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2 Common Link Building Tactics For Beginners in Greenville SEO

2 Common Link Building Tactics For Beginners in Greenville SEO

Link building will never grow old when it comes to improving the Page Authority (PA) of a webpage. “Authority points” are earned when an external webpage connects to one of the webpages in your site or directly to your home page.

In search engine optimization (SEO), establishing a huge web of external pages linking to your webpages could only mean one thing, your efforts in building associations has come to fruition. But for beginners who are just about to start working their way in, much like the local businesses that are now being assisted by our SEO Greenville marketing agency, selecting which tactics to use and implement might come as a challenge.

Just as there are traditional and upgraded methods in marketing, link-building strategies come in three sets – for beginners, the advanced tactics, and the sidelines.

The Tactics Fit For Beginners | SEO Greenville

SEO GreenvilleSome SEO companies think link building doesn’t work as well it used to in the past. But in truth, external web connection isn’t dead as it will continue to be one of the factors in Google’s core algorithms.

From Christoph C. Cemper’s 20 SEO Link Building Tips for 2017, he listed several reasons why earning association can dictate a website’s ranking in Google search. Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

“Can a website rank without links? We say that a website cannot rank without connection. Why do we think that?

  • Because it’s Google’s #1 ranking factor
  • Because it’s the WEB
  • Because its point to great content (that deserves to rank well)
  • Because they transfer power
  • Because they transfer trust
  • Because it’s through association that Google discovers your website…

“But don’t take it from us when we say that links are important, take it directly from Google. In March 2016, in a Q&A with Google, Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, said the first two ranking factors were links and content:

“I can tell you what they are. It is content. And its links pointing to your site. (Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google)”

Start With The Basics

We can’t transition to advanced tactics if the basics haven’t been set yet, for this will serve as the foundation for your next link-building move. Here’s an article that might help as well.

It Always Start With The Content

How can people trust your website if it doesn’t have valuable content? Yes, the quality of writing you put in your webpages is more than important. Informative, reliable, and well-researched posts can become a resource to the people who can actually help you earn association – the bloggers, researchers, and writers.

Infographics Are Attractive

Infographics are for those who don’t have the time (or attention span) to read lengthy blogs. They are more colorful, more succinct, and more attractive than a big block of text. From the same post by Cemper, he adds:

“However good your writing, some people find it easier to grasp information visually. Different people grasp information differently, and your business message has to be available in every form so that it can capture the attention of a wider audience.

“Many people use Infographics to attract links. And it works. Sometimes someone might use your infographic, but without linking to you. In such case, you could start a “Google reverse image search.”

Have A Fresh Start

Link-building isn’t limited to just these two tactics, in fact there are countless strategies that can be used to earn links. Our Round Rock team has put to good use the list of tactics we have compiled over the years.

There’s more to learn about getting those important connection from external webpages. Work with our Greenville marketing team so we can walk you through the advance and upgraded tactics of link building.

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Brand Loyalty

Brick and Mortar Brand Loyalty

Mobile Wallet Apps. Social Wifi. Have you heard of them? If you are a retail location you might seriously want to consider them. Client lifetime value is one of the most important things to consider..


  • Operating costs are rising (rents, wages, etc)
  • Client acquisition costs are rising and conversion is quickly diminishing as
  • Competition grows

Business Troubles In Omaha SEO

Retaining existing customers, getting them to spend more. This is the key to a long-lasting business. Now with the acceptance of mobile apps and desire for customers to utilize their mobile devices for EVERYTHING, there is a simple solution.

Leveraging the internet and web apps is crucial for local businesses. Especially those in Omaha Nebraska.

The statistics on mobile usage and wifi are astounding! Customers clearly WANT wifi and those businesses that offer wifi clearly experience a rise in sales. Most businesses consider wifi as a ‘very important’ service offering.

Its apparent that apps and technology can aid those entrepreneurs who want to increase their business’ success. But we are not all tech savvy or know how to develop apps for our own business. And developers are expensive! A unique proprietary solution is super expensive for a mom and pop location.

