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4 Best Technical Audit Tool For SEO Internet Marketing

4 Best Technical Audit Tools For SEO Internet Marketing

Developing a website isn’t as simple as creating content with keyword-rich headers and syndicating the content to other publishing sites to build links. It’s just one complex aspect of an intricate puzzle in building a link profile. Although investing in quality and authoritative content is a strategy that works most of the time, this is just one part of the entire equation.

The technical aspect of a website dominates the other part of that equation. Without considering the technical side of developing a website and SEO marketing, chances are all these efforts will not give you the results you’re looking for. At neovora.com there are interesting posts about on-page SEO and local rankings that will surely help prepare you for a massive change in your website’s performance.

The evolution of SEO over the years has been pushed by the search engine giant – Google –  continuously develop its search ranking algorithm. The changes in their algorithms have made the technical side of SEO internet marketing all the more necessary to tackle. Thank goodness there a lot of SEO audit tools that we can use for free to assess the overall performance of a website.

Audit Tools That Will Make Life Easier

Knoxville SEOTruth be told, there are numerous tools you can use for technical audits. Some tools are designed for specific commands and reviews, while most cover and review all the important sections of an existing website. What matters is the tool should analyse content, user experience, technical issues, keyword, link building, citation, and competitor data.

Below is a list of audit tools that most Knoxville SEO experts and agencies use in their internet marketing planning and strategies.


If this is a tool you have been using, you should know how good it truly is. If this is your first time, give it a try. It crawls the domain from the web browser before creating an online report, putting into numbers the potential issues. It also provides an easy to read report with export options for analysis and reporting offline. The most efficient feature of this tool is its history comparison. You can see whether changes made to the site have had a positive or negative effect.

Screaming Frog

With Screaming Frog, you can crawl the site pages in the same way a search engine would. The tool crawls and gives reporting on nearly everything you will need to determine which SEO strategy is a success. It is also great for On-Page SEO as well.

When you perform the audit, it can highlight the areas of the site that could have an issue (meta robots errors, duplicated pages on different URLs, and internal redirects to name a few). The free version is limited to 500 pages which is fine for small websites, and the basic per year subscription is a great value if you have a bigger website.


SEOprofiler is a complete software. It combines a variety of tools in one place which is perfect for technical audits. Mainly focused on working within the Google guidelines, it highlights integration features with social media and Google Analytics to provide a top quality report on competitor sites and data on local search rankings.

A nice feature about this tool is it can create a report on keyword rankings in over 65 countries on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It can help you identify keywords that will help improve your website’s visibility to deliver the best results.


With over 50 testing criteria for your website’s effectiveness, this tool focuses on auditing SEO and improving the quality of your website. It will help improve the user experience when they visit your site and your local search ranking as well. It has a free option that offers up to 20 free analyses per month. You can visit this website for a longer list of SEO audit tools.

Now that you have an overview of what these tools can do for you and your website, start investing time in getting to know them so you can determine which site can better suit your SEO audit needs. Also, you can check https://neovora.com to learn about the different analyses you should focus on for your site.

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6 Benefits Of WordPress CMS In SEO


6 Benefits Of WordPress CMS In SEO

WordPress started out as a blogging platform before evolving into a full pledged Content Management System or CMS. Online marketers and web publishers around the world are able to power their websites and blog without difficulty hence then.

It is a popular CMS that has SEO friendly URL structure which basically explains why it has become most-used platform. It has been designed and continuously updated to match Google’s algorithms, therefore WordPress domains can be easily indexed by Google leading to greater chances of appearing on the top list in the search pages.

Our efforts in website structuring and content publishing in local SEO Portland initiatives include simple yet high ranking online business in the local market. There is no denying how powerful CMS is in creating a path for better looking and profitable websites.

How CMS Gets Things Rolling | SEO Portland

SEO Portland CMSThe main objective of this blog is to enumerate the benefits of using WordPress as a CMS tool and that’s what we will do. Let’s dig into them right now.

Adding Content

This one is definitely a priority. With WordPress, adding content is easy. You do not need to be an HTML guru or a coding expert to be able to build your page, the platform has that configured for you, ready to use whenever you are ready to publish.

Your job is to develop a content that will latch onto the readers like a hook in a fish’s mouth. There is no escaping, no running away. Get them hooked with your content and let WordPress handle the back-office job.

Customisable Permalink

One magical rule in SEO is the appropriate use of relevant keywords. With this platform, including some important keywords in the URL will make it easier for Google to configure which topic your website is trying to be indexed to. Adding such keywords doesn’t require hours of intensive coding, it is easy and instant.


