Brick and Mortar Brand Loyalty

Mobile Wallet Apps. Social Wifi. Have you heard of them? If you are a retail location you might seriously want to consider them. Client lifetime value is one of the most important things to consider..


  • Operating costs are rising (rents, wages, etc)
  • Client acquisition costs are rising and conversion is quickly diminishing as
  • Competition grows

Business Troubles In Omaha SEO

Retaining existing customers, getting them to spend more. This is the key to a long-lasting business. Now with the acceptance of mobile apps and desire for customers to utilize their mobile devices for EVERYTHING, there is a simple solution.

Leveraging the internet and web apps is crucial for local businesses. Especially those in Omaha Nebraska.

The statistics on mobile usage and wifi are astounding! Customers clearly WANT wifi and those businesses that offer wifi clearly experience a rise in sales. Most businesses consider wifi as a ‘very important’ service offering.

Its apparent that apps and technology can aid those entrepreneurs who want to increase their business’ success. But we are not all tech savvy or know how to develop apps for our own business. And developers are expensive! A unique proprietary solution is super expensive for a mom and pop location.

So where to go? What to do about it?

business growth bridgeport seoOur Lead Loyalty System is The Answer To Local Businesses in Omaha NE

We are able to quickly and effectively transform your free public wifi into a powerful lead generation and loyalty system. Do you want to:

  • grow your customer base
  • develop and nurture existing customers
  • increase the frequency of transactions
  • increase the price of transactions

Did you answer yes to these?

Retail Locations Around USA and in Omaha

The answer is a simple package we are finalizing. The NeoConex Loyalty program.  We are already implementing something similar in Albuquerque, only the social wifi offering, learn more here.

Contact us for more details and be sure to visit our pages soon. They are being developed now to properly highlight the benefits to local business owners in Omaha and around the nation.