Strategizing Your Way To Success

Digital marketing and internet marketing are built upon many strategies that can be categorized as on-page SEO tactics. These strategies are those that impact the way a website is viewed by Google. On page SEO methods are exactly that, they are tactics that impact components that are within the webpage themselves.

They are within the HTML, within the meta descriptions, within the images, and definitely within the layout of each individual page and the structure of the entire website. With on page SEO, you can truly be like the lion, king of your local business environment.

Let us take a comprehensive look in these winning strategies:

1. Schema mark up

Schema mark up is really one of the more remarkable tools. This is the reason why you might see star ratings on yelp search results, or on recipes on Google. They indicate what the webpage is about and relay this type of categorical information to the search engines.

2. Keyword optimized titles, descriptions, and headers

On Page SEO Tips

No website can survive without a strong backbone — and that backbone is SEO.

This is what SEO is built upon. Indicating what the webpage is about is inherent in utilizing the proper keywords for all possible locations on a website. First you must identify which keywords are valuable to your objective. Keyword research is easy but is the starting point for implementing a powerful SEO effort.

This means fully optimizing the page title, the page description, and the page header tags. You must be careful not to keyword stuff, as this can have a huge negative from the search gods, Google.

3. Page load speed

Having a quick to load page is very important to Google. They reward those pages that have minimal load times. When they go through the entire web and index pages, they make sure to note how heavy each digital footprint is, and will penalize those sites that are bulky and have long load times.

Why is this? Google wants users of it’s search engine to have the best experience. This means sites that look good, are relevant to searches and load fast!!

4. Geotags

On Page SEO Tips With Geotags

Geotags supply SEOs information and metrics that are invisible to the naked eye.

A geotag is a identifier for an image or video that allows that piece to be attached to a specific location on a map. A geotag is incredibly powerful for local SEO efforts. By simply adding a geotag to a photo or a post, you are signaling to Google where you are located, where you offer services, and where you are a dominant business force.

5. Image meta descriptions

Are all of your images labeled something generic? Usually the images from cameras have a long generic title, something like “IMG_76976”. You’ve got to change these!! Make sure that images titles and descriptions have your keywords, have your services, and have your brand name in them! Google is digging deep within your site to learn these things. Feed the beast!

6. Video embeds

Are you creating video content? If yes, great! Get them embedded up on your site. If you have no content, its still ok. Embedding videos from YouTube is super powerful for your page authority. Every post on your website should have some kind of video, image, or authority link within it!

7. Content word count and keyword density

Make sure your posts are lengthy! Longer pages populate the first page of Google because they are considered more informative. Google wants to deliver prospects content rich in information, so provide it! Make sure you have your target keywords on each page, but not too many!

8. Page layout

On Page SEO Tips With Page Layouts

Clean layouts are always a pleasant experience.

Your page should read like a magazine article or a newspaper. This also includes a call to action at the bottom. Either an option to reach out to your business, a way to consume more content, or a video to watch!

9. Linking strategy

Make sure that your site is entirely laid out in a way that the Google Indexer can crawl your site without losing its way. This means that all pages are interconnected and there are no dead ends. Furthermore, this passes link juice from external links! Bonus! A great place to see a checklist is here.

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Good SEO work only gets better over time, and there is no better time than the present to start cultivating the success of your page and the growth of your business. We at Neovora can provide you with more expertise on SEO, as well as lead generation, reputation, and growth. Learn more about us here, or get your free quotation today.

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