6 Hacks For Website Performance with SEO Knoxville

We were recently talking with a Knoxville based Plastic Surgeon about their Knoxville TN SEO based campaign, and the discussion of overall website performance came up. When considering your On-Page SEO strategies, most people focus on the content, images, meta tags- the tangible THINGS that appear on the page. In a world where people are forever pushing the envelope on speed, page load times are what will give you the edge.

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Today over 60% of searches on Google come from mobile devices, meaning people are on the GO! They are in line at Starbucks or jay-walking with their head down looking at their phone. And there’s a crazy thing that happens when people are on their phones, all their patience and abilities to be a human and reflect go out the door!

If your page doesn’t load at a ridiculous speed, you are going to lose the disinterested consumer that is browsing your industries’ products. Acceptable is 3 seconds and less…but in practice, you need to shoot for under 1 second full page load time!

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Simple as that. Consider the stats:

  • 47% of internet users expect a page to load in two seconds, according to a study by Kissmetrics
  • 57% of online shoppers will abandon a page that takes 3 seconds to load (same study)

Now these results are from 2009, so imagine what the results would be like today with 4g and iPhone 6s speed expectations!

Now, beyond those basic facts, here is the page speed patent by Google, detailing the new measures to take load speed into account in their algorithms.

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So I got with our tech nerd Suzanne and she helped me understand 6 ways to boost page speed. Here is the low down, if there’s more interest from readers, we can dive deeper into the methods.

  1. Optimize Images
    Don’t upload an image that is wider or longer than necessary and then specify the image size. Edit the photo so that it is exactly the parameters you want to display.
  2. Prioritize Content Above the Fold
    If you are using CSS, you should put focus on the first thing a user will see. Putting the below-the-fold content on the backburner is OK. They won’t even know it’s taking longer to load because your above-the-fold content is already engaging and should keep them there for a while…. Right?
  3. Implement Browser Caching
    This is used when someone visits your site for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc time. Their device downloads and stores the site data the first go around, and each subsequent visit will be a fraction of the initial download time.
  4. Compress using Gzip
    Compressing any large pages you have and using Gzip will reduce Http response.  This can often reduce page download by 70%, according to Yahoo.
  5. CDN, CDN, CDN!!
    A content delivery network works by providing proximity downloading services. Maybe you have a site that is accessed around the world, when using these cloud services, someone in Mongolia is downloading from a local source rather than the hosting platform in San Francisco.
  6. Reduce Plugins
    Having too many plugins creates issues involving speed and security. First, delete unnecessary plugins, then slowly find which are slowing the site down and rid of them as well.

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Of course, other On Page considerations must be made regarding how readers perceive the page to how search engines classify, index, and rank the page. If this post was valuable, check out our other blog posts. We like to provide value with our theme as a Knoxville SEO Expert.

A great resource to see just how fast your page loads is GTmetrix.com. They score your page based on how fast it loads, as well as give instructions on exactly what to do to peed up the different elements that failed. Some more insight on your page optimization can be had with a website audit. Give our free website analysis a try, its a value in Knoxville SEO!