Search Engine Optimization And Social Media Marketing

Most business owners and SEO experts see search engine optimization and social media marketing as two distinct and separate entities, and they build two different strategies around them. Very few people know that those two should be aligned and integrated for optimal results in order to get the best from both worlds.

As an Oregon Search Engine Optimization Agency we are often asked, “What is the main link between the two?”

The answer is content marketing. Posting unique, high quality, optimized-for-search-engines content is one of the keys in both SEO and social media strategy elements. With content as a base, let’s see how you can incorporate social networks in your SEO strategy:

1. Increase Your Social Media Followers To Boost Your Site’s Domain Authority

What is the correlation between Social Media and SEOThe amount of followers a Twitter account has or the amount of likes on a Facebook page is one of the factors Google considers for a site’s domain authority. Having a higher domain authority than your competitors means boosted rankings in the SERPs.

It’s simple. If you have 5,000 followers, and your competitor has only 50, Google sees you as a more authoritative business.

In order to build and grow your following base, you simply need to:
Frequently post engaging, interesting, and relevant content,
Respond to your audience’s questions, and
• Open conversations your followers can participate in.

Do not pay for fake likes and followers because Google has been penalizing businesses that use these types of blackhat methods, and it can do you much more harm than good. As a Portland SEO Firm, we never do this.

2. Share Your Content To Social Media Platforms To Build Links (And More)

Posting your content to top social media sites has several awesome benefits that we have already discussed in a previous blog post. You have access to thousands of social media users, and you can increase traffic to your site. This is something you probably already know.

What you don’t know is that sharing your content has a very direct SEO benefit, it creates a backlink from a high domain authority site back to your website. So, the more people you get sharing your content the more backlinks your site will have. All those links pass domain authority to your site, and it ranks higher for your major keywords.

It works like magic and the best part; you don’t have to do it manually. Your audience does it for you!

3. Optimize Your Profiles And Posts To Rank Them

Both social media sites and posts will rank on Google. To rank your own posts or accounts, optimize them as you would do with a blog post or content for your website. Include keywords, tags, and geotagged images, if possible. You know that images, videos, and infographics can rank as well. Remember, they have to be relevant and practical — so don’t overdo it. They may not appear in Google’s search results immediately, but it’s definitely worth the effort to get them out there.

4. Be Consistent

The strategies mentioned above are not a short term fix. You can’t expect results if you have implemented them only once or twice. Be consistent both with social media marketingg and SEO and make sure to have ongoing strategies. This is the only way to see results, boost your rankings, and increase your website traffic aligning social media with search engine optimization.

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4 Ways To Boost SEO With Social Media Marketing

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