So where to go? What to do about it?

business growth bridgeport seoOur Lead Loyalty System is The Answer To Local Businesses in Omaha NE

We are able to quickly and effectively transform your free public wifi into a powerful lead generation and loyalty system. Do you want to:

  • grow your customer base
  • develop and nurture existing customers
  • increase the frequency of transactions
  • increase the price of transactions

Did you answer yes to these?

Retail Locations Around USA and in Omaha

The answer is a simple package we are finalizing. The NeoConex Loyalty program.  We are already implementing something similar in Albuquerque, only the social wifi offering, learn more here.

Contact us for more details and be sure to visit our pages soon. They are being developed now to properly highlight the benefits to local business owners in Omaha and around the nation.

Best Omaha SEO Company | Neovora SEO Expert

Omaha SEO Company

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Social Wifi

Social Wifi and Digital Loyalty

Among all the Google Panda updates and bringing on new clients, we’ve somehow found a way to add another product to our offering. If you are a partner of ours in the retail space, you will likely be getting a call from us soon.

Businesses that thrive on repeat business and depend on brand loyalty are in for something incredible! Working with some tech developers for the product itself, we have been able to create a great tool. Businesses are now able to leverage their free wifi offerings in exchange for a powerful and automated lead generation tool.

You see, traditionally when businesses offer free wifi to their clients, guests, and prospects, there is no value exchange. Clients are simply getting free service. Over the past several years have seen a few things take place, first most businesses experiencing higher operational costs.. Then the cost of acquiring new customers has more than doubled and conversion rates have been cut in half.

albuquerque-seo-social wifiThe internet has literally changed everything, and if a business doesn’t harness the power of the internet… they generally find themselves struggling to keep up.

Businesses now are able to easily and quickly leverage this service in exchange for valuable prospect information. Anyone dealing with us knows the value of leads and client lifetime value!

We have all the details coming out soon, but for now, just get excited about this social wifi and also…

A new digital brand loyalty tool!

This one is big! For all those industries that depend on repeat business from loyal customers, this one is major! We all know the importance of keeping loyal customers, developing incentives for them to stay true, and for them to come back. We also know that keeping clients is easier and cheaper than finding NEW clients.

Somehow we were able create a brand loyalty program that is based on mobile devices! This is working great in Albuquerque and around New Mexico.

There are so many valuable pieces and benefits to go into it all now.. Another week or so and we can roll it all out for you! Visit the previous post in our blog here. Check in soon.

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Local Maxima

What We Have Brewing In The Background

Lately, there have been many things going on with us. Besides watching our ranking climb in several cities, we’ve been hard at work. Testing and perfecting our craft is something we take very seriously.

At the end of the day, we need to be able to deliver results, and testing is the way to ensure those results will take place.

One such test was watching exactly which of our Web 2.0 properties was most likely to rank. And we found conclusive evidence as to which properties are the sure fire ones that will top the SERPS.

One of the more important things that we consider, and it’s a big one, is called the local maxima. The local maxima is a phenomenon that happens when following data-driven results.

The local maximum described here:

Do you ever feel that your design has become stale and that despite your making lots of little changes to it over time without any big overhaul there is just no way to drastically improve it?

If so you’ve probably hit what Andrew Chen calls the “Local Maximum”. The local maximum is a point in which you’ve hit the limit of the current design…it is as effective as its ever going to be in its current incarnation.

Even if you make 100 tweaks you can only get so much improvement; it is as effective as its ever going to be on its current structural foundation.

The local maximum occurs frequently when UX practitioners rely too much on a/b testing or other testing approaches to make improvements. This type of design is typified by Google and Amazon…they do lots and lots of testing, but rarely make large changes.

(Except, of course, Google’s homepage background change this week, which was quickly reverted)

While a cycle of smaller improvements is better than the dysfunctional design processes most of us are stuck with, one of the criticisms of this type of extreme optimization is that it’s always and only incremental: you can only make a few small changes at a time and therefore your design evolves slowly.

local maxima neovoraAnd if you’re doing rigorous testing, by only changing one variable at a time, then you’re only changing one small part of your application in each iteration. This work cycle becomes dependent on how fast you can run tests.

