Buyer Targeting System

How Can I Grow My Business?

Where Do Your Leads Come From?

Stop sitting around waiting for the phone to ring and get pro-active. A steady flow of calls and website visits is the future of your business’ success.

Your Business On Mobile

Lead Generation

The done-for-you service that immediately drives ready-to-buy local leads at an unbeatable ROI, positioning your business for long-term, sustainable market domination.

Maximum Leads

You’ll watch competitors sweating to catch up while you comfortably dominate, secure with exclusive local access to the Buyer Targeting Engine.

Your Business on Desktop

The Road to Local Domination:

Step 1

Step 1: Call Only Ads

  • Calls go straight to your phones
  • Calls are live and exclusive
  • Local leads are most valuable source of new business
  • Targets prospects with hig buying-intent, increasing ROI

Step 2

Step 2: PPC Ads

  • Be seen first by potential customers on any device, even if they aren’t ready to call
  • Strategically target prospects who are ready to spend money with your business

Step 3

Step 3: Google Maps

  • Appearing into the local 3 pack depends on masterful local SEO technique
  • Increase the likelihood of showing up in the local 3 pack more often

Step 4

Step 4: SEO

  • Reliably, consistently get found at the top of organic search, a trusted source for prospect inquiries

Step 5

Step 5: Client Retention

  • Maintain long-term relationships with your clients, driving them to buy more frequently, as well as spending more with each purchase

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