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Hosting Facebook Contests | Top Tips For More User Engagement

By |2020-07-04T00:06:20+00:00April 30th, 2018|Social Media Marketing|

With more than two billion users and 70 million Business Pages, to say that there’s a lot of activity on Facebook is truly an understatement. The amount of time people spend on social media, in general, has increased due to the convenience brought on by mobile innovation. “Teens now Read More

What Is Content Curation And Why Should Brands Start Doing It?

By |2020-07-04T00:06:35+00:00March 23rd, 2018|Social Media Marketing|

Have you ever reposted a quote you saw on your feed? Or used a line from a recent read to represent your mood for the day? What about quoting from a movie you watched recently? We’re all guilty of sharing someone else’s lines or a portion of some post Read More

11 Awesome Free Stock Photo Sites Worth Checking Out

By |2020-07-30T17:48:54+00:00February 16th, 2018|Social Media Marketing|

Going online is the probably the easiest way to look for visual content you need to use for media on your website. With just a few clicks, you can find just the right stock pictures for your post. Choose from thousands of pictures readily downloadable from iStock Photo and Read More

5 Great Reasons Why Images Can Boost Your Posts

By |2020-07-04T00:07:03+00:00January 9th, 2018|Social Media Marketing|

In an age where snapping captivating photos can happen in a millisecond, images now hold the ace card in terms of engaging viewers. People are drawn to look at images of other people online as much as they love taking photos of themselves. Stilled moments caught on a digital Read More

The Key Ingredients To A Powerful Social Video Content

By |2020-07-04T00:07:18+00:00December 30th, 2017|Social Media Marketing|

Marketing videos were perceived to be the next big thing in social marketing, but that’s already a thing of the past. Social videos have now taken social media platforms into a different wavelength, reaching far more audiences than a regular block of informative content, and engaging more viewers to Read More

5 Social Media Marketing Habits To Drop

By |2020-07-04T00:07:55+00:00October 23rd, 2017|Social Media Marketing|

Social media is a fast growing, fast moving platform. What’s hot on Monday morning could become old and irrelevant Thursday night. The attention given to a viral post today could be directed to another tomorrow. The Time website listed viral videos with the most views in 2016. Number two Read More

How To Create A Pinterest Infographic That Bring In Results

By |2020-07-04T00:08:07+00:00September 20th, 2017|Social Media Marketing|

Infographics have become a highly effective tool for many brands to promote their business, product line, services, and other general information they want to throw out there for the public to read and take interest in. They are a great means to disseminate information simply because the important points Read More

Boost Your Marketing Creativity With These Top YouTube Tips

By |2020-07-04T00:08:20+00:00August 31st, 2017|Articles, Social Media Marketing|

YouTube is the one of the largest video sharing and streaming platform in the internet world where millions of videos are being shared every day, by every one, from every where. Viewership of this platform is in the millions each day, and is often the starting point of media Read More

How Instagram Stories Can Help Increase Audience Reach

By |2020-07-04T00:09:20+00:00August 15th, 2017|Articles, Social Media Marketing|

How can an Instagram feature which disappears after 24 hours can help increase your audience reach? How can you reach more people when your marketing content just lasts for a day? How will this initiative help introduce your business to new prospects? “If the Instagram feed has become a Read More

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