For Google and Amazon, who are blessed with millions of visitors per day, this is no problem because they can run tests extremely quickly. For most people building web sites, low traffic volume can be a huge hurdle because it means that tests have to run longer and thus slows down rate of iteration.

Read more here.

This is a great solution for businesses in Bridgeport, CT. Make sure you read up on our other blog posts here.

Bridgeport SEO Expert and Testing Methods

Bridgeport SEO Expert

Finding any pinnacle is crucial, making sure its not only the local maximum, but the best possible design is tough. In order to do this, often we need to completely re-evaluate every little decision we made, the controls we’ve used.

As of now, we seem to be ranking fairly well with a diversified SEO strategy. We are always looking to find the better design, and not remain on the local maxima.

Testing At The Neovora Offices

This is how we are able to remain on the top of our game and target the keywords in the markets we do. Currently we have a few interesting projects going on: a regional dental branch across many markets, a realtor in Central Texas, just to name a few.

We’ll keep testing and making sure that we identify if we are stuck in the cul-de-sac of results; the local maxima. Hopefully we can climb out and reach our true potential, there is nothing more frustrating and scary than not doing so. As a Bridgeport SEO, we understand the need to reach the pinnacle.

If you are wondering about our rankings, we’ve been careful to stay ahead of the curve with the recent penguin updates. We’ll see if our tests reveal anything.

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Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Top ranking pages. We all want them, but sometimes we don’t have the resources to dedicate in order to achieve these rankings. So what is the solution? There is definitely a way to earn decent rankings without the large investment that usually accompanies content marketing and targeted backlinking strategies.

This post will cover several of the easier and less time consuming methods that small and medium-sized businesses can use to really ramp up their existing page rankings. Let me first go over why the page rankings can be crucial or not only your website pages but also your blog posts. As a Fresno SEO Company, we deal with these kinds of issues on a daily basis.

Whether for our website or when working for a client (we are a Fresno SEO consultant), these are foundational ranking strategies that we base everything else upon.

Top Fresno SEO Tips and Tricks For Page Rankings

Search engine spiders are adding data to google's computers every dayEvery day millions of Americans and world citizens are using Google and other search engines to find solutions to their problems. Often the solutions they are seeking will fall it directly into your basket. This means that by putting out blog posts and pages that answer specific questions, you are placing bait in the World Wide Web’s ocean. How did you find this page? Searching Fresno SEO Pros often works!

These prospects will pick your bait and find a way to your site. Eventually a small percentage of these prospects will convert on your pages and your blog posts. Most often small and medium-sized businesses have some small bait that is floating in the ocean. However because these businesses’ expertise is not in search engine optimization for Fresno topics, that bait is not optimal.

Fresno SEO Discussion on Page Rankings

We’re going to cover some of the things that will allow you to layout the best bait that you possibly can with the tools and resources that you currently have. We are a Fresno SEO Expert agency but do not take our word for it, test it out also! It will work!

  1. Look into rich snippets. Rich snippets are an amazing tool that will help search engines identify the content and topics of your website. Rich snippets provide meta-data that allow google to highlight specific parts of your page for prospects. Rich snippets can include: video schema, table of contents schema, menu schema, image schema, reviews.
  2. Improve crawl friendliness. When the website is optimized for internal linking, Google and other search engines can easily crawl and index all the pages on your site. Increasing the crawl-ability of your website means connecting pages that are similar and relevant to one another. Don’t connect pages that have nothing to do with one another even if they are still under your domain. You want to make sure that the pages that are connecting are of high value to the original page, the links are continuous an unbroken, and that the juice is free to flow throughout the website. Furthermore make sure that the navigation for your website is similar throughout the pages because indexing is a hugely important factor.
  3. Speed up your existing pages. With many tools that are available in WordPress you can ensure that your pages load fast. The faster that your pages load for prospects the lower your bounce rate and the happier prospects are. Google understands habits and tendencies of Internet browsers and rewards websites that have low page speeds. Reducing your bounce rate will also mean more clients will stay on that landing page and you are sure to get a higher conversion rate.
  4. Geotagging. If you don’t know what Geotagging is and you are operating in the local market you are missing a huge opportunity. First of all your pages and posts must be rich with visual media, meaning there are images that are appealing to your prospects. A large part of our browsing habits includes expectations of relevant images. Uploading these images to your website is simply not enough these days. Those images must have geo coordinates that allow search engines to identify that page with the specific location on a coordinate grid. Absolutely essential if you are a local marketplace operator.
  5. Optimize existing pages. Using Google Webmaster Tools you must identify webpages on your site are of high quality but do not have organic traffic. Likely you are missing out on organic traffic because the page is not optimized for any keywords or other on page factors. Buy high-quality we mean that even though the pages not listed in the search engines your prospects find their way to that page and spend a considerable amount of time on it. It will be highly worthwhile to identify the target keywords for that page and do your best to optimize it so that it can be found in the search engines.

