Bounce Rate And Website Goal Come Hand In Hand

What makes a visitor stay on your website? What encourages them to browse through the anchor texts within an article on the page they are on? Will it negatively affect your Fresno SEO standing if visitors leave right away after reaching your site?

Conversion Rate Depends on Bounce Rates

In the internet marketing world’s web traffic analysis, the percentage of the viewers who enter the site and then leave (bounce) rather than stay and navigate through the other pages on the same website, is called the Bounce Rate.

It reflects the effectiveness of the site in retaining viewers, encouraging them to learn what the it has to offer rather than just giving it a quick glance.

Based on an article about analytics, marketing, and testing on Kissmetrics Blog,

If you look into your Google Analytics, you will see a percentage. If you’re average bounce rate, for example, is 75%, this means that 75% of the people who come to your website leave after only viewing the page they entered on, whether it was your homepage or an internal page.

What this all boils down to is the fact that your website isn’t retaining its visitors. People are coming to your site and either finding what they want but not anything else or not finding what they want at all.

The key is to make sure that once visitors land on a page, they are drawn to visiting even more pages throughout your site.

Does High Bounce Rate Equal Exposure Doom?

Fresno SEO Bounce RateJust as there is both good and bad sides in a story, high bounce rate do not immediately equate to a website failure. In some cases, a high percentage of viewers leaving right away after landing on a page will not count against the site.

These are pages that have the call to action information. Good examples provided on the same blog are:

  1. Calling your 1-800 number to speak to inquire about products or services.
  2. Leading customers to product sales on another domain or network, such as if you sell products on eBay or Etsy.
  3. Clicking on ad banners that pay per click or lead to affiliate product marketing sites.
  4. Filling out a lead form that does not take the visitor to another page on your website for confirmation.

Website Bounce Rate | SEO Fresno Tactics

Website Bounce Rate | SEO Fresno Tactics

Improving Bounce Rate Improves Fresno SEO

Local lead generation for Albuquerque SEO and Fresno SEO has experts working on reducing the bounce rate of their respective websites, thus promoting more page views through simple yet effective hacks.

  • Adding a page link in the content of a different page will help improve the traffic in your site. If more clickable, interesting links such as “More practical advice here” or “Find out similar steps here” are hyperlinked, then there is a greater chance that the viewer will stay longer on your site.
  • Improving the content of your website will attract more readers than any other known guide in improving site navigation. When a visitor finds one page entertaining or informative enough, piquing ones interest, then most likely the viewer will want to find out what more about the topic.
  • Keyword effectiveness on your pages drives more views on specific pages in your website. Commonly used and simple words added throughout your page content makes it easier for Google to rank your pages in the front list. Other effective measure can be found here.

Improving the bounce rate of your website may need a lot of work, but with an effective Fresno SEO as your guide, your chance of lowering down the number can be as fast as a five-minute workout.