Great! Congratulations on wanting to move forward to learn more about a sales career with Neovora.


Instructions: Below is a series of 7 steps we ask our Sales Team candidates to follow. It is very important to us that you follow the steps exactly in the order that they are outlined.

This gives you an opportunity to learn about Neovora prior to scheduling an interview, in order to ensure maximum efficiency for everyone involved.

We are looking for superior performers, not underachievers, and these 7 steps will clearly outline the type of sales consultant we are looking to add to our team.

(FYI, you will be asked specific questions during the interview about the information contained within this page, so don’t shortcut the process… take the few minutes to go through this information to ensure that we have a good fit)

Step 1 – Watch Introduction Video (This is an overview video of Neovora)

Step 2 – Read Our FAQ’s

FAQs for Sales Position:

Q. Is this a W2 (employee) position?
A. 100% of all of our staff are employees. We do not enter into 1099 situations.

Q. Are there any benefits with this position?
A. We will be offering a medical insurance to all sales representatives once their probation period has ended. At the conclusion of 1 year, you are eligible to participate in the 401k program. After 3 months of service, we will send you a tablet for your presentations.

Q. Is there a true salary paid with this sales position?
A.Yes, all sales representatives begin with a base salary of $3,000 plus commissions. Pay periods are from the 1st through the 15th, paid on the 25th, and the 16th through the end of the month, paid on the following 10th. All commissions for the month are paid with the 25th payroll period.

Q. I heard that you use a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), can you explain what that means to me as a new employee?
A. Yes, we use a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization services. This means that each employee of Neovora, is also co-employed by the PEO. They handle all of our HR and administrative tasks, such as payroll, payroll tax payment and compliance, HR, compliance, and general admin with respect to human resources.

Q. How many sales regions are there?
A. We have broken the US down into 8 regions, California, West, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Appalachian Highlands.

Q. What is the structure of your sales force?
A. We have a VP of Sales & Marketing, to which 8 Regional Sales Managers report. The Regional Sales Managers manage each of our respective regions. Within each region, we also have Sales Managers who each manage a team of Sales People.

Q. What services does Neovora provide?
A. Neovora provides solutions, services and software to our local business clients. Our outward facing sales team, you… sells a Client Retention system to local businesses called “Touchpoint 80/20.” The Touchpoint 80/20 system consists of a bundled group of 3 services, consisting of monthly customer newsletters, NPS survey, and social media review activator. Once a client has completed their initial on-boarding process, a Growth Manager is assigned to the new client, where we explore additional services in which Neovora can provide. Additional services include the following: Marketing and Lead Generation, PPC Management, SEO, Search-Optimized Web Design and Development, as well as several software solutions. Every solution sold to the client is added to the sales reps “book of business,” in which they are paid on every month. Yes, you get paid on every solution a client buys, but you just focus on selling that front end solution.

Q. Does Neovora offer sales training?
A. Yes, Neovora has engaged in many professional sales training systems, and makes all of these systems available to their sales staff. In addition to sales training, you will receive extensive product training and training on how to use all of our tools/systems.

Q. If I am a dynamic producer in sales, is there room for growth and promotion?
A. Absolutely. Within each sales zone, there are multiple positions, as outlined above. We are continually on the lookout for talented staff members who are willing and able to take on more responsibility.

Q. How are taxes taken care of?
A. As a W2’d employee, all taxes will be taken out by our PEO, as they process your payroll.

Q. Are we assigned a specific Geographic Region to work within?
A. Yes, you are assigned a specific zone to work in.

Q. I have heard that Neovora has innovative prospecting methods for their sales staff, can you elaborate on that?
A. Let us start by saying that we believe our sales force is our #1 asset. We care for that asset, and we care for it very well. With that said, we believe that anything we can do to ensure the sales force’s efficiency, we do it… and prospecting is exactly one of those things. Our training program walks a new sales executive through the exact tools we have created to ensure that they are always spending time focused on the most ideal prospects for any given market niche. Our software system, prospecting process, and tools used by our sales staff remove all the inconsistencies of most prospecting models. This allows our sales staff to focus on quality prospects, rather than wasting time with prospects that are less likely to become clients.

Q. Many companies out in the United States market are asking for salespeople to make some form of up-front investment, does Neovora ask for such an investment?
A. Absolutely NOT. You are a W2’d employee, there is zero investment. We provide training, management, and guidance, and are looking for individuals wanting to establish for themselves a long-term career.

Step 3 – Watch 1 1/2 minute Video from Our National Sales Director, Brent Wallace

Step 4 – Watch This 5 1/2 Minute “About the Company” Video. In this video we break down who we are, the type of clients we serve, and the direction the company is going in.

Step 5 – Watch a video about the exact role that you are applying for. We will walk you through a day in the life of a Neovora sales representative.

Step 6 – Watch a video that walks you through the compensation program, both the base salary as well as the very generous commission structure.

Step 7 – Take a Wrap-Up Survey (Once you complete the survey, you will be sent to a form to schedule an interview with our Management team)