Might we also suggest becoming integrated in the Fresno Chamber of Commerce? This will always provide valuable credit to your website.

Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Fresno SEO Company

Marketing Experts in Fresno SEO

Now these are the easiest methods for a small and medium-sized business to implement right away. This is taking into account that most business websites already have existing content in the form of posts or pages.

If this was valuable, check out our blog series on Fresno SEO Services! Other blog posts in the series are about long tail keywords and here is our recent press release for local Fresno SEO!

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Round Rock SEO | The Modern Homepage

Round Rock SEO | The Modern Homepage

Every website has a homepage. Think about yours for a second:

  • Are you pleased with it?
  • How does it rank against your competitors?
  • How does it rank against websites that you stumble across on the web for relevant keywords?
  • Did you pay a lot for it?
  • Did you spend hours and hours on it?
  • Did a Round Rock SEO Company build it for you?
  • What about a web developer?
  • How long has it been since you’ve updated even one page, let alone the whole site?

Have you looked at your home page SEO lately?Your homepage is an incredibly valuable asset for your business. Even if it is not the targeted page you’re looking to rank for, you’re homepage will speak volumes to your clients and prospects.

As the Internet has evolved, so too has the search engine’s expectations and requirements of the website. The purpose of this blog post is to go over the differences between the old format of websites and what search engine algorithms are looking for in a website today.

If your website has not been updated in a year or more, the chances that you are suffering from one or more penalties is high. Even if you’re clear of penalties you may be using outdated methods that Internet prospects have evolved beyond. We are a Round Rock SEO Consultant and we will discuss our methods.

A Seminar with A TOP SEO in Round Rock 

Let’s go over some of the more traditional methods for homepage. These are what you need to steer clear of and step away from.

Homepage Clutter

  • early home pages were very cluttered

    early home pages were very cluttered

    OLD Promoting all types of site content on the homepage. Are you familiar with Yahoo.com? Do you know what the homepage looks like with tons of links in text and videos and calls to action? Does your site look like this? It should not. Back in the day, home pages were full of scattered content and business owners sought to put all types of page summaries and links on their homepage. Our first implementations of search engine optimization in Round Rock were like this.

  • NEW In the modern era, we see websites that have just one particular strategy and goal. Browsing new sites you’ll find a one page design is highly common and the content on that page is extremely minimal. Companies are focusing visitors’ attention on one simple key call to action. The reason for this is simple. Our attention spans have been squandered as the web has gotten smarter. When we see those old webpages with tons of different things going on, get visually overwhelmed, so we click the back button and go to a new search result.


  • Today's home pages are clean and simpleOLD Does your webpage aim to speak to all potential visitors? Back in the day the homepage was designed to be one-size-fits-all. This caused our main message to become blurred as we attempted to speak to all types of audiences in one fell swoop. Before we spoke to professional service business owners, we were a SEO Company in Round Rock that targeted everyone!
  • NEW Our current implementations of home pages and websites seek to focus on our clients’ most important customer. Targeting this primary audience allows you to communicate in your most effective language. Additionally, zooming in to your primary audience allows you to increase your conversion and engagement rates.

