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How To Start A Comprehensive Technical Site Audit

How To Start A Comprehensive Technical Site Audit

Behind every successful website is a team of SEO experts that monitor ranking status, site traffic, search engine optimization strategies, and overall content. From time to time, the site will be evaluated for its deficiencies or areas of improvement with the use of a tool, process, or system. This is called a technical site audit.

Through a site audit or an SEO audit, one can uncover ways to improve one’s SEO campaigns. One aspect is to identify the weak points in the campaign strategy which are hurting the performance of your website and its overall impact on users. The Internet Marketing Omaha team often starts with an SEO audit before strategic planning and implementation of marketing plans.

The end result is to come up with a list of items that need improvement or fixing, and which action steps are needed to address these issues.

When Do You Need An Audit?

Internet Marketing OmahaThe first step to implementing your SEO campaign strategies is to conduct a comprehensive site audit. The process will give you specific areas that need improvement, and the areas where your campaigns are seen effective. Think of it as an assessment of your SEO performance.

So, how do you effectively conduct a technical SEO audit? By creating a comprehensive checklist. With a checklist, you can ensure that no aspect of your campaign effort is left untouched. Internet Marketing Portland uses a complete SEO audit checklist which makes it effective in its campaign implementation.

Here, we will tackle three out of the nine steps of a comprehensive checklist. Always remember that a good ranking website is the end result of multiple positive ranking factors.

1. Strategic Objectives

What are the long-term goals for your SEO campaign and business ventures? You have to set a clear strategic objective from the very beginning, it should be a reflection of what your business goals are. If you already have objective(s), start reviewing them.

They should be relevant to your business, specific towards your marketing campaign, and attainable within a set time frame. They should also be measurable in some way, where in you can determine at what percentage are you at in achieving your goals.

2. Competitor Analysis

By analyzing your competitors’ performance, you can validate your keywords and pinpoint the missed link opportunities. A good audit result will show:

– Which keywords your competitors are targeting, and which ones are the most profitable for them,
– An analysis of their link profiles which reveal possible linking opportunities for you,
– The types of content that are performing best for your competitors.

You will need to use a tool to gauge the relevancy and effectiveness of your keywords. The easiest way is to determine the page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA) of a keyword in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Visit the Moz page or download the Moz toolbar for assistance in keyword analysis.

3. Keyword Analysis

Do you have the right set of target keywords? Sometimes, one of the biggest reasons why your marketing campaigns aren’t giving the results you want is that you are not targeting “money” keywords. Focusing your efforts on keywords that will actually bring conversions will give the results you’re looking for.

So how do you target the right keyword? If you happen to have a long list of keywords, narrow it down to 20-30 keywords, possibly merging similar words to form long tail keywords. Remember to keep it specific, measurable (its impact on link acquisition), and attainable (with the use of data).

There are different sets of analyses that will break down the cause and effects of every marketing strategy for a particular business website. In our next post, we’ll cover the next 3 important factors in a site audit. By the time we’re done, you will have a clear and comprehensive guide to achieving your goals.

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Google Analytics | The Basic Guide For Beginners

Google Analytics | The Basic Guide For Beginners

The valuable traffic data you can collect from your website provides a tremendous amount of possibilities for you to increase traffic and promote viewership on your website(s). Just imagine the power you have over your own website. Now you can use this power to outsmart the SEO efforts of competitors.

The collection of traffic data is made quick and easy with Google Analytics. It is a premium web analytics service powered by Google. It was launched in November 2005 and has now become a widely used service on the internet. There are two versions: subscription-based for enterprise users, and for Mobile Apps which gathers data from iOS and Android Apps.

This article isn’t for experts in Google analytics, this is just an introductory post for those who know little or nothing at all about this awesome tool. The Internet Marketing Portland service we offer to local clients such as business owners and service providers are backed up by this tool. It is an undoubtedly powerful tracking tool that is free for anyone to use.

Analytics 5: It’s Current Features

Internet Marketing PortlandGoogle Analytics has gone through several version, and with each upgrade it gets more advanced and efficient for the end-user. As of this current version, dubbed “Analytics 5,” there isn’t much of a change in the functionality of the program but more on the user interface layout. Here’s what you can look forward to in Analytics 5.

Visitors Overview

This is the first screen view you will be taken to when you access the overview report for your site. There is a dropdown to change the date and report being displayed On the chart, there will be an option to add annotations on specific dates where there is a sudden rise or drop in traffic.

