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It’s a fact. If you are not receiving the lion’s share of the website traffic within your local market, your competitors are. How can our Round Rock SEO Experts help? Whether it’s one competitor eating your lunch or a group of savvy businesses, it really doesn’t matter; the fact of the matter is that this represents lost revenue to your company.

Revenue that you will never have an opportunity to get back, and very possibly, clients that you will never do business with.

So, if your company is committed to turning this scenario around, and executing a strategy that no longer allows your local competitors to dominate the local search market, Neovora would like to outline some major considerations for you to think about.

Website Design Is Step 1 For Round Rock SEO

Now, we’re not talking about a fancy website with flash animation and esoteric colors. We’re talking about structure… and even more specifically internal linking.

You see, the Google search engine is a machine, a massive mathematical algorithm that reads bits and bytes. If your website is not designed in such a way that enables this algorithm to read and understand your site properly, your business will never have an opportunity to rank for the keywords that potential local clients are using.

Website Design That Enables Top Round Rock SEO Rankings

As mentioned above, building websites is not about fancy graphics, but rather, implementing a site structure that gets all your pages indexed. In order to increase website traffic, you need to get your pages indexed within Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which again, requires proper on-page SEO and clearly defined internal linking.

If the SEO Agency you choose doesn’t have a firm grasp of how to properly structure your on-page linking strategy, the likelihood of ever receiving any significant website traffic is dramatically reduced.

For years, web design companies have been the go-to for Corporate America when making a website. The problem is, a designer is not an SEO Expert. A designer goes to school to learn about vectors and colors, placement and aesthetics. About image manipulation and layout.

They never learn about SEO and the implications of how the search engines index web pages. This is a major disconnect.

SEO Round Rock Texas

Then, as an alternative to an expensive web designer, many small and medium sized businesses opt for a “Web Builder” or “Website Maker” that is a software program that is simply a series of point and click steps to creating a website.

Website creating software is code. Code, in and of itself, creates certain barriers for the search engine spiders to navigate your site, so it’s very important to do a tremendous amount of research before engaging this type of solution.

Now, while there are worse things you can do for your business, unless you or someone on your staff has the SEO expertise to go in and optimize this “auto-generated” website, your chances of top keyword rankings are close to zero.

If you choose to take the path to build your own website, please ensure that you make website navigation a top priority, realizing that if the spiders cannot fluidly move from one page to the next, they will never be able to find your pages in order to index them.

How to Build a Website That Is Easy To Index in Round Rock TX

So, when you ask yourself how to design a website that engages solid internal linking, you need to focus on ensuring that you’ve make it simple for a search engine bot to easily navigate all of your pages.

What does that mean exactly? How do you make a website easy to navigate? Links. Links from one page to the next. Links from your main menu to the sites most important pages. Links from your supporting pages to your keyword-rich inner pages.

Round Rock SEO and Web Designers

If you feel that we’ve insinuated that web designers are not an important element to create your own website for your business… that is not the case at all.

What we need to clearly ensure we are communicating is that the designers should not be leading the initiative, but rather given a website architecture that outlines how the pages interact with each other, with the proper link structure and navigation. Your SEO initiatives and your designer need to work in tandem in order to build an appealing website for both human AND search engine visitors.

Best Websites in Texas

The websites that perform the best within the search engine rankings are not necessarily the prettiest, but rather the best “thought out.” Where are your keywords? Have you optimized your title and description tags? Have you used “Silo technology” to organize your content pages?

One thing to consider, when you make your own website architecture, you need to ensure that you follow both on-page as well as off-page SEO Best Practices. If your pages are not properly structured, then all of your off-page link building efforts may very well be in vain. This could be both a costly mistake as well as one that can potentially damage your website.

Quite frankly, if SEO were simple, then Google, Yahoo and Bing would need to create different search algorithms to organize the content of the internet.

However, being that it is actually quite complicated, this dramatically reduces the amount of work that these search engines need to engage in. Think about that for a second.

Do you think that every company uses SEO Best Practices? Heck no. This makes it very easy for Google to immediately eliminate thousands of websites from being considered for top rankings. This way, they can focus on building algorithms that focus on very specific aspects of a webpage, with a fraction of the total web pages that are online.

