The Challenge

This sewer and plumbing company offered two distinct services, advertising to two completely different audiences. Their existing campaign was overlapping and the ad groups were not correlated with matching landing pages.

The conversions were unpredictable and were far below any acceptable window for their industry. Since their landing pages were cluttered and unfocused, they had an almost unheard of zero total form fills in the 30 days prior to coming on board with us.

Cincinnati PPC case study

The Goals

Acquisition costs between $45 – $100 per lead.

The Plan

Tackling the landing pages was the first goal. We created better copy for each of their unique services and fixed their forms. The cohesion from search > click > landing page resulted in an increase from 6 form fills to 102 total in 90 days.

We focused on tightly structuring the ad groups so that targeted each service offering and their pain points. Then, we created ads that paired with highly-relevant landing pages that reinforced our client’s unique selling proposition and position within the targeted market. This proved highly effective for this client’s campaign.

In addition, the client’s website had been entirely unclear they offered any sewer services. So we cleared this up on their website, then rolled out this ad campaign. Not surprisingly, this dramatically increase the conversions to their sewer service.


Impression Share


% Top Impression Share


Phone Conversions

“In 90 days you guys did more than we did in the previous 150 at about the same price! Incredible that such simple modifications to the landing page, clarifying the offer could boost so much.”

Frank J cincinnati
Frank J.

Owner, Sewer & Plumbing company

The Results After 90 Days

In this highly competitive market, the impression share we achieved is very high. It speaks volumes to how landing pages, clarified offers, and smooth cohesive transitions can benefit a campaign.

Landing Page Conversion Rate
Form Fills
Cost Per Conversion

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