Not so surprisingly as it is a very convenient publishing platform, WordPress has a huge library of plugins (probably not just thousands, but millions) which will boosts your website’s overall functionality. This wide selection of plugins also helps web developers customize every page in any way they envision it to appear and targeted users are presumed to have better navigation experience as an end-result.

There are plugins to help you:

  • Integrate with social media
  • Convert your site into an online store
  • Turn it into an interactive portal
  • Promote travel guides
  • And so much more…


The computer world has seen how templates can ultimately cut down the amount of time a web developer needs to spend on building a page or website. In the platform’s homepage, a lot of ready-to-use graphic templates are available which will hugely affect or change the appearance of your website.

Most of the templates are free. But there are some with a price, those with more advanced coding, structure and added functionality.

Clean Code

A clean code basically minimizes the effects of third parties adding malicious parts to the existing codes. Compromised codes can be spotted by Google which then triggers this search engine to apply a warning in the search engine results pages about the affected site.

You wouldn’t want your website to be infiltrated by unwanted third parties, especially if such intrusion poses security vulnerability.

Field Customization

One of the beauty of WordPress CMS is that as a web developer, you have the option to customize every page in whatever form or appearance you want to achieve. Adding fields can either be done manually or with the use of plugins.

This option allows you to add more blog pages, subpages, and subpages with additional labels, categories or descriptions.

Learning the Benefits Of Using WordPress for Your Business Blog is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!

6 Benefits Of WordPress CMS In Portland SEO

Get Ready For That Big Break With CMS

The benefits you can get from using WordPress CMS in search engine optimization isn’t limited to six, there is much more and you will be able to identify them once you get the hang of developing your own pages, or you may probably have seen more.

It matters that you know how content management can get you the desired results for your site. Both SEO Portland and SEO Albany had been working closely with local clients while building sellable websites that aims to dominate the local market, and we see it happening really soon.

Join our team and let us venture in this exciting adventure that will surely get you moving to next phase of your goals!


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Codes: The Bulk Of Bloated Coding

Codes: The Bulk Of Bloated Coding

Coding, in communications and information processing terminology, is a system of rules that convert information (words, sound, images, or videos) into another form or presentation through a channel or medium.

greenville-seoIt is the brain, the nerve cells, and the backbone of every page, link, website, and everything else that is uploaded and downloaded in the web. This is a valuable set of texts, symbols and commands that makes online marketing, website building, and web surfing possible. As a top Greenville SEO, we know the value of an effective yet thinly-sized command in online marketing.

But coding can be as simple as a plain sentence structure or as complicated as a DNA pattern, sometimes a set of codes can either make a website stand out and gain exposure, or fail to attract viewers due to inappropriate or overly written codes.

Why Codes Drag A Site Down

Search Engine Marketing 101

Before an action can be taken to reduce code bloat or eliminate it altogether, there needs to be an understanding of what causes the heavy bulk that slows down the site. There are two common culprits of code bloat – programmer derived and computer native compiler.

A few examples of programmer derived code bloat are:

  • Overuse of object oriented (OOP) constructs
  • Incorrect usage of design patterns
  • Declarative programming
  • Excessive loop unrolling
  • Excessive use of multiple conditional If statements

And below are a few examples of native compiler bloat:

  • Redundant calculations
  • Dead code

So if you find your website running slow- probably because of bulky coding, it is important to optimize its performance as much as possible.

In doing so, you do not just enhance the chances of a site’s page speed and loading time, you are giving yourself more room to add more content on the site to give it more value, thus increasing its viewership. This link will give you more details on what keeps your site slow.

Trim Down Then Optimize For SEO Gains

Do you really need to add that much white space for a better readability? How about those extra commands that isn’t necessarily needed at all times? Those extra set of words that add weight and causes a lag in the site, do you really need them?

The first step to trimming down the complicated coding on your website is to determine which functionality and features are more crucial to the success of the site and which ones attracts and are usable to your visitors. Experts in SEO Round Rock are keen in keeping a well maintained and easy to navigate webpages.

Like WordPress for example, notice the number of plugins you see on a page. On your own WordPress site, how many plugins have you added? In a series of blogs called Keeping WordPress Healthy written by Rian Orie, his simple explanation of the concept goes like this:

Let’s say you want to add a banner slider to your site. It’s easy enough to do, right? Just find a plugin and voila! Instant gratification; however, did you notice that banner slider just added a stylesheet, web font, and two scripts to your site?

