The Challenge

In Seattle, WA a law firm was running their paid ad campaign internally. They eventually realized they lacked the resources and time to educate their team on the strategy required to be competitive enough to gain clients from digital marketing. Inbound calls were for the wrong law expertise and from far away, making all calls virtually worthless.

Further, nothing was being tracked, resulting in complete inability to measure ROI. In a highly competitive industry, metrics need be tracked to allocate the budget strategically and cost-effectively.

The Goals

Increase efficacy of their Google Ads campaigns.

The Plan

Since the firm was experiencing a large percentage of calls outside of their specialty, we created tightly themed ad groups based on their niche. To further boost conversion, we optimized all ad elements which helped to make it clear the niche they operated in. The resulting efforts dramatically boosted qualified leads that could be considered converted.

Since many calls were rejected because they were out-of-area prospects, we honed in on the zip codes and geo-targeting necessary to get only clients in their local area.

Finally, to fix the lack of transparency and accountability, we added call tracking to identify which strategies were returning the highest conversion rates. This allowed for constant refining of their campaign to drive the numbers in our favor.


Increased Conversion Rate


In Decreased Cost Per Acquisition


Return on Investment

“As someone who likes to maintain control, it was hard to hand over the reigns to my campaign. But 6 months on.. I clearly made the right decision, as I realized we were unable to maintain the ads, and clearly was missing the know-how to get the ROI I knew was possible.”

Micah D.

Partner, Law Firm

The Results After 180 Days

They were blown away by the results. With a return on investment of 6:1, it’s easy to impress a client. Their website was getting much more traffic, increasing their brand awareness and we nearly doubled their conversion rates – all by narrowing the focus of their ad elements and geo-targeting their preferred audience.

Increased Traffic
Increased Calls
Conversion Rate
Decreased CPA

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