The Internet has accelerated the complex game of “doing business” to break-neck speeds, and the rules seem to keep changing every day. Regardless of whether your local business is in growth mode, or you are looking to maintain your business at its current level, Neovora, your local lead generation and CRO company, will support those initiatives.


Customer acquisition is one of your most expensive business initiatives and one of your most important initiatives.


Getting your 5-star reputation in front of the right people is a game with high stakes and even higher expenses.


It’s critical to know which vendors you should continue to invest in and which ones are costing you money.

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It is all about deploying comprehensive marketing campaign, then executing with communication, automation, and differentiation. Neovora  delivers solid solutions focused on giving you clear strategies in three critical aspects of your business:

What assets do I currently have that I can leverage in order to attract more prospects and leads to my business?

How can I grow my business to new heights by leveraging the value of each of our clients?

The success of your company lies in your ability to have a solid stream of qualified prospects who are actively looking for your product or service, the right marketing messages to convert these prospects into clients, and the ability to retain and cultivate your best clients.

Unfortunately, most companies and throughout the US haven’t created a way to properly segment their clients into specific groups based on purchase activity and client value. Though companies now give higher merit to “Customer Satisfaction,” the temptation and practice is to put all clients together in one giant mailing list. In today’s ultra-competitive business world, a non-unique, non-personable, non-targeted message will have all your hard work end up in the Recycle Bin in the blink of an eye. You will waste your precious marketing dollars and you will lose your best clients.

To succeed you need to have a committed strategy to growing your marketing channels, improving your marketing messaging, and a long-term strategy to segment and market to each individual client segment appropriately.

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