience then this post is for you.

Open a Business Page. A lot of businesses on the site already have a business page. If you’re using your personal page, then this is the perfect time to switch to a business page. The process is simple and straightforward. At the start, you will have to select which type of business you are running, may it be a local place, company or institution, brand or product, or entertainment. Visit this page for more information.

Participate in conversations. This is one of the best ways to reach out to your target market and potential customers – through interactive conversation. Respond to comments on your posts and answer all inquiries as timely as possible. One way to engage site visitors is by responding to their messages as soon as possible. They are more likely to contact a company that responds within an hour compared to another company in the same industry that responds within the day. Response time is crucial and essential to the conversion rate.

Post updates regularly. Regular posting of updates related to brand, service, or product can be both beneficial and ineffective (depending on the frequency). Just like a regular Facebook page, you can post anything on your business wall but make sure that it’s interesting and strategic. You can post snippets about the release of a new product together plus the link of the content page rather than posting the entire content. A long read can sometimes be viewed as boring and uninteresting. Keep it short but catchy.

But don’t overdo it. Too many posts on the same topic or posting similar content in short intervals can annoy customers which may prompt them to unsubscribe or skip your update entirely unless you’re running a limited-time promotion which requires constant updating.

Promote exclusive deals and special promos. You can start offering a percentage discount on a product or various items on your store. People find discounts and special promotions more attractive since it gives them the idea of saving a few dollars or more when purchasing an item on sale. Aside from the possible increase of potential customers, there is a greater likelihood that the visitors will share the information with their friends. And this is why the specials being offered on your page should be substantial putting in the possibility that this could “go a long way”. Learn more about internet social media marketing by visiting www.neovora.com/

And lastly, purchase Facebook Ads. The most effective advertisement in this site is investing on the new feed type of ads which is proven to have better conversion rate compared to ads posted on the right sidebar of the site. It allows you to choose different demographics to reach your target audience.

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How Mobile-Ready Is Your Business?

How Mobile-Ready Is Your Business?

Mobile users are unstoppable. Users can make a nonsensical video go viral. They can uncover hidden vacation destinations almost instantly. They can dig up old photos and images posted online. They can locate interesting places for unique eats and new flavors. They can find native shops and new cafes. They can find anything anywhere, anytime. And there is no reason why they can’t find your business.

Yet, having a working website isn’t enough when you are aiming for bigger sales increase and remarkable business profits. Nowadays, businesses exert more effort on building a brand name online to target audience and convert them into potential customers. Business growth no longer depends on the store location alone since an updated website can contribute a lot to the volume of buyers both locally and online. So, how mobile-ready is your business?

How To Start Your Mobile Campaign

Internet Marketing GreenvilleEven if your business is fairly new and small, if it’s accessible via mobile channels, prospect customers will be able to find you. Neovora’s internet marketing strategies include making webpages more user-friendly to mobile users. Cathal McGloin, the CEO of FeedHenry, wrote:

The marriage of cloud and mobility is empowering innovative businesses to provide apps that support mobile workers and meet customer demand, increasing productivity, visibility and engagement. There will be enormous gains for companies that move from tactical mobile app deployments to a more strategic “mobile first” approach that underpins workforce productivity and customer service.

Therefore, you need to be in the right place exactly at the right time with the right offer when users search the web. Take note of the following area of focus before starting a campaign.

1. Know The Users. More often than not, consumers surf the net using their mobile devices during their downtime at home. For fathers, this is the time to catch up on the latest basketball lead. Mothers use this ‘me time’ to check out skin care products and shop for comfortable wardrobe. Youngsters are more active in social media, online gaming, reading gossips, and celebrity stalking. Depending on the age range, take the time to research on the usual hobbies and interests your target audiences are engaged in.