Keyword Strategy

  • OLD When SEOs first started optimizing small and medium-sized businesses, we were trying to get as many keywords onto the homepage as possible. The goal was to rank the homepage for every single target keyword. This caused the homepage to become long and full of content. As we saw in the last example, we want a minimal approach to the homepage. When it comes to local Round Rock SEO, this strategy doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • NEW The new optimized home page is seen by Google and search engines as part of comprehensive whole website. The search engine algorithms considers the target keywords for all pages and the homepage alike. Grouping them altogether there is no need to optimize each page and especially the homepage for targeted keywords. We suggest that each specific page targets one key topic or a small subset of your industry. Most successful websites homepage is very simple and often is rich with branded terms.

SEO Round Rock | The Modern Homepage

Round Rock SEO Company

Home pages Matter For Conversion in Texas

Before you do anything to grow and develop your SEO Strategy, make sure you look into a membership with the Chamber of Commerce. They don’t have many digital marketing resources, but they do know how to help to local service providers. For example, we were recently listed with an agency directory here in Austin. Seeking these internet properties can be a valuable asset.

Less Text is More

  • OLD Classic home pages have tons of text. We originally believed in selling a prospect on the entirety of our services on the homepage. Our first “Round Rock SEO Pros” website was full of words. More than this blog post even!
  • NEW Now we believe in communicating quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Most often the homepage will be video, image, or otherwise visually dominant. Our call to action and value proposition it’s highlighted in minimal terms. Most modern home pages that are converting at a high rate will be very simple compared to traditional home pages.

The Expert Agency Explains Home Pages


  • OLD Does your webpage aim to speak to all potential visitors? Back in the day the homepage was one-size-fits-all. This caused the message to become blurred as we attempted to speak to all types of audiences in one swift to go.
  • NEW Our current implementations of home pages and websites seeks to focus on our clients’ most important customer. Targeting this primary audience allows you to communicate in your most effective language. Additionally, zooming in to your primary audience allows you to increase your conversion and engagement rates. As a Round Rock SEO Expert, this is how we build and implement new strategies.


  • OLD Previously the industry believed that keeping things above the fold was crucial to gaining a prospects’ attention. We used to jam pack our message into the top of the webpage keeping the content under the fold to a minimum.
  • NEW Simply browsing new websites will show that content is being distributed across the long single page format. placing content sporadically throughout a long home webpage is what we shoot for. The goal here on the first fold is to draw the eye down the webpage and guide the prospect into consuming the full webpage.

Are you considering a new home page now? What about your overall SEO strategy? Visit our other blog posts for more information on top strategies. Our local Round Rock SEO page is a great page to start. There are also other blog posts on linking and another post on our recent press release for Round Rock SEO Services!

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9 On Page SEO Tips | Albany SEO

9 On Page SEO Tips For Albany SEO Growth

This is the second post in a series of blog posts that we have created to better assist small and medium sized businesses in Albany NY. We are an Albany Search Engine Optimization Company that specializes in local SEO. Be sure to tune into our Youtube SEO expert playlist! This blog has a video on the playlist here:

On Page SEO Tutorial | Albany Search Engine Optimization Expert

Albany SEO Company

Digital marketing and internet marketing are built upon many strategies that can be categorized as on-page SEO tactics. These strategies are those that impact the way a website is viewed by Google. On page SEO methods are exactly that, they are tactics that impact components that are within the webpage themselves.

They are within the HTML, within the meta descriptions, within the images, and definitely within the layout of each individual page and the structure of the entire website. With on page SEO, you can truly be like the lion, king of your local business environment.

Lets go through a few of these strategies:

1. Schema mark up

Schema mark up is really one of the more remarkable tools. This is the reason why you might see star ratings on yelp search results, or on recipes on Google. They indicate what the webpage is about and relay this type of categorical information to the search engines.

2. Keyword optimized titles, descriptions, and headers

This is what SEO is built upon. Indicating what the webpage is about is inherent in utilizing the proper keywords for all possible locations on a website. First you must identify which keywords are valuable to your objective. Keyword research is easy but is the starting point for implementing a powerful SEO effort.

This means fully optimizing the page title, the page description, and the page header tags. You must be careful not to keyword stuff, as this can have a huge negative from the search gods, Google.

