How To Get Your Business Website Showing Up First Google

If you are reading this article, it means you have an internet connection, right? Nowadays, that’s the most common way to search anything. And it can vary from entertainment content, news, information, shopping, literally anything.

Since we don’t use the yellow pages anymore, there are three different ways for someone to get in touch with your business:

  1. They passed by your business location;
  2. They’ve been recommended by someone to visit you;
  3. The most common way, they have searched for your service on the internet and Google has suggested you on the top of the page!

But Google is not suggesting you just because he likes you, but because you have an optimized Google My Business page and you are also listed on Google Maps. Unless you don’t, in which case, getting your business website to show up on Google first can be confusing at first, but once you manage it, it’s smooth sailing.

list your business on google maps

Some Tips On How To Get Your Business Listed On Google

Post Frequently Using Google Posts

Once you have made your Google My Business listing, you must keep your profile up to date. Use Google Posts to show some content to your customers, it can be some business updates, some new information, different tips and a few videos and images, after all we all love visual content.

You must create your content based on the best keywords for your business. By using the right keywords, Google will understand that your Business website is more relevant than your competition and will show your listing on top of the research. It is a very particular process, you gotta find the best words which describe your business but are not that hard to rank.

This content causes engagement and it is an important factor for you to be well ranked on Google researches and on Google Maps.

get business listed on google

Always use your own resources to post on your Google Business page and make it high quality

Always use your own content to create your posts. Your business has a lot of unique content that you can use, for example: create posts to show your business location, introduce your coworkers to your customers, use some stories that you have experienced, pay attention to the most common questions from your customers and write some posts to clarify those questions. Anyways, the more personal you are, the more Google will understand you are a legitimate business and even more important, your customers will feel closer to you.

Google’s main focus is to provide its users the best and most relevant information, and Google algorithm has been evolving more and more to be able to show you the best results for your research. With that in mind, the content you post on your Google Business page must follow some rules:

  1. Be sure to use the correct grammar rules. If you are not that good at writing, try to hire someone to write your posts for you;
  2. Always bring something new and relevant on your posts. Keep in mind your content must be useful for as many people as possible;
  3. As mentioned above, always use your own content to create your posts.

Your social medias are your ally

If you don’t have at least the main social media profiles, you must hurry up and create your business account. Your social media profiles are an easy way for your image to be listed on Google, that’s because each profile you create, you are going to have a different URL to link. As many different links you have with your information, Google understands that your service is indeed the best offer and will show your business listing on the top of all research.

A very useful strategy you may adopt is linking all your content to your social media or even with other posts you have created, in that way you generate backlinks which may cause you more visits on your website, on your images, etc.

What to do once your Google Business Page is listed on Google Maps?

Read our how to optimize your GMB profile post to check if all the steps are indeed completed. If you have done everything correct we can move forward to more complex strategies regarding on-page optimization, but this is a topic we are going to cover in our next post, stay tuned!