Also, did you notice that your other plugin – you know, the one that adds the social buttons to your posts – added a stylesheet and script, as well? Installing a plugin is fast and easy, but you’re likely slowing down your site every time you add one.

No matter how small of a feature or enhancement is added, it may cause a lag. Consider and prioritize what you really need.

Codes: The Bulk Of Bloated Coding

Codes: The Bulk Of Bloated Coding

Adding Less Works Just As Fine

In the same article Orie also explained how less coding can actually do more help and betterment on your pages.

Instead of just blatantly installing every plugin you can find, perhaps you should spend some time thinking about what they do for the site. In doing this, there’s a chance that you’ll find that better choices can be made.

I’m not saying don’t use plugins, or don’t use insert your plugin here. Instead, I’m saying to think about a plugin before you click on “Install.” Don’t just add them because they add a small improvement to your site, they might do more harm than they provide gain.

So remember: make the right choices. Focus on figuring out if you really need that plugin or feature.

If improving SEO is your goal, simple coding changes made to your site may do the trick.

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Title Tags | The Power Of Keyword-Rich SEO Titles In 2017

Title Tags

The Power Of Keyword-Rich SEO Titles In 2017

Visitors, when searching for a page or content, doesn’t type the website name or address, they simply key in the words that best describe the topic they want to look into. A short set of words or a complex sentence typed in the search box hold the power in pulling up the exactly matched, keyword-rich tags.

Online marketing and lead generation Bridgeport SEO has seen the gravity of effective title tags on articles, content, and blogs; and how much visibility one page could get just by putting in a few sets of relevant words.

These words, title tags as they are technically termed, are the main texts that best describe a webpage content. It had long been considered an important on-page SEO element which mostly appear in three key places – browsers, external websites, and search engine results page.

Setting Tags Apart And Where To Look For Them

Bridgeport SEOWe can simply name these tags according to their use and where they are placed in a page, yet they still provide overall influence in the ranking of a page in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

  1. Title Tags – This will provide an overview of what the user can expect to find in the page before actually clicking it. Though Google’s shift toward semantic search no longer promises better ranking for keyword optimized titles, it still offers better chance of page visits.
  1. Header Tags – This refers to the HTML markup used to determine the headings and subheadings within the page content from other text types. The use of H1 headers has seen an increase of 4% by 2015, based on the study about the Search Ranking Factors done by Searchmetrics. This goes to show that Headers are still an asset in webpage building.
  1. Contextual Tags (Blog Post) – Blogging platforms like WordPress provide developers the ability to add contextual tags to posts. These blogging platforms designate these words to classify and better organize information to provide visitors a list of posts grouped together by specific set of topics.

However, it doesn’t necessarily improve the site’s searchability and ranking, yet the tags are still being ranked, which equals to better traffic rate for the site. SEO in Greenville keeps a balance in proper tagging and contextual headers.

Optimizing Titles For Better Search Ranking

As we have pointed out in this article, headers still play a crucial and viable role in search ranking and improving traffic. Experts have piled up several critical recommendations for search engine and online presence goals.

Length and Word Count

For Google, the ideal length is between 50-60 characters. Although a longer title isn’t prohibited, in the search results longer titles are usually cut short and replaced with an ellipsis “…”, an indication that the title had been cut off, but with no significant effect on a page’s ranking.

Longer and keyword-rich titles often work better for social media sharing and is beneficial in ranking purposes in search engines. The bottom line is better written titles that gets more clicks should be the main focus rather than obsessing over its length.

Significant Placement Of Keywords

Aside from adding relevant keywords in the title, whenever necessary and possible, placing the same important words near the header, usually at the first paragraph, adds higher potential of better placement in SERPs. This will also give visitors a better overview of the page content, thus encouraging them to click the link leading to the page.

Branding Right

Similarly close to Bridgeport SEO social media marketing, adding the brand name within the header has proven to have vastly attracted more visits compared to brandless titles. However, this is only seen effective if the brand being marketed is popular and well-known.

It is recommended that more popular brand names should come before the keywords, usually at the beginning of the title. Less popular brands may be placed after the relevant keywords.

Title Tags

Title Tags

Emotional Connection

When the first few words a visitor read sounds bland and distant or doesn’t convey the right emotions, they are less likely to click the link. With the right set of words, backed up by positivity and convincing lines, it is the surest shot at gaining more page visits. Make that connection and make it work!