3. Page load speed

Having a quick to load page is very important to Google. They reward those pages that have minimal load times. When they go through the entire web and index pages, they make sure to note how heavy each digital footprint is, and will penalize those sites that are bulky and have long load times.

Why is this? Google wants users of it’s search engine to have the best experience. This means sites that look good, are relevant to searches and load fast!!

4. Geotags

A geotag is a identifier for an image or video that allows that piece to be attached to a specific location on a map. A geotag is incredibly powerful for local SEO efforts. By simply adding a geotag to a photo or a post, you are signaling to Google where you are located, where you offer services, and where you are a dominant business force.

5. Image meta descriptions

9 on-page tactics to be the king of your local nicheAre all of your images labeled something generic? Usually the images from cameras have a long generic title, something like “IMG_76976”. You’ve got to change these!! Make sure that images titles and descriptions have your keywords, have your services, and have your brand name in them! Google is digging deep within your site to learn these things. Feed the beast!

6. Video embeds

Are you creating video content? If yes, great! Get them embedded up on your site. If you have no content, its still ok. Embedding videos from Youtube is super powerful for your page authority. Every post on your website should have some kind of video, image, or authority link within it!

7. Content word count and keyword density

Make sure your posts are lengthy! Longer pages populate the first page of Google because they are considered more informative. Google wants to deliver prospects content rich in information, so provide it! Make sure you have your target keywords on each page, but not too many!

8. Page layout

Your page should read like a magazine article or a newspaper. This also includes a call to action at the bottom. Either an option to reach out to your business, a way to consume more content, or a video to watch!

9. Linking strategy

Make sure that your site is entirely laid out in a way that the Google Indexer can crawl your site without losing its way. This means that all pages are interconnected and there are no dead ends. Furthermore, this passes link juice from external links! Bonus! A great place to see a checklist is here.

A True Search Engine Optimization Expert

Check us out next week for the next segment in the Albany SEO Expert blog series. We are an internet marketing company that works with small and medium sized business in our local area.

Wondering how your website and internet marketing strategy matches up to other in your local market? Neovora offers a free website analysis. This report will generate a valuable report on a business’ ability to dominate local search markets. As an Albany SEO Firm, we provide this free of cost and can help you analyze your standing on the internet. Visit the next blog post for more info on how to use the internet for lead generation!

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Digital Marketing For Business Growth in Fresno

Fresno SEO and Digital Marketing | Grow Business with Testimonials

Welcome to another post of a five part series in our Fresno SEO Expert series. This post is about using digital marketing. We speak about how you can leverage client experiences to your advantage and to attract new customers.

The previous post was about to how to convert prospects to leads. This last article was big on using email marketing, social media marketing, and building trust over a scheduled timeframe.

We are an SEO Company in Fresno CA. Our team comes from many types of backgrounds and industries. We’ve collectively done business in over a dozen countries- mainly in Europe and Latin America. And as experienced as we are, we will never be able to tell you how to improve your business offerings and services.

We are marketers, and we do internet and digital marketing for small, medium and local businesses around the USA and in LATAM. Your business is your own issue. We can only do so much as your marketing partner before we’re running it!

Neovora Digital Marketing | Fresno Search Engine Optimization

Offer outstanding service and receive great referrals and testimonialsFor this reason we’ll leave the actual business operations alone. We will, however, cover testimonial and referral systems. Let’s assume that you are actually miles ahead of your competitors. You finish work before schedule with minimal errors, and rarely have issues with clients over services rendered.

You are in a league of your own. The most ideal situation for you is to have your current clients spreading the praise of your business around town. You want them to tell their friends, their family, and to shout your hard work from rooftops.

What if we told you this was possible? And it’s being implemented around the country with resounding results! Testimonial and referral systems are being used by business owners around the world to leverage their congratulatory praises from clients to acquire new clients.

This is how it works. Upon delivering goods or providing services, your job is far from done. The new goal is to get both testimonials and referrals from your existing and new clients.