This filtering process is critical to Google’s (and Yahoo’s and Bing’s) success.

So, is your site even in the game? Is your Round Rock SEO Company ensuring that you are playing within the rules of the game?

Email Marketing For Maximum Lead Generation and Client Conversion

Choosing an SEO Agency to work with is not just about finding a company that understands everything about on and off-page search engine optimization. It’s also about finding a company that understands the necessity for an integrated approach to both lead generation as well as client conversion.

You need to find an agency that realizes that other tools play a significant role in nurturing new prospects that are just now being exposed to your business.

When a new prospect comes to your website for the first time, via your website optimization initiative, unless you are a large national or regional brand, they may very well not know anything about your company. Email marketing is a tremendous asset in your arsenal of marketing tools for Round Rock Marketing.

The problem is that very few agencies know how to leverage email properly, or how to build an “autoresponder series” that not only delivers your best marketing message to your new prospects, but does so in an automated manner.

Moving the Prospect through the SEO Sales Funnel 

Moving a prospect to the point where they genuinely raise their hand and become a lead takes time. It requires trust and that they begin to feel comfortable that your business solutions are capable of solving their needs. Email, when properly leveraged, does wonders to move prospects through the sales funnel.

There are many pieces of software, and while we feel that we work with the best email marketing service, there are many that get the job done. A word of caution, don’t get drawn into a conversation of “cheap email marketing,” as it generally leads to blacklisted IPs or ineffective email campaigns.

Furthermore, when you buy email list records as a means of fast-tracking your email marketing campaign, this generally doesn’t work out as well as intended. These lists have been sold to dozens, if not hundreds of other companies… and these records have been hammered with emails from every company you can imagine. They tune you out and will never even open your emails. We don’t recommend these practices.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Now, in addition to email marketing providing tremendous leverage to transition new website traffic into active leads and subsequent customers, Social Media Marketing has become a massive asset when used strategically.

When we talk to prospects, one of the common things told to us is that these companies simply don’t have the time to properly utilize Social Media.

However, as we continue to investigate, generally the issue is lack of knowledge of the tools that are available to make this process super simple.

From IFTTT to simple tools like Hootsuite, Social Media Marketing is a tool that should not be left out of any company’s arsenal that wishes to grow.

Ecommerce Websites for Those Companies with Products

When most companies think of e-commerce, they think of Amazon or Alibaba. However, there are small and medium sized local companies that are now leveraging e-commerce in very creative ways to sell more products to both current and new customers.

When you are designing your website architecture, you’ll need to know how to create a website that incorporates e-commerce elements. You’ll need to structure a shopping cart and a payment gateway. You’ll need to have pages that both catalog your inventory, while simultaneously allow the search engines to index each of these products so you rank for these keywords.

Are the SEO Companies you’re researching one-dimensional? Do they have the specialized skills to attack all angles of growing your local business?

Market Research is Where Everything Begins for Local Market Domination

Where do you start? How do you know what keywords to attempt to rank for? How many links need to be built? How long will it take to outrank your top competitors? Do you need citations? How many?

Market research is the genesis of every initiative that Neovora engages in. From Keyword Research, to Competitive Research, to Local Market Research. It is only through the gathering of this information that we can construct a proper plan of execution.

While there is a lot of conflicting marketing news out there in the market that often time confuses businesses, the fundamentals are key. Would your lawyer simply draft your business contracts without first identifying your business objectives and the objectives of the “deal?” Of course not.

Would your doctor have you sit down as they begin to write a prescription without first diagnosing what is wrong with you? Not likely.

Research is the beginning of everything. This step needs to be done prior to creating your website architecture… prior to creating your email marketing strategy… and done prior to the creation of any type of Social Media strategy.

Is your business looking to dominate? Are you looking to grow and make good use of every single opportunity to improve your ROI?

Round Rock SEO Company | Local Market Domination

Round Rock SEO Company

We have outlined many of the basics here, but it’s important for you, the business leader to ensure that you’ve asked the tough questions.

If you are not ranking number one for all of your main keywords, simply stated, you are being dominated… you are not dominating. The SEO Company you ultimately end up choosing to assist you needs to be a dominator!

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