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Get Better Page Speed By Improving Your Time To First Byte

Get Better Search Ranking By Improving Your Time To First Byte

The needed time for the webpage to load actually matters and has a big part in putting a site in a higher ranking spot, which will eventually lead to a better exposure of the website itself.

The Time To First Byte (TTFB) is commonly used by search engines such as Google and Yahoo to improve the search rankings since TTFB helps web pages respond faster to the request, thus making it usable before any other site would be able to. This has been one of the target focus of the Round Rock SEO, which has been effectively improving load time for most of its sites.

So, how do you improve your TTFB and get better search results standing?

Figure Out The System And Understand What It Does

Round Rock SEOBefore you start relaying on a faster TTFB, first you should understand the underlying clause to its functionality and how it actually works on the background to make your page load faster. SEO Knoxville is a great page to be seen as an example.

In an article by Billy Hoffman for the Moz blog, he mentioned three components that affect TTFB. And these are:

  1. The time it takes for your request to propagate through the network to the web server
  2. The time it takes for the web server to process the request and generate the response
  3. The time it takes for the response to propagate back through the network to your browser

To improve TTFB, you must decrease the amount of time for each of these components. To know where to start, you first need to know how to measure TTFB.

There are many tools that help measure the Time to First Byte, but the most accessible and convenient to use is the WebPage Test. Simply visit https://webpagetest.org where you just select your location (a match to your user profile), then run a test against your site.

After running a test, when the result returns a slow TTFB, your next move is to figure out what is causing the slowness and what can be done to improve it. One important component in optimizing this system is to understand how “latency” can affect the loading time of your page.


It is simply defined as the amount of time needed to transmit a piece of data from one location to another. It is commonly perceived that once you have a faster internet connection, latency is usually low.

However, Round Rock SEO has proven otherwise. Researchers have figured out that this isn’t how latency works. This is because the loading time of your page doesn’t depend solely on how fast your internet connection is, it matters where the source is and how far it is from your browser. Learn more on this page.

Although internet speed is crucial when loading pages, this will only give you more space to download multiple sites without a problem, yet the latency on both faster bandwidth (net speed) and slower connection will still be the same. Basically, the minimum distance that needs to be covered by each connection will remain the same.

Page Speed | Time To First Byte

Page Speed | Time To First Byte

Check Your TTFB

Oftentimes, a page is compressed in a Gzip format to make the download size smaller. This step prevents the TTFB from being sent until the compression is completed. In the same article by Hoffman it says:

We recommend a total TTFB of 500ms or less. Of that 500ms, a roundtrip network latency of no more than 100ms is recommended. If you have a large number of users coming from another continent, network latency ma be as high as 200ms, but if that traffic is important to you, there are additional measures you can take.

To summarize, your ideal targets or your initial HTML page load should be:

Time to First Byte of 500ms or less

Roundtrip network latency of 100ms or less

Back-end processing of 400mms or less

A lot of improvements can be done to improve and optimize your page speed. All you need to do is figure out what is causing the slowness of your TTFB by finding the right tools to run a check on your website to help figure out how much work needs to be done, then you can proceed with treating the uncovered issues.

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Bounce Rate And Website Goal Come Hand In Hand

Bounce Rate And Website Goal Come Hand In Hand

What makes a visitor stay on your website? What encourages them to browse through the anchor texts within an article on the page they are on? Will it negatively affect your Fresno SEO standing if visitors leave right away after reaching your site?

Conversion Rate Depends on Bounce Rates

In the internet marketing world’s web traffic analysis, the percentage of the viewers who enter the site and then leave (bounce) rather than stay and navigate through the other pages on the same website, is called the Bounce Rate.

It reflects the effectiveness of the site in retaining viewers, encouraging them to learn what the it has to offer rather than just giving it a quick glance.

Based on an article about analytics, marketing, and testing on Kissmetrics Blog,

If you look into your Google Analytics, you will see a percentage. If you’re average bounce rate, for example, is 75%, this means that 75% of the people who come to your website leave after only viewing the page they entered on, whether it was your homepage or an internal page.

What this all boils down to is the fact that your website isn’t retaining its visitors. People are coming to your site and either finding what they want but not anything else or not finding what they want at all.

The key is to make sure that once visitors land on a page, they are drawn to visiting even more pages throughout your site.

Does High Bounce Rate Equal Exposure Doom?

Fresno SEO Bounce RateJust as there is both good and bad sides in a story, high bounce rate do not immediately equate to a website failure. In some cases, a high percentage of viewers leaving right away after landing on a page will not count against the site.

