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Creating a comprehensive Albany SEO and Digital Marketing Strategy requires a very in-depth knowledge of both how the search engines work, as well as how the search engine ranking rules have changed over the years.

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Neovora senior staff members have been working with local businesses, literally around the world, for over 20 years. If your business objectives include a plan to dominate your local marketplace, then we would be interested in talking with you, as that is our exact business mandate. We have designed our digital marketing agency to achieve only one goal, enable our clients to dominate their Local Markets. We only work with one client per niche industry, per geographic area (if you only need a simple SEO plan, we can refer you to a great Portland SEO Expert that works on smaller scale projects)..

You see, its a bit of paradox, dominating your local market is extremely difficult, while being very simple and straight forward.

Let us explain.

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Our experience has shown us that while local markets are extremely and fiercely competitive, they are also very simple to dominate within the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages). With over 1 Trillion web searches conducted each year, and over 3.5 Billion searches per day, this opens up a tremendous opportunity for a local business that understands this tremendous dynamic.

Do some research… really, follow these steps. Go to Google, type in your “City + Primary Keyword.” An example would be… “Albany Personal Injury Attorney.” Look at the top 3 search results. How many back-links do they have? How are their meta tags optimized? Have they Geo Tagged their images? Are they leveraging their Google My Business, Google+ and Google Webmaster Tools accounts? What about Structured Data and Rich Snippets, are they using this coding language that Google is strongly rewarding with top rankings?

What about their off-page strategy? Are they ranking in the Snack Pack as well as their main website on the first page? What about other properties, such as a YouTube video or well optimized Web 2.0 property? Are they ranking personal Yelp profile on the first page as well?

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If you were to do any of the above research, the answer to all of those questions would be a resounding “NO” in over 95% of the cases across the country, regardless of the niche industry.

This is what Neovora does. We only take on 1 client per niche industry per geographic area. Just one. The reason is pretty simple for us, Local Market Domination. We are only interested in working with one client per area, as we fully expect to dominate that local area. Two businesses cannot dominate one area, so it makes our focus very simple.

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Neovora understands what small and midsize businesses around the US and particularly in New York need to grow. There is a metaphor that we like to use and it goes like this:

Imagine that our competitors act as contractors who are constructing your business’ building. They are easily able to build that building with your needs in mind, but once the building is completed, there is absolutely no foot traffic. The building is built, but where are the clients?

What they failed to realize is that they need to build the building on the busy corner of Broadway, at the intersection of Main and Market; What good is business’ building when its stuck way out on a county backroad?

Components of an Albany SEO Strategy

We like to think that our company does the heavy lifting for your business and your Internet marketing needs. We don’t simply offer a website design, email marketing, we definitely won’t tell you in what manner to build your webpage, we don’t make videos, we won’t only post your social media. We do it all in a complex and interconnected cohesive strategy.

With tactics like Video Marketing, Video SEO, Email Marketing, Social Stacking, and advanced on-page optimization strategies, we are literally able to dominate the search engine results. And, this is just the beginning.

Search Engine Optimization is Lead Generation

Consider exactly what it is that we do. We are an Albany search engine optimization agency that works nationwide in select markets to help small and medium-sized businesses grow their own clientele.

We operate in an industry whose goal it is to be number one in the search engine results page. In all probability the reason you are on this webpage is because it was ranked number one or number two within the search rankings in your local market.

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If we are able to rank amongst our own competitors in a highly competitive market, we are surely capable of helping you connect with prospects that are using the web to find your products and services everyday. Now if you were to look at all the markets in which we operate, we are amongst the top three for nearly all of our searches.

Our expertise and systems are tried and proven. We implement complex systems and cutting edge tools to turn ordinary content and videos into super leveraged tools that power up our own sites and those of our clients. When looking for an SCO company in Albany it is crucial to find one that has the power and capability to rank on the first page of Google.

So of the strategies that we use are: social media marketing, content marketing, and video marketing. Now you can learn some of these tips and tricks by following our blog posts. Our blog goes into minute new detail of how businesses and entrepreneurs can implement these exact strategies in their own offices in their own office.

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Now, implementing these select strategies takes months and months of training and research. Learning how to properly create and optimize social media properties is not a walk in the park. Furthermore, leveraging content and videos throughout these properties takes tools that not all entrepreneurs are familiar with.

The strategies that we suggest in our blog posts give just a hint at what it is that we do. All of the strategies that we implement can be found with a social strategist, a digital marketer, a content and media expert. Perfecting them and implementing them for your particular purpose takes lots of experience and expertise; both of which we have on our belts. Our company is comprised of Business consultants, copywriters, link builders, web development experts, and digital marketing specialists.

Larger size firms can easily dedicate resources, staff members, an dollars in the form of salary to this purpose. What our business is founded on is being apart in her with small and medium-sized businesses who do not have the capacity to develop their own digital marketing team.

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For this reason we are partners with dozens of companies across the US. These businesses are in industries covering all professional services, Home services, large transaction retail, travel, and even lifestyle business. Our strategies cover a broad range of industries. Currently, we are looking for business partners for Albany SEO in New York.

Not all prospects who are looking for a search engine optimization are our ideal clients. Taking the free website audit at the bottom of this post will help both of us identify if we are a good match for one another.

We serve Albany and all surrounding areas such as: Schenectady, Troy, Rotterdam, Queensburry, Saratoga Springs, Amsterdam, Gloversville, Glens Falls, Eagle Mills, Delmar, Lake George, New Baltimore, Voorhesville, GreenIsland, Waterford, Averill Park, Pittsfield for all Albany SEO needs.