Turn Up the Dial on
Calls from Hot Leads

With Call Adrenaline, you set the call volume & pay one flat fee.

Calls Grow Local Businesses

The one thing every local business needs: more direct calls from prospects ready to buy.

Why? Inbound calls convert over 10x higher than clicks.

No wonder 61% of businesses rate their inbound calls as an “excellent” source of leads – higher than any other inbound lead source.

But while 76% of marketers want their campaigns to drive more phone calls, getting the right callers at the right price and volume isn’t easy.

Which of These 5 Problems Are Slowing Your Growth?

Most local businesses struggle with a few of these 5 problems:

Which apply to you?

Call Adrenaline solves all 5 of these problems, simply and cost effectively.

  • They’re getting too few calls

  • They can’t predict how many prospects will call

  • The marketing cost per caller is unclear

  • They’re spending too much to get prospects to call

  • They’re wasting time taking calls from the wrong prospects

Why Your Lead Gen Might Be Wasting Time and Money

Most systems make you pay for the possibility of calls. You’re charged for impressions, clicks or number of flyers, the cost you pay per caller is unknown.

Often, the price is too high because the marketing systems aren’t efficient. Your budget gets quickly consumed, without a good ROI.

And because you’re not paying for the outcome, you settle for whatever volume of callers you can get. That makes forecasting staffing and supply orders tricky.

You’d like to fix the root of the problem, but you’re constantly scrambling to keep up with lead gen methods and metrics.

There’s a more efficient way to drive your future customers to call. Find out now.

Now, Only Pay for Prospects Who Call

You don’t charge customers for what they ‘might’ get. Neither do we.

With our proprietary pay-per-call prospecting system, you pay one flat fee for each caller.

Whether you need 10, 20, 50 or 100 calls from sales-ready prospect per month, we deliver.

Focus on Customers, Not Lead Gen

What matters for your growth is not marketing methods, but results.

With Call Adrenaline you can focus on converting callers to customers… and keeping those customers for life.

All you have to do is tell us about your ideal local customer.

We’ll only charge you for calls that match your description. Guaranteed.

Discover How It Works

In a 15-minute demo, learn how to get the calls you need from ideal prospects…

  • At the volume you want

  • For a fixed cost per hot lead

  • So you can measure ROI

  • Without spending all your time on lead gen

With Call Adrenaline, you can get ideal prospects on tap: turn it up, turn it down, turn it off at will. There’s no annual commitment.

But don’t wait! This service is exclusive per zip code…
because your customers are only looking for one business like yours.

Get them to call you before your local competition.