These are pages that have the call to action information. Good examples provided on the same blog are:

  1. Calling your 1-800 number to speak to inquire about products or services.
  2. Leading customers to product sales on another domain or network, such as if you sell products on eBay or Etsy.
  3. Clicking on ad banners that pay per click or lead to affiliate product marketing sites.
  4. Filling out a lead form that does not take the visitor to another page on your website for confirmation.

Website Bounce Rate | SEO Fresno Tactics

Website Bounce Rate | SEO Fresno Tactics

Improving Bounce Rate Improves Fresno SEO

Local lead generation for Albuquerque SEO and Fresno SEO has experts working on reducing the bounce rate of their respective websites, thus promoting more page views through simple yet effective hacks.

  • Adding a page link in the content of a different page will help improve the traffic in your site. If more clickable, interesting links such as “More practical advice here” or “Find out similar steps here” are hyperlinked, then there is a greater chance that the viewer will stay longer on your site.
  • Improving the content of your website will attract more readers than any other known guide in improving site navigation. When a visitor finds one page entertaining or informative enough, piquing ones interest, then most likely the viewer will want to find out what more about the topic.
  • Keyword effectiveness on your pages drives more views on specific pages in your website. Commonly used and simple words added throughout your page content makes it easier for Google to rank your pages in the front list. Other effective measure can be found here.

Improving the bounce rate of your website may need a lot of work, but with an effective Fresno SEO as your guide, your chance of lowering down the number can be as fast as a five-minute workout.






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Website Building, Inner Linking

How Inner Linking Increases Site Visibility

Albuquerque SEO

When we dwell into the inner linking subject which is a familiar term for computer programmers, web builders, and site developers. In itself, it is a complex matter when it comes to it’s technicalities yet a simpler logic frameworks the backbone of the system. Strategic inner linking is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) power technique, propelling the success of content marketing. Learning this technique will help online marketing maximize it’s effectiveness on a steady ongoing basis. For a comprehensive discussion on Albuquerque SEO, read here. By linking one page in the website to another page on the same website with the use of an internal link, the probability of the website to indexed is high.  Inner linking has three main purpose: l  Assists in website navigationl  Scatters page authority and ranking power throughout the sitel  Characterizes the hierarchy and architecture of a website

The Inner Linking Theory

How Inner Linking Increases Site Visibility

How Inner Linking Increases Site Visibility

SEO Albuquerque

Kissmetrics.com explains how the theory of inner linking advances a website’s searcheability on Google.

Most of the “solid information” and “powerful strategies” on internal linking are little more than sophisticated-sounding prognostication. Still, there’s some merit to theorizing about how Google ranks and values the internal network of linking.

The basic theory is this: Internal linking strengthens the overall search-optimized value of a website. Inner linking does so by providing clear paths for spiders, prolonged sessions for users, and a tight-knit network of pages and posts.

The Components of Inner Linking For A Top-Notch SEO 

Produce Multiple Content

Albaquerque SEO CompanyTo successfully create multiple inner links, first there must be a great number of content to work with. A slaying content marketing strategy goes hand in hand with a slaying inner linking strategy. One can not maximize it’s full effect without the other.  Internal linking does not require organizational spreadsheets. Its the abundance of content pages that leads to one informative page to another informative page which is also connected to another helpful page that makes this system effective. Searching the local Albuquerque market, you can see the impacts of Albuquerque SEO.  Those sites that are ranking high are not always there by chance.

Anchor Text 

Anchor text will lead the readers directly to the exact page in the website where additional information or new topic is discussed. Using an anchor text is easier compared to linked images which needs to be properly alt-tagged. Keywords used to optimize the page shouldn’t be the anchor text. A plain, simple word or set of words in a sentence can be anchored. A perfect anchor text will pass juice to another page on the site, like right here, where I type in Omaha and link to our Omaha Nebraska SEO page.

More Importantly, Use Relevant Links 

In the same Commandments of Internal Linking article from kissmetrics.com, it was stressed out how important relevant links are when added to a content.

Internal linking, as I’ve made clear, is less rigorous and scientific than some might think. But you still have to be intentional. Don’t merely link for the sake of linking. Instead, link to content that is relevant to the source context.

In other words, let’s say I have a page on my site about dog food. And, I have a page on my site about the nesting habits of parakeets. (I have neither.)

Should I link the two pages?

