Developing a website isn’t as simple as creating content with keyword-rich headers and syndicating the content to other publishing sites to build links. It’s just one complex aspect of an intricate puzzle in building a link profile. Although investing in quality and authoritative content is a strategy that works most of the time, this is just one part of the entire equation.

The technical aspect of a website dominates the other part of that equation. Without considering the technical side of developing a website and SEO marketing, chances are all these efforts will not give you the results you’re looking for. At there are interesting posts about on-page SEO and local rankings that will surely help prepare you for a massive change in your website’s performance.

The evolution of SEO over the years has been pushed by the search engine giant – Google –  continuously develop its search ranking algorithm. The changes in their algorithms have made the technical side of SEO internet marketing all the more necessary to tackle. Thank goodness there a lot of SEO audit tools that we can use for free to assess the overall performance of a website.

Audit Tools That Will Make Life Easier

Knoxville SEOTruth be told, there are numerous tools you can use for technical audits. Some tools are designed for specific commands and reviews, while most cover and review all the important sections of an existing website. What matters is the tool should analyse content, user experience, technical issues, keyword, link building, citation, and competitor data.

Below is a list of audit tools that most Knoxville SEO experts and agencies use in their internet marketing planning and strategies.


If this is a tool you have been using, you should know how good it truly is. If this is your first time, give it a try. It crawls the domain from the web browser before creating an online report, putting into numbers the potential issues. It also provides an easy to read report with export options for analysis and reporting offline. The most efficient feature of this tool is its history comparison. You can see whether changes made to the site have had a positive or negative effect.

Screaming Frog

With Screaming Frog, you can crawl the site pages in the same way a search engine would. The tool crawls and gives reporting on nearly everything you will need to determine which SEO strategy is a success. It is also great for On-Page SEO as well.

When you perform the audit, it can highlight the areas of the site that could have an issue (meta robots errors, duplicated pages on different URLs, and internal redirects to name a few). The free version is limited to 500 pages which is fine for small websites, and the basic per year subscription is a great value if you have a bigger website.


SEOprofiler is a complete software. It combines a variety of tools in one place which is perfect for technical audits. Mainly focused on working within the Google guidelines, it highlights integration features with social media and Google Analytics to provide a top quality report on competitor sites and data on local search rankings.

A nice feature about this tool is it can create a report on keyword rankings in over 65 countries on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It can help you identify keywords that will help improve your website’s visibility to deliver the best results.


With over 50 testing criteria for your website’s effectiveness, this tool focuses on auditing SEO and improving the quality of your website. It will help improve the user experience when they visit your site and your local search ranking as well. It has a free option that offers up to 20 free analyses per month. You can visit this website for a longer list of SEO audit tools.

Now that you have an overview of what these tools can do for you and your website, start investing time in getting to know them so you can determine which site can better suit your SEO audit needs. Also, you can check to learn about the different analyses you should focus on for your site.