Using Social Media To Help Rankings In Local SEO

Every business today uses social media in order to better reach their audience, drive traffic to the company’s website and increase conversion.

But did you know you could leverage social media to improve your local SEO rankings?

1. Social Media, Local SEO, and the Role of Keywords

If you are a local business, what is the process in order to achieve higher local rankings? Do we start with Keyword Research? How should we go about doing this? As a TX Search Engine Optimization Agency, we get this question all the time… so let’s walk through an example.

getting your social media to rank locally.If you are a dentist in Austin, Texas, for example, you have to know what people in your area are searching for when looking for a dentist; “dentist near me”, “root canal”, or “veneers”?

Create a list with the most searched relevant keywords and make sure to then include them in your social media descriptions.

2. What’s Your NAP? Consistency Does Matter

Before creating your social media accounts, make sure that everybody on your team is clear about your company NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number).

Using several different variations of your business name, address variations or different ways of formatting your phone number can only confuse the search engines and your customers.

Your audience should know where and how to find you. Include your business’ NAP in Google My Business, your social media accounts, and every Web 2.0 property you possess.

3. Create As Many Social Media Accounts As Possible

This is important for dominating Google’s search results and local SEO as your social media profiles CAN rank in search engines.

However, it can be time consuming. So if you or your team don’t have time to create accounts in all major social media networks and Web 2.0 properties, know that this is a task that can be easily outsourced.

Remember that it can also boost your conversion rates. As a Round Rock SEO Expert, we build many social accounts, but only the amount of the ones we know we can manage.

4. ALWAYS Add Your Site URL and Connect Your Social Profiles

Ninety-nine percent of all social media properties have a field where you can add a link to your website and/or other accounts.

This can be found in “settings,” “profile” or “links.” Make sure you find it and fill it. Additionally, most major social media networks offer you the opportunity to connect some of your accounts.

If you can’t connect them, add a short post with the link to another social media account.

For example you can tweet: “Hey, we are on Facebook, too! Make sure you like our page!” with a link to your Facebook page.

Bonus Tip by the Pros: The Importance of Adding Geotagged Photos to Your Social Media Accounts

Make sure you geotag EVERY image you upload to your social media account. This applies both to profile and background images, as well as images you are posting to the social accounts.

Use your business’ exact location. You can do this using free online tools such as Make sure to rename every image using one of the most searched local keywords.

By following these simple tips, you can be confident that you are working towards dominating Google’s first page for local search. Visit the last blog post in our Round Rock SEO Company Series!

Then… every time a prospect searches for a relevant keyword… they will not only see your website on the first page, but also your social media accounts! Be sure that your website is meeting all the requirements to be found on the first page of Google! A free website analysis will tell you everything you need to know!