Dkssystems.com has a list of the dropdown options under the Visitors tab. Here is the list:

  • Benchmarking
  • Map Overlay
  • New vs. Returning
  • Languages
  • Visitor Trending
  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Browser Capabilities
  • Network Properties

Traffic Sources Overview

This is one of the most important parts of Analytics. Here you’ll find keyword reports, the numbers which will tell you where the traffic is coming from or what is causing it. Related information from kissmetrics.com narrates:

Where your traffic is coming from tells you a lot about the strength of your SEO, your incoming links, and your AdWords and other advertising campaigns. It also shows you where your weaknesses are. Ideally, you want traffic coming from a variety of sources so that your traffic isn’t tied too closely to a single source that’s beyond your control.

There’s a brief keyword report on your overview page, but more detailed reports can be found under the “Search” sub-report. The search sub-report also tells you which page visitors are landing on most often, and which search engine they’re coming from.


On the Content Overview page, the graph shows the page views instead of the page visits. Additionally, the bounce rate and the average time users spend on your page are available too. From the same kissmetrics article, it says:

One thing you’ll notice here is that both pageviews and unique pageviews are both shown. The difference is that a pageview is recorded every time a page is loaded (so if a user clicks refresh, a second pageview is logged, or if a user navigates to a different page and then uses their back button, a new pageview is counted), whereas a unique pageview is only logged once per browsing session.

You can access the Google Analytics 5 page here.

There’s nothing more interesting than this powerful application, that is if you know how to use the traffic data acquired. If you’re still unsure how to maximize these numbers, get a look at our SEO Albany promotion campaigns. Or the great deal of Internet Marketing Portland traffic drive local businesses is benefiting from.


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Social Wifi

Social Wifi and Digital Loyalty

Among all the Google Panda updates and bringing on new clients, we’ve somehow found a way to add another product to our offering. If you are a partner of ours in the retail space, you will likely be getting a call from us soon.

Businesses that thrive on repeat business and depend on brand loyalty are in for something incredible! Working with some tech developers for the product itself, we have been able to create a great tool. Businesses are now able to leverage their free wifi offerings in exchange for a powerful and automated lead generation tool.

You see, traditionally when businesses offer free wifi to their clients, guests, and prospects, there is no value exchange. Clients are simply getting free service. Over the past several years have seen a few things take place, first most businesses experiencing higher operational costs.. Then the cost of acquiring new customers has more than doubled and conversion rates have been cut in half.

albuquerque-seo-social wifiThe internet has literally changed everything, and if a business doesn’t harness the power of the internet… they generally find themselves struggling to keep up.

Businesses now are able to easily and quickly leverage this service in exchange for valuable prospect information. Anyone dealing with us knows the value of leads and client lifetime value!

We have all the details coming out soon, but for now, just get excited about this social wifi and also…

A new digital brand loyalty tool!

This one is big! For all those industries that depend on repeat business from loyal customers, this one is major! We all know the importance of keeping loyal customers, developing incentives for them to stay true, and for them to come back. We also know that keeping clients is easier and cheaper than finding NEW clients.

Somehow we were able create a brand loyalty program that is based on mobile devices! This is working great in Albuquerque and around New Mexico.

There are so many valuable pieces and benefits to go into it all now.. Another week or so and we can roll it all out for you! Visit the previous post in our blog here. Check in soon.

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Local Maxima

What We Have Brewing In The Background

Lately, there have been many things going on with us. Besides watching our ranking climb in several cities, we’ve been hard at work. Testing and perfecting our craft is something we take very seriously.

At the end of the day, we need to be able to deliver results, and testing is the way to ensure those results will take place.

One such test was watching exactly which of our Web 2.0 properties was most likely to rank. And we found conclusive evidence as to which properties are the sure fire ones that will top the SERPS.

One of the more important things that we consider, and it’s a big one, is called the local maxima. The local maxima is a phenomenon that happens when following data-driven results.

The local maximum described here:

Do you ever feel that your design has become stale and that despite your making lots of little changes to it over time without any big overhaul there is just no way to drastically improve it?

If so you’ve probably hit what Andrew Chen calls the “Local Maximum”. The local maximum is a point in which you’ve hit the limit of the current design…it is as effective as its ever going to be in its current incarnation.

