Engaging With Social Media Users In Real-Time

So far 2016 has been a great year for social media marketers.

There are tons of new tools, platforms, and social media networking sites, meaning a lot of changes, challenges but most importantly, opportunities. As a result, a business’ digital marketing strategy has to constantly be updating and evolving, incorporating brand new trends in the field.

Here at Neovora, we always look for new opportunities and ways to optimize our and our customers’ social media marketing strategy. A premier social media agency should also offer outstanding services for NY Web Design and Content Development.

There are the three major trends we will be incorporating to our strategy (and you should too):

1. Interact With Prospects in Real-Time

Real-time engagement is really important for platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. According to Hubspot, more than 50% of Twitter users expect a response from companies in less than an hour. This percentage increases to 72% when they submit a complaint.

What can you do? Respond fast and if possible in real time! With 7 out of 8 messages left unanswered for 72 hours you can see how you can differentiate.

2. Becoming Mobile Friendly and Mobile First

Having a website optimized for mobile devices, or an app and engaging with mobile users were once a bonus, something optional, a way to reach more customers. In 2016, it’s an absolute necessity. Mobile phones are the primary device for the majority of social media users. More than 2 billion consumers worldwide will own a smartphone in 2016.

What can you do? Focus on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, especially if you are in an industry that’s targeting the younger generations like millennials. The first step is to have a mobile friendly website so your site will be indexed in Google’s mobile search results, and you can drive traffic that has overtaken desktop traffic since 2015.

3. Leveraging Social Media For SEO

It’s not a secret that content is king. However, there is a shift in mediums with media such as videos, images and infographics becoming more powerful than text. Competition is also much tougher than before, with more and more businesses of all sizes are creating solid content marketing strategies and optimizing their content to increase their ranking in organic search results.

What can you do? Apart from using social media as a mean to showcasing your best content, connecting with thousands of users, and driving traffic to your site, they also have a very direct search engine optimization benefit.

The more social signals (such as shares and re-tweets) you have, the higher your site ranks in organic search results! So share your content to social media networks and ask your audience to do the same!

Moving Forward

There are so many news and updates on social media marketing. It’s important to stay up to date with the changes, embracing every single fresh opportunity. Here at Neovora, we are always the first to try new social media trends, and we will let you know what works and what doesn’t. Expect greater changes to come in the following months!

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