The benefits of Social Media Marketing are clear to most entrepreneurs and with the help of our team of Portland SEO Experts, they are making steps towards leveraging social media to increase traffic to their sites and increase brand recognition.

social-mediaHowever...there are still some that see them as a short-lived trend with no practical advantage and a very steep learning curve. If you are among them, and the mainstream benefits such as increased sales, building a relationship with your audience, and targeting it more effectively than other means, you’ll change your mind after reading this post.

We have collected 5 social media marketing benefits that the masses ignore and can turn to be YOUR competitive advantage. As a Portland SEO Company we think we are a credible source!

You Rank Higher In Organic Search Results

Although this may not seem a secret, very few marketers understand how it works. It’s all about search engine algorithms and the results they deliver. Some years ago it was enough to update your content regularly, have title tags and meta descriptions with your main keywords and back links. Now, if a brand is active in social media, has accounts and pages in all major social sites, it is “seen” by search engines as a reliable, credible, and legitimate business. But be aware, creating 100 different fake accounts won’t work. Value your social media accounts as much as you value your website, posting content frequently and communicating with your customers like you would do in an offline setting. Moreover, social sharing works similarly with linking. The more people sharing your content, the higher your site ranks.

With Social Media Marketing You Have Many More Opportunities To Convert Leads

Posting in social media is easier and less sophisticated than writing a blog post or updating your site content. It can be a photo, a short spontaneous video, or an inspirational phrase. Every single social media post you make is an opportunity to convert leads. Your followers are given an opportunity to react, comment, share or disagree with what you posted. With a well-crafted social media marketing strategy, conversation sparks and conversion increases.

You Receive Feedback Instantly (And Respond Publicly)

For your current customers it’s way easier to ask a question, tell you how much they like your products or complain to your customer service team by posting to your Facebook page or Twitter account than calling, or sending an email. This way you have the opportunity to see your audience’s get feedback faster and react faster, especially in cases where you need  to offer a refund. Having the opportunity to respond to questions and customer complaints publicly is great, as your audience sees you as a real person and not as a corporation with an inefficient customer service that is hard to reach. In a world where 71% of complaints on Twitter are not answered, you can see how you can use that fact to differentiate.

You Get to REALLY Know Your Audience

Actually, you may think you know your audience until you begin interacting with them in social media. You can learn so much about your niche by having access to their social media profiles, see what they like, what groups they participate in, what problems they have, and what content they share. Having open, public conversations with them is valuable too, as they are more likely to bring you closer to their connections with the same interests.

The Bottom Line – What Do You Have To Lose?

If you think about it, you have nothing to lose, as there are no disadvantages of having a social media marketing strategy. And don’t tell me that time or money are one of them, as most marketers think that 6 hours per week on social media are enough, and even paid social media advertising is way cheaper than other channels. What are you waiting for? Start creating your accounts now!

While you’re improving your web presence, get your free website analysis too! This will give you a good idea of your website’s ranking online and against competition. Be sure to check out the last post in our Portland SEO series.