2. Marketing Content. Online audiences have a short attention span due to the numerous amount of content they can find on the web, plus the web surfing experience has changed over the years. Finding out what content is most appealing to your target audience will lead you to create content that will surely catch their attention. Include in your posts words and phrases that are ‘in’ and are relevant to your business. Visit informational blogs about powerful content creation at www.neovora.com

3. Product List. When visitors reach your site, make them stay by giving them an easy access to the company’s products and services list. Remember that their attention span is short, therefore giving them an overview of what you are selling and if it interests them then it’s enough reason for them to stay and become buying customers. Here’s a list of more ways to have a mobile-ready website.

4. Simple Ordering Process. Think of providing convenience at all times. For quick service businesses, mobile apps are an effective means to accept orders and delivery requests. These potential customers do not have the time to drive around to buy a thing or two. They are more likely to purchase from an online store or website that offers free delivery or caters to shipment anywhere in the country. If your business transactions can be easily done on mobile, consumers can save time and you get buying customers in return.

You can never go wrong in setting up your website to be more friendly to mobile users when you know what interests them and how you can approach their needs and turn it into profitable campaigns.

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There’s More To Social Media Marketing Than Facebook and Twitter

There’s More To Social Media Marketing Than Facebook and Twitter

Social media marketing in the internet age is a tool used by businesses to achieve their marketing goals. It is an effective way for marketers to reach the target audience via the internet through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (to name a few of the most popular sites).

With social media marketing, businesses have more access to a wider range of audience, plus a chance to have a more personal and timely interaction with prospects and existing customers. Aside from reaching out to customers, these platforms also help in:

  • The increase of referrals or sales leads
  • The increase sales of products or services
  • Driving traffic to a business website or blog
  • Providing customer service
  • Keeping people informed about promotions and special events
  • Developing new product or service

The Right Platform Can Help Your Business Grow

Internet Marketing Round RockEven though there are a lot of social platforms where you can bring your business to market your brand, depending on your business and target audience, you may or may not need all of these sites to increase customer awareness. Different users have a different preference and they access different marketing sites to look around and discover the latest buzz. Consider your business goals first, map out your targets (may it be weekly, monthly, or long term) and create an achievement checklist to keep track of every business progress.

Once the goals and actions steps are laid out, you can start choosing which social media platform can boost your marketing campaigns and best serve your interests. Start by checking the list we have below.

Facebook. Everybody uses Facebook, well anyone with a smartphone can log in the app anywhere, anytime. It has a friendly environment that requires active marketing strategy. It is a place where people go to relax, chat with friends, and get updates on the lives of the people they know. You can start by creating a Facebook Business Page. Pay extra attention to the layout as the visual aspect is the key component to a positive user experience.

Twitter. This platform allows you to broadcast updates across the internet. This tool helps you interact in a timely manner with your followers and everyone on Twitter who may have an interest in your brand. Tweet about updates on new products, discount schemes, latest promotions, and mix it with fun and exciting news about your business to build your brand. Following tweeters in your industry or other related fields will help you gain a steady stream of followers.

YouTube. This online platform is probably the largest place for creating and sharing video content across the globe. People visit YouTube every day to watch fun and viral videos. Consider creating useful, instructive “how-to” video content that highlights your product and brand. How-to-videos have a higher chance of ranking in the video search results in Google.

LinkedIn. This is a more professional social media site. LinkedIn Groups is a venue for businesses to engage in a professional dialog with people in similar industries and it also provides a place to share brand-related content. Businesses can also post jobs and general employee information. Encourage your customers to leave recommendations on your profile. Customer recommendations can make your business appear more reliable and credible to new customers.

Instagram. Every month, Instagram caters to approximately 600 million users, which is definitely one of the best spots to build a brand. In this platform, the quality of the post is much more important that the quantity. You can post images or short videos about the business, or a new product you want to introduce to both old and new customers. There are tips on how to maximize your Instagram exposure.

These are some of the well-known and most used social media marketing sites that will surely help you (on a larger scale) attract prospects to check out your website or to go visit your local business location. Bare in mind that choosing a marketing site must tailor-fit the kind of industry you belong to and the type of audience you are aiming to reach.

