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The “About Us” page. This is the page where we give you all the reasons why we are wonderful and more brilliant than anyone else on the planet. This is where we tell tales of being anointed by Kings and Queens revered by common Joe’s far and wide due to our collective brilliance.

Hmmm… doesn’t sound like it fits very well with our real life journey.

Our founders have been in the offline business world since 1993. They’ve been involved in every aspect of business from sales, operations, tech, finance and accounting… and of course marketing.

Through this nearly 30 year journey… we’ve learned many hard and fast truths… and nothing… like nothing… replaces a solid customer acquisition strategy.

Businesses that focus on fancy packaging or beautiful office space before ensuring they have a consistent… duplicatable… and reliable flow of targeted prospects… prospects who are actively seeking to solve a problem that they uniquely solve… will struggle.

We’ve learned this lesson ourselves.

Over 20+ years ago our founders were in the direct mail niche, sending out millions of pieces of direct mail every year. Business was fantastic. They thought they were kings of the universe.

Over the years, they helped open new businesses all over the world. Some became super successful… others complete and utter failures.

But you know the one consistent theme for all of the businesses that didn’t wildly succeed?

It wasn’t a lack of money. It wasn’t a lack of vision.

Believe it or not, it was momentary memory loss.

Yeah… seriously.

They forgot that the key ingredient… to a successful business… the ingredient that you simply can’t do without… is having a successful lead generation system.

They didn’t focus on building a duplicatable way to bring in those folks who are interested in the product or service.

You’d think that hard core marketers would never forget that. Think again. It’s easy to get caught up in product or service development… looking for the best office space… hiring a top shelf team… then you realize very quickly that lead generation has been pushed to the back of the line.

Huge mistake.

So, yes… over the years… we’ve learned our lesson (a few times… but who’s counting).

Today, our number one objective with our clients is their lead generation funnels. We look where their target audience “hangs out” and we identify ways to help bring them value. We know that having multiple channels is important… and so we ensure that they are continually looking for new opportunities to explore.

This brings us to Neovora.

Neovora began in late 2015. With the years of collective experience… our team wanted to bring a company to the market that was focused on helping clients sidestep the many various landmines that we, ourselves, have experienced.

Neovora focuses on one thing… helping our clients bring qualified buyers to their door. That’s it.

This is the core to building and growing a successful business… so we figured we’d stick with this one thing.

Regardless of whether you run a dental practice, a law firm, or a veterinarian clinic, a steady flow of qualified buyers is the key to building your business.

So, we accomplish our mission statement by providing four primary services.

First is a Reputation Management Service.

Now, this is not your ordinary online reputation management service, but rather one that… yes, you guessed it… helps drive leads. We break this service into three distinct activities:

  1. Managing your reputation (alerts/reports/training center, etc.)

  2. Building your reputation (custom feedback forms, surveys, NPS, etc.)

  3. Marketing your reputation (syndication of reviews, widgets, etc.)

By taking this approach, not only do our clients have a clear perspective of how the market is interpreting the value they bring,

but this system turns into a spark for all lead generation.

Next, a Social Media Service that blows the doors off of anything you have most likely ever seen before. This social media system becomes the centerpiece of your lead generation strategy.

Next, we offer a retargeting/remarketing service. You would be #mindblown if you took the time to understand how retargeting really works… and how this can supercharge every other form of business development you are engaged in. Truly a multiplier effect.

Then, as you might expect… we have a paid advertising service. By taking everything we have learned from the top paid advertising platforms over the years (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram, Media Buys), through testing and improvement… we have put together a paid advertising system that is sure to please.

But the best part is… we can combine the power of these three services. Our clients then have the entire foundation of a lead generation system that meets all of the criteria that I laid out earlier:

So, if you’d like to learn a little bit more about how Neovora can help you avoid some of those nasty landmines… and the business world is filled with them… give us a ping.

Fill out our contact form… check out our YouTube channel… or head over to our “Start Here” page and see how our social media service can be a low cost solution that truly enables you to get a handle on your lead generation strategy… becoming that centerpiece for everything else you do.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us. We hope you join us on this journey.