There is not a strong connection between dog food and parakeet nests, especially on a superficial level. These two pages probably won’t provide mutual enhancement from internal crosslinking. Again, from Kissmetrics.com.

As much as possible, link to relevant content in your inner linking. Be sure to learn more about our strategy on our Albuquerque SEO company page.

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Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Top ranking pages. We all want them, but sometimes we don’t have the resources to dedicate in order to achieve these rankings. So what is the solution? There is definitely a way to earn decent rankings without the large investment that usually accompanies content marketing and targeted backlinking strategies.

This post will cover several of the easier and less time consuming methods that small and medium-sized businesses can use to really ramp up their existing page rankings. Let me first go over why the page rankings can be crucial or not only your website pages but also your blog posts. As a Fresno SEO Company, we deal with these kinds of issues on a daily basis.

Whether for our website or when working for a client (we are a Fresno SEO consultant), these are foundational ranking strategies that we base everything else upon.

Top Fresno SEO Tips and Tricks For Page Rankings

Search engine spiders are adding data to google's computers every dayEvery day millions of Americans and world citizens are using Google and other search engines to find solutions to their problems. Often the solutions they are seeking will fall it directly into your basket. This means that by putting out blog posts and pages that answer specific questions, you are placing bait in the World Wide Web’s ocean. How did you find this page? Searching Fresno SEO Pros often works!

These prospects will pick your bait and find a way to your site. Eventually a small percentage of these prospects will convert on your pages and your blog posts. Most often small and medium-sized businesses have some small bait that is floating in the ocean. However because these businesses’ expertise is not in search engine optimization for Fresno topics, that bait is not optimal.

Fresno SEO Discussion on Page Rankings

We’re going to cover some of the things that will allow you to layout the best bait that you possibly can with the tools and resources that you currently have. We are a Fresno SEO Expert agency but do not take our word for it, test it out also! It will work!

  1. Look into rich snippets. Rich snippets are an amazing tool that will help search engines identify the content and topics of your website. Rich snippets provide meta-data that allow google to highlight specific parts of your page for prospects. Rich snippets can include: video schema, table of contents schema, menu schema, image schema, reviews.
  2. Improve crawl friendliness. When the website is optimized for internal linking, Google and other search engines can easily crawl and index all the pages on your site. Increasing the crawl-ability of your website means connecting pages that are similar and relevant to one another. Don’t connect pages that have nothing to do with one another even if they are still under your domain. You want to make sure that the pages that are connecting are of high value to the original page, the links are continuous an unbroken, and that the juice is free to flow throughout the website. Furthermore make sure that the navigation for your website is similar throughout the pages because indexing is a hugely important factor.
  3. Speed up your existing pages. With many tools that are available in WordPress you can ensure that your pages load fast. The faster that your pages load for prospects the lower your bounce rate and the happier prospects are. Google understands habits and tendencies of Internet browsers and rewards websites that have low page speeds. Reducing your bounce rate will also mean more clients will stay on that landing page and you are sure to get a higher conversion rate.
  4. Geotagging. If you don’t know what Geotagging is and you are operating in the local market you are missing a huge opportunity. First of all your pages and posts must be rich with visual media, meaning there are images that are appealing to your prospects. A large part of our browsing habits includes expectations of relevant images. Uploading these images to your website is simply not enough these days. Those images must have geo coordinates that allow search engines to identify that page with the specific location on a coordinate grid. Absolutely essential if you are a local marketplace operator.
  5. Optimize existing pages. Using Google Webmaster Tools you must identify webpages on your site are of high quality but do not have organic traffic. Likely you are missing out on organic traffic because the page is not optimized for any keywords or other on page factors. Buy high-quality we mean that even though the pages not listed in the search engines your prospects find their way to that page and spend a considerable amount of time on it. It will be highly worthwhile to identify the target keywords for that page and do your best to optimize it so that it can be found in the search engines.

Might we also suggest becoming integrated in the Fresno Chamber of Commerce? This will always provide valuable credit to your website.

Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Fresno SEO Company

Marketing Experts in Fresno SEO

Now these are the easiest methods for a small and medium-sized business to implement right away. This is taking into account that most business websites already have existing content in the form of posts or pages.

If this was valuable, check out our blog series on Fresno SEO Services! Other blog posts in the series are about long tail keywords and here is our recent press release for local Fresno SEO!