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Top 3 Advanced Link Building Tactics For Beginners | SEO Bridgeport

Top 3 Advanced Link Building Tactics For Beginners | SEO Bridgeport

If you have just taken a quick break after brooding over the number written on your ranking analysis, then you are one of the many enduring the daily grind of a keeping websites visible, relevant, and progressively ranking.

Localizing your search engine efforts does not only help attain an online presence, it also helps your potential customers find you locally. And one of the most effective methods ever to exist in the search engine optimization world is building links and connections to related websites.

In our SEO Greenville post recently, we discussed two simple concepts to earning relevant links toward your website. In our continuous effort to help small businesses grow their business, our local SEO Bridgeport has put up 3 more link building tactics for those who have now mastered the basics of earning links.

The Top 3 B’s In Advanced Tactics

SEO BridgeportWe are coining it the 3 B’s for the sole purpose of grouping them together and finding out how these three effective must-try tactics are proven to work by many SEO agencies. They come in any order and the results they produce will still depend on how far you are willing to invest, but still, the ranking results are exemplary.

Blog Community

With the quality content you have on your site, online users can now confirm that the website is legit. Now, focus on creating and posting blogs, either a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly post about the products and services offered or write about any topic that will shed light on your customers.

If you are fairly new at blogging, learn more about blog carnivals. It is a blog promotional event where one blogger hosts the event and several other bloggers participate. A topic is then announced for other bloggers to write about and publish on their own blogs. The host then gathers the links to these blogs and writes a summary of all the contents submitted.

It is then up to the host when, where, and how this will be disseminated. The important thing is readers will have an easy access to the different blog links. If you participate in such event, you will have access to different types of audience.

Broken Links

This is about finding the right page and the opportunity you can gain from it. Searching for dead links, basically suspended or inactive pages, that’s still ranking high in the search pages is a good lead. Find out what pages are linked to the dead site, initiate contact to the websites where the links are coming from. You’ll be surprised at the positive response you might receive. Nobody wants to connect to a site that is dead for this could affect their own search rankings.

Let them know that you have valuable blogs with a similar content or topic. Chances are, they may start linking to your webpages, and add more links on your website. In a way, it is asking for links, but these websites still have the option whether to link to your site or not. More of this topic here.

Build Relationships

Building relationships work anywhere. In school, in the workplace, in the local community, or online. Start making connections, know the right people, the right group or community. By knowing these groups, you can grow your connection, and these connections will largely help in your link building efforts.

Join forums, online communities, social media groups, or any online congregation that is relevant to what you are trying to promote. Aim to establish long-term relationships with the right people. Earning connections is easier when people in your circle willingly link to your website.

By Default, You Are In Charge

When you need a better grasp of the tactics enumerated above, let SEO Bridgeport help you understand the ins and outs of blog communities, broken link tactic, and building long-term relationships.

Are you stuck in finding the right group to reach out to? Unsure which community can help you earn valuable connections? Don’t stress over it. Our localized internet marketing and SEO methods will introduce you to the right people.


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Automation Tools For SEO Albany

Automation Tools For SEO Albany

In this post, the expert SEO Albany Company discusses one of our favorite free web tools, IFTTT and the several ways you can use it to improve your rankings.But let’s start with the basics. What is IFTTT?

Here is the Wikipedia definition:

“IFTTT is a free web-based tool that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes”, which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. IFTTT is an abbreviation of “If This Then That”

But what does this really mean?

Why IFTTT Is A Powerful Tool For SEO And Social Media Marketing

SEO Albany Expert Talks Automation Tools


SEO Albany Expert And Automation Tools

It’s a simple way to automate tasks such as posting to social media and Web 2.0 properties. Let’s take a quick example. Every time you update your Facebook status you can have a post of that exact status on other channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn.

This is one of the main benefits of IFTTT, automation. Instead of having to post to 5 different social media networks you can only do it once and IFTTT does the posting to the other social accounts.

