When it comes to a Facebook branding strategy, there are a million routes, plans, and strategies that you can take. All will help you engage clients online with the purpose to deliver more revenue and increase client lifetime value.

Sometimes, marketing for small businesses can be hard with a small budget, and when you are busy running everything yourself. These best practices will help you manage your time better, and make sure they are more impactful.

If you’re currently not active on social media, or just looking for new ways to engage or new things to post, here is a quick list of business page tips to get the creative juices flowing.

branding on facebookStart Now

We all know the importance of Facebook as a social media platform. It has 2.4 Billion users, that’s like almost one-third of the world. But this post is not about that. How many people in your target market are on Facebook? Lots! Accept the fact that you need to be on Facebook now more than ever so draft a plan and get started now. Your page might not be viral, it may not make you a millionaire, but it’s the best way to market yourself online.

Get Real Voices On Your Page

Get your loudest, most vocal, happiest proponents onto your page. You want real people there having discussions or liking things so that prospects see there is some kind of action, community, or history of services you provide.

Get as many people to like your page as possible, and have something posted that they can engage with, if possible get their pictures too!

You can alert your clients about your new page or goal to increase your presence online with an email, link from your website to your Facebook where opportune, and give a reason for them to follow you online.

Be Friendly

Users are now hyper-aware of ad-speak, propaganda, and calls to action. Don’t be sterile, don’t be a business. Be more personable in your content, posts, and photos.

Use a brand voice, one that is familiar and respectable, but not overly so.

“Content is King”

It’s the most popular phrase online these days. Provide value in your content, and provide lots of it! The content you share should prove useful to your prospects and clients alike. Tips, industry updates, facts, knowledge base, news; anything that they might want to glance at or read more about are ideal.

If you’re a dentist, provide reminders to get cleanings, to brush often, and especially to floss and reasons why they should. A chiropractor can post stretches, poses, reminders to sit straight, things that are easily consumed. Try lots of things and see what gets more response.

First Look

Make your page a place that followers can get access to special deals, a first look at updates in your business.

Block Bad Vibes

If the Page is getting off-topic, or people are posting non-relevant content, links and comments – remove it! Be quick to “report and remove” followers that are not helpful or spammy.

Two Per Day

Keep posts, photos, updates, anything to two times per day. Beyond that is too much. You want to be a gentle reminder, not a barrage of info and sales.

Invite User Participation

Encourage followers to engage with your page. Ask open-ended questions, invite their photos, comments, posts. A dentist can ask, “Braces wearers! If you could go back in time, what’s the one thing you would tell yourself prior to getting braces?” An HVAC company can post a photo of their cat laying over a heating vent, then ask, “Is our cat the only one that lays over the vent? Reply with a pic if yours does too!” Make them responsive.

FB Page should be a push and pull. Push them info and posts, pull and extract commentary and insight.

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