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Round Rock SEO | The Modern Homepage

Round Rock SEO | The Modern Homepage

Every website has a homepage. Think about yours for a second:

  • Are you pleased with it?
  • How does it rank against your competitors?
  • How does it rank against websites that you stumble across on the web for relevant keywords?
  • Did you pay a lot for it?
  • Did you spend hours and hours on it?
  • Did a Round Rock SEO Company build it for you?
  • What about a web developer?
  • How long has it been since you’ve updated even one page, let alone the whole site?

Have you looked at your home page SEO lately?Your homepage is an incredibly valuable asset for your business. Even if it is not the targeted page you’re looking to rank for, you’re homepage will speak volumes to your clients and prospects.

As the Internet has evolved, so too has the search engine’s expectations and requirements of the website. The purpose of this blog post is to go over the differences between the old format of websites and what search engine algorithms are looking for in a website today.

If your website has not been updated in a year or more, the chances that you are suffering from one or more penalties is high. Even if you’re clear of penalties you may be using outdated methods that Internet prospects have evolved beyond. We are a Round Rock SEO Consultant and we will discuss our methods.

A Seminar with A TOP SEO in Round Rock 

Let’s go over some of the more traditional methods for homepage. These are what you need to steer clear of and step away from.

Homepage Clutter

  • early home pages were very cluttered

    early home pages were very cluttered

    OLD Promoting all types of site content on the homepage. Are you familiar with Yahoo.com? Do you know what the homepage looks like with tons of links in text and videos and calls to action? Does your site look like this? It should not. Back in the day, home pages were full of scattered content and business owners sought to put all types of page summaries and links on their homepage. Our first implementations of search engine optimization in Round Rock were like this.

  • NEW In the modern era, we see websites that have just one particular strategy and goal. Browsing new sites you’ll find a one page design is highly common and the content on that page is extremely minimal. Companies are focusing visitors’ attention on one simple key call to action. The reason for this is simple. Our attention spans have been squandered as the web has gotten smarter. When we see those old webpages with tons of different things going on, get visually overwhelmed, so we click the back button and go to a new search result.


  • Today's home pages are clean and simpleOLD Does your webpage aim to speak to all potential visitors? Back in the day the homepage was designed to be one-size-fits-all. This caused our main message to become blurred as we attempted to speak to all types of audiences in one fell swoop. Before we spoke to professional service business owners, we were a SEO Company in Round Rock that targeted everyone!
  • NEW Our current implementations of home pages and websites seek to focus on our clients’ most important customer. Targeting this primary audience allows you to communicate in your most effective language. Additionally, zooming in to your primary audience allows you to increase your conversion and engagement rates.

Keyword Strategy

  • OLD When SEOs first started optimizing small and medium-sized businesses, we were trying to get as many keywords onto the homepage as possible. The goal was to rank the homepage for every single target keyword. This caused the homepage to become long and full of content. As we saw in the last example, we want a minimal approach to the homepage. When it comes to local Round Rock SEO, this strategy doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • NEW The new optimized home page is seen by Google and search engines as part of comprehensive whole website. The search engine algorithms considers the target keywords for all pages and the homepage alike. Grouping them altogether there is no need to optimize each page and especially the homepage for targeted keywords. We suggest that each specific page targets one key topic or a small subset of your industry. Most successful websites homepage is very simple and often is rich with branded terms.

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Home pages Matter For Conversion in Texas

Before you do anything to grow and develop your SEO Strategy, make sure you look into a membership with the Chamber of Commerce. They don’t have many digital marketing resources, but they do know how to help to local service providers. For example, we were recently listed with an agency directory here in Austin. Seeking these internet properties can be a valuable asset.

Less Text is More

  • OLD Classic home pages have tons of text. We originally believed in selling a prospect on the entirety of our services on the homepage. Our first “Round Rock SEO Pros” website was full of words. More than this blog post even!
  • NEW Now we believe in communicating quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Most often the homepage will be video, image, or otherwise visually dominant. Our call to action and value proposition it’s highlighted in minimal terms. Most modern home pages that are converting at a high rate will be very simple compared to traditional home pages.

The Expert Agency Explains Home Pages


  • OLD Does your webpage aim to speak to all potential visitors? Back in the day the homepage was one-size-fits-all. This caused the message to become blurred as we attempted to speak to all types of audiences in one swift to go.
  • NEW Our current implementations of home pages and websites seeks to focus on our clients’ most important customer. Targeting this primary audience allows you to communicate in your most effective language. Additionally, zooming in to your primary audience allows you to increase your conversion and engagement rates. As a Round Rock SEO Expert, this is how we build and implement new strategies.