There are more tools that do the sane but there are several reasons why here at Neovora Albany we like IFTTT so much. For a search engine optimization services firm, its crucial that we are transparent with out clients.

  1. There are more than 330 channels you can use and their list keeps growing. Among them our favorite blogging channels Tumblr, Medium, and WordPress. Of course, you don’t need all of them, but this gives you the flexibility to choose and automate so much.
  1. It’s easy to use. There are more tools out there, but they can be slightly more complex. IFTTT is simple. All you have to do is add the channels you want to use (eg. Facebook Pages), then the trigger “This” (eg. New status message on page) and then the “That” (eg.Post a Tweet).
  1. You can’t go wrong with it, and even if you do it’s easy to fix. To add to its ease of use, even if a recipe doesn’t work it’s really easy to troubleshoot it or just delete it and create a new one without affecting all other recipes.
  2. You can use it for video syndication to supercharge and promote your YouTube or Vimeo videos. Every time you post a video in one of your favorite video platforms a post is created across all social media networks. Talk about reach and exposure.
  3. It’s great for link building. With RSS syndication every time a new blog post is up, a link back to your site is created across powerful Web 2.0 with very high Domain Authority.
  4. You can achieve more with less. Both for video and blog syndication you can pass the same message to multiple Web properties, and communicate with a larger audience with minimum effort.
  5. Did I mention it’s 100% FREE? Of course, you or your team will have to spend some time setting it up, creating your business accounts, the recipes, testing that the content is syndicated properly to all channels, but after that very little to zero maintenance is required.

Interested in learning more about how you can use IFTTT to improve your rankings? Stay tuned, this is only the first post in a series on how to leverage this awesome tool.

Learn More About The Expert SEO Agency In Albany

If this was helpful for you, we also have a wealth of knowledge in other blog posts. These posts help small and medium sized businesses learn about how to leverage the internet to acquire leads! Posts like: On Page SEO in Albany NY, Off Page SEO, and even our SEO Albany Company Press Release.

Fresno CA Email Marketing

Close Leads with Email Marketing

You’ve read our previous blog post on converting visitors, right? No? Ok, go back and read those. If you aren’t up to date on the Fresno SEO Company Expert series, go back and start over! This post is on the wonders of email marketing and social media marketing.

Last post we talked about utilizing your site as a tool to get your prospects to raise their hand and signal that they are interested in your services. This post will discuss bringing them from a potential client to actually being a client that pays you money! If you’re looking for Search Engine Optimization in town, we are the premier agency for your needs!

Read the post or check out the video blog here below!

Close Leads & Online Marketing | Fresno Lead Generation

Fresno SEO Company

So now that a prospect has rung your bell and begins consuming your content: blog posts, free evaluation, consultations, a demo, whatever it may be, you want to convince them that you are the right selection.

This can sometimes be completely immediate, meaning that the prospect buys your goods right away without needing this nurturing process. Other times, they may forever stay in this stage, never finally deciding on who or what to spend their money on.

Lets assume that all clients will need just a little bit of nurturing. This is where and when email marketing and social media marketing strategies come into play. Businesses that know marketing will set up some kind of workflow and system to send these potential clients emails from time to time. Each email will be sequential, and will signal a differing message then the previous.

This helps move clients along the buying cycle. You are able to increase their interest as time goes on, convince them of your services or products, or present other offerings to them.

SEO Expert Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Through social media marketing you can do a wonderful job of showing:

  • Buyer testimonials
  • High quality image and video presentations
  • Contests and Competitions

Close the gap between your top competitorsThese strategies are popular because they make great website content and offerings for prospects to follow your social properties. By following your company on social media, they will be constantly reminded of what you offer and why they are in need.

Year after year, the amount of time that Americans are spending on social media networks is increasing. Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, and other media based social media outlets are ideal for businesses looking to leverage their assets on the web!

Using these outlets to close leads is the best method to refrain from deterring these prospects who are still on the fence. Sometimes they need to build trust before committing, perhaps they don’t need your services that bad.

