The Challenge

A long time HVAC Field Ops Manager moved across country to start his own company. He set up his operations and systems, then immediately found us to launch his first campaign.

A lot was riding on our shoulders as he literally had minimal online presence, and was skipping offline strategies. Nevertheless, we knew we could get him the business he needed to pay his new staff and start growing his business.

The Goals

Acquisition costs between $25 – $175 per lead.

The Plan

To help launch his business, we wanted the fastest conversions and those that would guarantee the quickest source of cash flow.

By focusing on the highest converting traffic with the best lead quality, we were able to generate a 32% conversion rate and over 88 conversions in our first 90 days management. By testing our bid strategies, we were able to drive these conversions in within the CPA goal. With many quick optimizations, the campaign was delivering profitable ROI, which was mandatory during his first few months of operation.


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Avg. Quality Score

“What a successful launch of my brand. I knew that PPC was the way to quickly scale and get cash flow to continue developing other marketing channels. Glad to have found you guys, thanks for working so closely with me.”

Herb A.

Owner, HVAC company

The Results After 90 Days

We had to deliver fast for this company and get them off the ground. It was a blank slate, which provided us with a lot of flexibility in dictating the pieces needed to optimize and refine. Ultimately, we are proud to have made his first 3 months of business a success.

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