You want testimonials because you will be able to highlight your positive client experiences on the web. This will develop new clients who are unsure your business or services. You want referrals and will actively pursue them because they are the best kind of new clients.

You can actively make videos of clients whose houses you’ve repaired, whose teeth you’ve rearranged, whose divorce was clean and easy with your help. Posting branded videos on your site through YouTube is incredibly powerful!

This goes beyond videos. You can also post their praise from emails or reviews on your site. Let prospective clients know how far and above you normally go. Now, not all clients will participate in this part. Most will take some convincing, and that is normal. Give them an incentive! A percentage off the next transaction, a free item, anything to get their video testimonial!

Lead Generation and SEO Company

Another asset that you can acquire from current clients are referrals. Entrepreneur recently had a good write up about this. Again, this is best offered with an incentive. Offer a gift card, a percentage of the sale, or anything for a referral that is brought in by a current client!

  • If you’re a roofer, you can offer a free gutter cleaning to every client that recommends a friend.
  • If you’re a dentist, you can offer free teeth cleanings for referrals.
  • Get creative!

These types of testimonials and stories of current and past clients make wonderful assets on your site. In addition to your blog, testimonial, and services pages, clients can spend hours on your site learning about your products.

This is absolutely PERFECT if your product is a high ticket price. Buyers are hesitant to spend thousands on anything, and often need to be warmed up to a business they are seeking to work with.

If you’re a more visual learner, here is a video about this specific blog post!

this post helpful? Visit the other posts in the Fresno SEO Company series!

Impress Customers | Fresno SEO Agency and Internet Marketing

Fresno SEO Company

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Off Page SEO For Albany NY

Off Page SEO Tutorial | Neovora Albany SEO Agency

This is the next post in a series of blog posts meant to educate small and medium sized business on Albany NY SEO. We want you to understand why digital marketing and search engine optimization is critical in remaining competitive in this new era of technology and consumer behaviors.

plant the seeds across the internet to grow your off-page seoThis post is about how to go about planting the seeds on the web to be traced back to your website. Neil Patel has a great off-page SEO blog post on his site.

Off page SEO is the type of search engine marketing that is performed outside of your website. We usually refer to back-linking strategy as off-page SEO. Think of Wikipedia for a second. Wikipedia is perhaps the most widely used and cited website around these days. Because so many links around the world are referencing Wikipedia, it has HUGE power.

When people link to a website, it receives credibility. One link at a time. Now back-linking has been referred to as the grand-daddy of SEO, and perhaps the most crucial component of gaining notoriety.

SEO Agency

From our experience, most sites within local niche markets can easily rank without having a comprehensive back-linking profile. This is good news for most small businesses, because backlinks are time consuming to do the right way.

A diversified back link profile is essential, here are some examples of the links you need to seek out:

  • Branded Links – These are the kinds of links that link to your homepage or internal pages. They have an anchor text and the anchor text is something that contains your brand name, ‘Neovora’.
  • Generic Links – These are links that have a typical anchor text link, something like ‘click here’, ‘read more’, ‘on this page’.
  • Naked Links – These are links that have the domain as the anchor text. These would be hyperlink that is https://www.neovora.com, neovora.com.
  • Anchor Text – Be careful with these, as they are incredibly powerful. They are a link that points to your site, with a targeted keyword as the anchor text. The anchor for a plumber might be “Albany Plumber”.

When you are seeking links that point to your site, you need to identify the kinds of websites that can provide links. Some are:

  • Blog Comments – These are a valuable link building source. If you have your own personal blog on your website, it will be a great place to share your content and get your naked links on relevant pages.
  • Directories – Internet directories need to be built far and wide. Directories can be nationwide, local, and niche specific. Surely you can find several dozen directories. Make sure you fill out these profiles fully with contact information, business information, media, and all kinds of relevant profiles links within.
  • Social Profiles – There are dozens of social profiles out there that you can use to build a solid back linking structure. These profiles are excellent because they provide a place to hold several other links. Real businesses have many different internet profiles, personalities and interact on many places on the internet.
  • Industry and Association Links– Are there any organizations, business associations, or alumni associations that can give you links? The BBB, the local plumbers union, and your alma mater are all great places to start looking.
  • Web 2.0– In our systems, we have dozens of web 2.0 profiles that we use on a daily basis. These are good for social media marketing as well. These web 2.0 properties give us an excellent place to share our images, videos, and all types of web content.

