Our business works with many International clients. We talk with companies all over the world. Over the years we have considered many different types of communications solutions, from VoIP, to web conferencing, etc. We’ve looked at it all. We recently had the opportunity to talk with a web conferencing company about our services, and we were about to work out a barter scenario, we supplied Portland SEO Expert services to them, the supplied both consulting and hardware solutions for us. Win-Win. I love barter!

Listen, in the modern business world, web conferencing is an essential tool used by millions, regardless of location across the globe. Clients and customers can easily meet via the internet instead of having to leave the office and travel to meet with their clients, saving a tremendous amount of time and resources. Not to mention the environment-friendly results we benefit from it. Thanks to this new and advanced technological tool, businesses around the world are able to meet virtually from anywhere with internet access. Let us now remind ourselves some of the benefits that we enjoy on a daily basis with the use of this effective method of communication.

Visual and Verbal Communication

online video conferencing benefits for your businessVideo enhances visual communication in real-time by easily including participants to be able to see each other in face to face meetings. Travel and airport delays, traffic jams, or missing flights are things that don’t are not a burden anymore and no longer excuses for missing a meeting or conference. Project Managers are able to now see everyone face to face and check on their present status on projects that need to be delivered. For us, a Portland SEO Company the benefits are unparalleled.

In other cases, staff can work from home, whenever needed, over the internet reducing time, office costs and but at the same time increasing productivity. Web cams are a great way to that hosts and participants can look at each other into their eyes being able to effectively see each others facial expressions for better communication.

Remote Support has reaped the benefits of by allowing remote access and avoiding frustration both on the user’s end and of that of the support agent. Tasks can be accomplished with ease and support satisfaction has increased with this new method, allowing for a much better preferred client experience.

Staff has also enjoyed the benefit of brainstorming and collaboration. Members of your team can now collaborate and share new ideas and input, as you track them at the same time. New nifty tools are available for them to exchange turns when “raising their hands” virtually in a web meeting.

Reduce Travel Expenses

More Talk Less Travel” – because time is money.  This  pretty much summarizes how much money is saved with not having to travel, whether domestic or international, because in the past  this necessity existed as a necessity and has always had a financial impact on  businesses around the globe. The costs include parking tickets, taxi fares, hotel accommodations and food, plane tickets and one of our most precious resources if not the most: Time.

In addition, if the key person of a business needs to travel, the team is left short handed for quite some time. With today’s web conferencing capabilities the need for travel has been significantly reduced, allowing businesses to take advantage of a live video feed or a conversation using chat. Despite the thousands of miles distance we are able to share files, presentations, and receive training.

Not to mention that training via web conferencing has become so effective that businesses consider it the primary method used for new employees. Speed and effectiveness are direct traits inherited with the use of web conferencing, uniting distant offices and branches located throughout remote locations.

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Data Sharing and Training

Data sharing and manipulation of programs and documents such as a word document, can be revised and edited “on the fly,” saving a tremendous amount of time. Sharing spreadsheets, documents, presentations and several types of files makes it easy to update data in real time, avoiding back and forth revisions via email attachments and appropriate permissions are granted to authorized only participants.

Managers and Trainers can now record meetings, making it possible for anyone to easily access the recorded data any time, allowing for staff to review the material at their own pace and their preferred time. Avoid the frustration that can exist when training new staff. They can now sit at their desks, with the flexibility of not requiring a conference room if the available ones are being used. Unique and simple communication tools are available when your team has any questions or need more training.

Whether you are a small company owner or a big corporation, web conferencing benefits both worlds reducing costs, saving you time and resources, and at the same time adding benefits with its new technological tools available. Businesses all over are strongly advised to try it out and see how worthwhile this cheap, easy technology will in both the short and long run. This is not only for a Portland SEO Expert, but all industries and niches.

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