For this stage to work correctly, your website and all funnels need to drive targets from the top of the funnel to the final stage, the purchase. The funnel should be uninterrupted and clear. The road to purchase must be simple!

You can also take the initiative yourself! Read more on the subject here. Hiring a marketer into your internal staff is always a good idea if you’re looking to add the extra staffing costs and accrue the liability of an extra employee.

Was this post helpful? Visit the other posts in the Fresno SEO Company series!

Top Fresno CA Email Marketing

Neovora is the type of SEO Agency that can set up this funnel and can optimize the content of your website. Our rates are fractional of what you would pay an internal employee and we are a full team of experts that know local search engine marketing concepts from A to Z.

For this reason, we like to offer a free analysis of your site! The audit will show what your site is doing well and what is missing from your on page and off page profile!

Click Here For Your Free Website Audit

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Social Media Marketing In Albany

Social Media Tips For Small and Mid-Sized Business in Albany NY

This is the fourth post in a series of blog posts that deals with helping businesses in New York with their search engine optimization efforts. As a top Albany SEO Company, we know a thing or two about digital marketing and social media marketing. We especially know how to do New York Lead Generation right!

Here is a list of some things that local business in New York are doing incorrectly. We have lots of other posts about how social media in our blog posts that can better assist you in your implementation efforts. Here is the video blog if you prefer video content:

Social Media Marketing | Albany SEO Firm

Albany SEO Company

Local businesses rarely have a proper social media strategy

Plan out your social media strategy and actually understand what social properties are used for what. Youtube and Instagram can be great for showing actual in-field examples of your work.

They can also be great for showing video testimonials of your clients or highlighting employees and their work.You must plan the type of content that you will be posting. Ideally, a schedule can be made ahead of time. This helps you adhere to your plan.

Building too many platforms too fast

how does your social media strategy stand out in a crowdIf you make many social media accounts, you can often get lost in the new profiles and never get back to them. Take your time to build, learn, and use each account. It will take you time to learn how to use the social media accounts and for you to build a plan to follow into the future. Take some time to branch out from a few accounts to mastering social media management.

Buying fake followers, likes, shares

These days, internet marketing agencies offer services of attracting hundreds or thousands of followers, likes and shares of content. This a huge no-no. This is a huge red flag to search engines and you will definitely be penalized. There is no ROI or engagement from these followers beyond the initial following.

You want to develop real relationships with your audience and prospects. Social media is not a channel to skip ahead of the line. You must be authentic and deliver quality content that will attract a following.

Not using each property correctly

In order to understand how each social media profile should be used, you should be looking into popular or trending accounts on that channel. See what the most viral posts are posting and try to mimic them by applying the template to your industry or service.

Another good way to get quality and appropriate content is by looking at competition and others in your industry. What are they doing that is successful? Replicate it!

Definitely do social media, but do it right. Social media can be great for turning prospects that are on the fence into clients. Often, and more likely for larger ticket transactions, prospects will need some nurturing. Some of these prospects will nurture themselves by following you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other outlets.

Neovora | Albany Social Media Marketing Agency

Take the time to post product reviews, product and service explanations, and finished results. These kinds of strategies can be implemented by someone in your internal team, and higher-quality content is desirable, but not necessary. Check out the top rank blog for more insight and a checklist on social media management.

When using social media, you need to use your keywords and optimize descriptions, titles, and all types of content. When available, Geotagging is also a huge bonus. Geotagging is available in Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Blogpost, and other profiles. This relates back to local SEO and helps you pop up in local search results.

Aside from social media marketing, we are specialists in search engine optimization. If you are interested in SEO and your internet marketing presence, you can see how you stand today. We offer a free website analysis here. This analysis is an aggregate of over a dozen tools that are paid services.

With this report, you can better understand your current standing on the web in relation to your competition. This will be a great starting point in optimizing and redesigning your digital marketing strategy.

If this post was of help to you, be sure to visit the other posts in our Albany SEO Company series!

Click Here For Your Free Website Audit
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