  • OLD Previously the industry believed that keeping things above the fold was crucial to gaining a prospects’ attention. We used to jam pack our message into the top of the webpage keeping the content under the fold to a minimum.
  • NEW Simply browsing new websites will show that content is being distributed across the long single page format. placing content sporadically throughout a long home webpage is what we shoot for. The goal here on the first fold is to draw the eye down the webpage and guide the prospect into consuming the full webpage.

Are you considering a new home page now? What about your overall SEO strategy? Visit our other blog posts for more information on top strategies. Our local Round Rock SEO page is a great page to start. There are also other blog posts on linking and another post on our recent press release for Round Rock SEO Services!

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9 On Page SEO Tips | Albany SEO

9 On Page SEO Tips For Albany SEO Growth

This is the second post in a series of blog posts that we have created to better assist small and medium sized businesses in Albany NY. We are an Albany Search Engine Optimization Company that specializes in local SEO. Be sure to tune into our Youtube SEO expert playlist! This blog has a video on the playlist here:

On Page SEO Tutorial | Albany Search Engine Optimization Expert

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Digital marketing and internet marketing are built upon many strategies that can be categorized as on-page SEO tactics. These strategies are those that impact the way a website is viewed by Google. On page SEO methods are exactly that, they are tactics that impact components that are within the webpage themselves.

They are within the HTML, within the meta descriptions, within the images, and definitely within the layout of each individual page and the structure of the entire website. With on page SEO, you can truly be like the lion, king of your local business environment.

Lets go through a few of these strategies:

1. Schema mark up

Schema mark up is really one of the more remarkable tools. This is the reason why you might see star ratings on yelp search results, or on recipes on Google. They indicate what the webpage is about and relay this type of categorical information to the search engines.

2. Keyword optimized titles, descriptions, and headers

This is what SEO is built upon. Indicating what the webpage is about is inherent in utilizing the proper keywords for all possible locations on a website. First you must identify which keywords are valuable to your objective. Keyword research is easy but is the starting point for implementing a powerful SEO effort.

This means fully optimizing the page title, the page description, and the page header tags. You must be careful not to keyword stuff, as this can have a huge negative from the search gods, Google.

3. Page load speed

Having a quick to load page is very important to Google. They reward those pages that have minimal load times. When they go through the entire web and index pages, they make sure to note how heavy each digital footprint is, and will penalize those sites that are bulky and have long load times.

Why is this? Google wants users of it’s search engine to have the best experience. This means sites that look good, are relevant to searches and load fast!!

4. Geotags

A geotag is a identifier for an image or video that allows that piece to be attached to a specific location on a map. A geotag is incredibly powerful for local SEO efforts. By simply adding a geotag to a photo or a post, you are signaling to Google where you are located, where you offer services, and where you are a dominant business force.

5. Image meta descriptions

9 on-page tactics to be the king of your local nicheAre all of your images labeled something generic? Usually the images from cameras have a long generic title, something like “IMG_76976”. You’ve got to change these!! Make sure that images titles and descriptions have your keywords, have your services, and have your brand name in them! Google is digging deep within your site to learn these things. Feed the beast!

6. Video embeds

Are you creating video content? If yes, great! Get them embedded up on your site. If you have no content, its still ok. Embedding videos from Youtube is super powerful for your page authority. Every post on your website should have some kind of video, image, or authority link within it!

7. Content word count and keyword density

Make sure your posts are lengthy! Longer pages populate the first page of Google because they are considered more informative. Google wants to deliver prospects content rich in information, so provide it! Make sure you have your target keywords on each page, but not too many!

8. Page layout

Your page should read like a magazine article or a newspaper. This also includes a call to action at the bottom. Either an option to reach out to your business, a way to consume more content, or a video to watch!

9. Linking strategy

Make sure that your site is entirely laid out in a way that the Google Indexer can crawl your site without losing its way. This means that all pages are interconnected and there are no dead ends. Furthermore, this passes link juice from external links! Bonus! A great place to see a checklist is here.

A True Search Engine Optimization Expert

Check us out next week for the next segment in the Albany SEO Expert blog series. We are an internet marketing company that works with small and medium sized business in our local area.

Wondering how your website and internet marketing strategy matches up to other in your local market? Neovora offers a free website analysis. This report will generate a valuable report on a business’ ability to dominate local search markets. As an Albany SEO Firm, we provide this free of cost and can help you analyze your standing on the internet. Visit the next blog post for more info on how to use the internet for lead generation!

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