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Follow-Up Mastery

This course will teach the effectiveness of continued communication with prospects who have not purchased yet. Through the many strategies of follow-up, you can turn even unmotivated prospects into lifelong clients. If the ultimate objective is to make the most amount of sales and convert more prospects, then this is the course for you and your team. You will immediately see the benefit of follow-up with more sales and new clients and a better ROI on your advertising


Business Phone Mastery

You spend hard-earned marketing dollars to get prospects to call in to your place of business. But how effective is your team at getting that appointment booked? Do you have a strategy in place for maximizing every inbound prospect call? Have you armed your team with scripts that guide the call into getting the appointment? Do you have the most common questions prospects ask, and a set of scripts on how to answer them and overcome objections? Our Business Phone Mastery course arms your team with these assets and teaches them confidence on the phone.