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How To Start A Comprehensive Technical Site Audit


How To Start A Comprehensive Technical Site Audit Behind every successful website is a team of SEO experts that monitor ranking status, site traffic, search engine optimization strategies, and overall content. From time to time, the site will be evaluated for its deficiencies or areas of improvement with the use of a tool, process, or system. This is called a technical site audit. Through a site audit or an SEO audit, one can uncover ways to improve one's SEO campaigns. One aspect is to identify the weak points in the campaign strategy which are hurting the performance of your website and [...]

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Google Analytics | The Basic Guide For Beginners


Google Analytics | The Basic Guide For Beginners The valuable traffic data you can collect from your website provides a tremendous amount of possibilities for you to increase traffic and promote viewership on your website(s). Just imagine the power you have over your own website. Now you can use this power to outsmart the SEO efforts of competitors. The collection of traffic data is made quick and easy with Google Analytics. It is a premium web analytics service powered by Google. It was launched in November 2005 and has now become a widely used service on the internet. There are two versions: [...]

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Social Wifi


We're rolling out a new product! We've been busy working on some new technology and mobile applications guaranteed to change retail locations around the US. The technology is definitely ready to be welcomed by consumers and its all based around wifi and mobile devices! You're going to love it. We cant divulge too many details now, but details are soon to follow. We will be looking to partner with some of our existing clients to develop their business further. Our next blog will be sure to send information out! Visit this page here for some solid info:

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Local Maxima


Lately, there have been many things going on with us. Besides watching our ranking climb in several cities, we’ve been hard at work. Testing and perfecting our craft is something we take very seriously. At the end of the day, we need to be able to deliver results, and testing is the way to ensure those results will take place. One such test was watching exactly which of our Web 2.0 properties was most likely to rank. And we found conclusive evidence as to which properties are the sure fire ones that will top the SERPS.

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Automation Tools For SEO Albany


Automation Tools For SEO Albany In this post, the expert SEO Albany Company discusses one of our favorite free web tools, IFTTT and the several ways you can use it to improve your rankings.But let's start with the basics. What is IFTTT? Here is the Wikipedia definition: “IFTTT is a free web-based tool that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called "recipes", which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. IFTTT is an abbreviation of "If This Then That” But what does this really mean? Why IFTTT Is A [...]

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Digital Marketing For Business Growth in Fresno


Fresno SEO and Digital Marketing | Grow Business with Testimonials Welcome to another post of a five part series in our Fresno SEO Expert series. This post is about using digital marketing. We speak about how you can leverage client experiences to your advantage and to attract new customers. The previous post was about to how to convert prospects to leads. This last article was big on using email marketing, social media marketing, and building trust over a scheduled timeframe. We are an SEO Company in Fresno CA. Our team comes from many types of backgrounds and industries. We’ve collectively [...]

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Round Rock TX SEO


Online Shopping and Round Rock TX SEO The internet has permanently affected how and where consumers shop for what they are looking for. E-commerce is a powerful tool that has expanded for more than a decade, making it a major sales channel for businesses. If you are looking into Round Rock TX SEO, this is the first thing to look into. Neovora is a top Round Rock Company dealing with e-commerce and business growth, we help small businesses implement these revenue building changes. There are interesting arguments as to whether you may or not use the internet as a technological tool to sell your [...]

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3 Critical Things To Know Before Building Your Mobile Site


Mobile Technology's Impact on Your Business Productivity & Profitability Mobile website optimization has become a hot topic since Google's "Mobilegeddon" announcement on April 21st of 2015. We were recently working with a Fresno SEO Company that specializes in mobile optimization, web speed optimization, and the upcoming AMP Google update (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and how Google is literally forcing businesses to become Mobile Friendly. You see, Google wants a great user experience... and the hottest business development within the last few years has been mobile technology used by worldwide consumers. The demand for access to business information and applications via  mobile [...]

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3 HUGE Web Conferencing Benefits for Every Business


Our business works with many International clients. We talk with companies all over the world. Over the years we have considered many different types of communications solutions, from VoIP, to web conferencing, etc. We've looked at it all. We recently had the opportunity to talk with a web conferencing company about our services, and we were about to work out a barter scenario, we supplied Portland SEO Expert services to them, the supplied both consulting and hardware solutions for us. Win-Win. I love barter! Listen, in the modern business world, web conferencing is an essential tool used by millions, regardless of [...]

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