The Challenge

In Fresno, CA the HVAC  PPC (pay per click) marketplace is loaded with two dozen competitors vying for a spot. Our client was averaging a bit over 5 conversions a month and paying over $100 per lead. The leads were not very targeted and not converting to paid clients as they expected. To make matters worse, the leads on those incoming calls were asking about competitor brands.

Our client knew there was an opportunity, but no one on their internal team had the time to take on the education and training to make a difference.

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The Goals

Acquisition costs between $100 – $175 per client.

The Plan

Since the client was receiving mostly out of town calls asking about competitors, we quickly focused on their negative keywords. Unfortunately, there were many competitor brands they were bidding on. We also identified their exact service radius and excluded all zone they did not serve.

By focusing on ad headlines, we were able to qualify leads so that only ready-to-buy prospects were calling in. They were also sending most of their ad traffic to their home page or main services page. By directing ad traffic to targeted landing pages, their Quality Scores dramatically increased, and soon they were in 50% of the impression share. That’s a big number considering all the competition running ads in the same areas.

Their previous history of inefficient and poorly optimized campaigns and low quality score would be an issue, but we were confident we could turn things around and make them a dominant force in their market.


Impression Share


% Top Impression Share


Phone Conversions

“When calls started coming in for areas we actually service, and they stopped asking about competitors, I knew that the campaigns were finally working as they should be. Best thing was actually visiting their homes for service – we used to have a lot of time wasters.”

HVAC manager
Mark W.

Manager, HVAC company

The Results After 180 Days

We were exceedingly pleased with our results. Their conversions increased 5x and their cost per lead dropped about 30%. With a bit of call training, they were able to get almost all of those calls on the books.

Conversion Rate

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