Internet Marketing and Local SEO in Albany NY

This should be a good starting point for your implementation efforts. If you’re going the route alone, that is. If you are interested in seeing what kind link profile you currently have, be sure to visit the link here for a free website analysis.

We provide this free of charge, so as to better help you understand where you stand on your internet marketing efforts. As a top SEO Expert, we are willing to help the local community grow and develop.

Be sure to check in often to read about other SEO tactics you can implement. If this post was of help to you, be sure to visit the other videos in our Albany SEO Company series!

Off Page SEO Tutorial | Albany NY SEO Agency

Albany SEO Company

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Local SEO in Albany NY

Local SEO Company | Neovora Albany

This is the third post in a series of blog posts for our Albany SEO Company expert series. This blog series is about digital marketing and the implications it can have on local businesses in New York. Neovora is leader among Local SEO Companies.

local seo is much different than regular SEOLocal SEO is different than general search engine optimization, and can be the most powerful tool for a local entrepreneur to utilize. This strategy allows a business in Albany NY to completely dominate the local search engine results for particularly competitive keywords that describe your profession, service, or industry.

Using digital marketing for the local niche and market is the number one lead generation strategy today. This is because more as prospects learn the ease of access and utility of internet searching, they are utilizing their mobile devices, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets to search for answers to their problems. Apart from nation retail outlets like Amazon, your prospects still need to find local solutions.

Digital Marketing and Lead Generation with Local SEO and Neovora

All kinds of local home services, professional services, health and beauty services, and home goods are thriving through use of internet marketing and local search engine marketing. There will never be a solution to these industries that is provided by a service provider outside of your local area.

Lets go over some of the more important aspects of local SEO.

Citations and directory listings are crucial to local search engine optimization. Citations and directories are those websites that act as an online directory, like the old yellow pages. These help your website become credible and verify you’re an actual business in the search engine’s eye.

Its important to sign up for as many directories as you can. There are always local county and state wide directories in addition to industry and niche specific directories.

Local SEO Tips and Tricks | Neovora Search Engine Optimization

Albany SEO Company

NAP is Name, Address, Phone. For local SEO to properly work, you need to identify all the locations you have your NAP and get it unified across all outlets. This is often overlooked, as many different existing sites can have incorrect information.

You need to have one single NAP out there on the interwebs. This causes much strife for businesses wondering why their rankings are suffering.

Geotags have been covered in other blog posts by us, so we’ll go over these quickly. Geotags are a special kind of tag on a photo that marks it with a precise geographic location. This latitude and longitudinal code is interpreted by search engine algorithms every time your page is updated.

When the algorithm identifies your site has a geotag, it makes that particular page more relevant to local SEO purposes. You want to identify your internal webpages as pages that are extremely relevant to your local area. This will dramatically boost rankings for your target keywords.

Market research helps to understand the local competition, thorough and in-depth market research is necessary. You must understand everything about your local competitors. Namely, you must understand their internet marketing strategy.

You will have to replicate their links, get on the same directories (and then some), use social media more effectively than them, and all out beat them to the punch.

SEO Firm For Internet Marketing

By implementing these strategies, you will be able to master local SEO. This means turning up first for all of the keywords you want to be known for. This produces huge increase in client acquisition, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization from prospect to client.

If you’re interested on starting along this path to optimizing your local SEO, check out Udemy. They have a great course on search engine optimization and especially local SEO.

We can’t stress enough how important these strategies are. As a top SEO Agency, we understand these things and help our partners reach the first page. Over time, our partners experience more internet led growth than their competitors and their digital marketing strategy turns into the number one lead generation channel.

If this post was of help to you, be sure to visit the other posts in our Albany SEO Company series!

See how your website stacks up to others in your community with our free website analysis. This is a $200 value. You will better understand where you excel and where you fall short in relation to your competition in New York.

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