Even if you make 100 tweaks you can only get so much improvement; it is as effective as its ever going to be on its current structural foundation.

The local maximum occurs frequently when UX practitioners rely too much on a/b testing or other testing approaches to make improvements. This type of design is typified by Google and Amazon…they do lots and lots of testing, but rarely make large changes.

(Except, of course, Google’s homepage background change this week, which was quickly reverted)

While a cycle of smaller improvements is better than the dysfunctional design processes most of us are stuck with, one of the criticisms of this type of extreme optimization is that it’s always and only incremental: you can only make a few small changes at a time and therefore your design evolves slowly.

local maxima neovoraAnd if you’re doing rigorous testing, by only changing one variable at a time, then you’re only changing one small part of your application in each iteration. This work cycle becomes dependent on how fast you can run tests.

For Google and Amazon, who are blessed with millions of visitors per day, this is no problem because they can run tests extremely quickly. For most people building web sites, low traffic volume can be a huge hurdle because it means that tests have to run longer and thus slows down rate of iteration.

Read more here.

This is a great solution for businesses in Bridgeport, CT. Make sure you read up on our other blog posts here.

Bridgeport SEO Expert and Testing Methods

Bridgeport SEO Expert

Finding any pinnacle is crucial, making sure its not only the local maximum, but the best possible design is tough. In order to do this, often we need to completely re-evaluate every little decision we made, the controls we’ve used.

As of now, we seem to be ranking fairly well with a diversified SEO strategy. We are always looking to find the better design, and not remain on the local maxima.

Testing At The Neovora Offices

This is how we are able to remain on the top of our game and target the keywords in the markets we do. Currently we have a few interesting projects going on: a regional dental branch across many markets, a realtor in Central Texas, just to name a few.

We’ll keep testing and making sure that we identify if we are stuck in the cul-de-sac of results; the local maxima. Hopefully we can climb out and reach our true potential, there is nothing more frustrating and scary than not doing so. As a Bridgeport SEO, we understand the need to reach the pinnacle.

If you are wondering about our rankings, we’ve been careful to stay ahead of the curve with the recent penguin updates. We’ll see if our tests reveal anything.

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Automation Tools For SEO Albany

Automation Tools For SEO Albany

In this post, the expert SEO Albany Company discusses one of our favorite free web tools, IFTTT and the several ways you can use it to improve your rankings.But let’s start with the basics. What is IFTTT?

Here is the Wikipedia definition:

“IFTTT is a free web-based tool that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes”, which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. IFTTT is an abbreviation of “If This Then That”

But what does this really mean?

Why IFTTT Is A Powerful Tool For SEO And Social Media Marketing

SEO Albany Expert Talks Automation Tools


SEO Albany Expert And Automation Tools

It’s a simple way to automate tasks such as posting to social media and Web 2.0 properties. Let’s take a quick example. Every time you update your Facebook status you can have a post of that exact status on other channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn.

This is one of the main benefits of IFTTT, automation. Instead of having to post to 5 different social media networks you can only do it once and IFTTT does the posting to the other social accounts.

There are more tools that do the sane but there are several reasons why here at Neovora Albany we like IFTTT so much. For a search engine optimization services firm, its crucial that we are transparent with out clients.

  1. There are more than 330 channels you can use and their list keeps growing. Among them our favorite blogging channels Tumblr, Medium, and WordPress. Of course, you don’t need all of them, but this gives you the flexibility to choose and automate so much.
  1. It’s easy to use. There are more tools out there, but they can be slightly more complex. IFTTT is simple. All you have to do is add the channels you want to use (eg. Facebook Pages), then the trigger “This” (eg. New status message on page) and then the “That” (eg.Post a Tweet).
  1. You can’t go wrong with it, and even if you do it’s easy to fix. To add to its ease of use, even if a recipe doesn’t work it’s really easy to troubleshoot it or just delete it and create a new one without affecting all other recipes.
  2. You can use it for video syndication to supercharge and promote your YouTube or Vimeo videos. Every time you post a video in one of your favorite video platforms a post is created across all social media networks. Talk about reach and exposure.
  3. It’s great for link building. With RSS syndication every time a new blog post is up, a link back to your site is created across powerful Web 2.0 with very high Domain Authority.
  4. You can achieve more with less. Both for video and blog syndication you can pass the same message to multiple Web properties, and communicate with a larger audience with minimum effort.
  5. Did I mention it’s 100% FREE? Of course, you or your team will have to spend some time setting it up, creating your business accounts, the recipes, testing that the content is syndicated properly to all channels, but after that very little to zero maintenance is required.

Interested in learning more about how you can use IFTTT to improve your rankings? Stay tuned, this is only the first post in a series on how to leverage this awesome tool.

Learn More About The Expert SEO Agency In Albany

If this was helpful for you, we also have a wealth of knowledge in other blog posts. These posts help small and medium sized businesses learn about how to leverage the internet to acquire leads! Posts like: On Page SEO in Albany NY, Off Page SEO, and even our SEO Albany Company Press Release.

Digital Marketing For Business Growth in Fresno

Fresno SEO and Digital Marketing | Grow Business with Testimonials

Welcome to another post of a five part series in our Fresno SEO Expert series. This post is about using digital marketing. We speak about how you can leverage client experiences to your advantage and to attract new customers.

The previous post was about to how to convert prospects to leads. This last article was big on using email marketing, social media marketing, and building trust over a scheduled timeframe.

We are an SEO Company in Fresno CA. Our team comes from many types of backgrounds and industries. We’ve collectively done business in over a dozen countries- mainly in Europe and Latin America. And as experienced as we are, we will never be able to tell you how to improve your business offerings and services.

We are marketers, and we do internet and digital marketing for small, medium and local businesses around the USA and in LATAM. Your business is your own issue. We can only do so much as your marketing partner before we’re running it!

Neovora Digital Marketing | Fresno Search Engine Optimization

Offer outstanding service and receive great referrals and testimonialsFor this reason we’ll leave the actual business operations alone. We will, however, cover testimonial and referral systems. Let’s assume that you are actually miles ahead of your competitors. You finish work before schedule with minimal errors, and rarely have issues with clients over services rendered.

You are in a league of your own. The most ideal situation for you is to have your current clients spreading the praise of your business around town. You want them to tell their friends, their family, and to shout your hard work from rooftops.

What if we told you this was possible? And it’s being implemented around the country with resounding results! Testimonial and referral systems are being used by business owners around the world to leverage their congratulatory praises from clients to acquire new clients.

This is how it works. Upon delivering goods or providing services, your job is far from done. The new goal is to get both testimonials and referrals from your existing and new clients.

You want testimonials because you will be able to highlight your positive client experiences on the web. This will develop new clients who are unsure your business or services. You want referrals and will actively pursue them because they are the best kind of new clients.

You can actively make videos of clients whose houses you’ve repaired, whose teeth you’ve rearranged, whose divorce was clean and easy with your help. Posting branded videos on your site through YouTube is incredibly powerful!

This goes beyond videos. You can also post their praise from emails or reviews on your site. Let prospective clients know how far and above you normally go. Now, not all clients will participate in this part. Most will take some convincing, and that is normal. Give them an incentive! A percentage off the next transaction, a free item, anything to get their video testimonial!

Lead Generation and SEO Company

Another asset that you can acquire from current clients are referrals. Entrepreneur recently had a good write up about this. Again, this is best offered with an incentive. Offer a gift card, a percentage of the sale, or anything for a referral that is brought in by a current client!

  • If you’re a roofer, you can offer a free gutter cleaning to every client that recommends a friend.
  • If you’re a dentist, you can offer free teeth cleanings for referrals.
  • Get creative!

These types of testimonials and stories of current and past clients make wonderful assets on your site. In addition to your blog, testimonial, and services pages, clients can spend hours on your site learning about your products.

This is absolutely PERFECT if your product is a high ticket price. Buyers are hesitant to spend thousands on anything, and often need to be warmed up to a business they are seeking to work with.

If you’re a more visual learner, here is a video about this specific blog post!

this post helpful? Visit the other posts in the Fresno SEO Company series!

Impress Customers | Fresno SEO Agency and Internet Marketing

Fresno SEO Company

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Round Rock TX SEO

Online Shopping and Round Rock TX SEO

The internet has permanently affected how and where consumers shop for what they are looking for. E-commerce is a powerful tool that has expanded for more than a decade, making it a major sales channel for businesses. If you are looking into Round Rock TX SEO, this is the first thing to look into.

Neovora is a top Round Rock Company dealing with e-commerce and business growth, we help small businesses implement these revenue building changes. There are interesting arguments as to whether you may or not use the internet as a technological tool to sell your products. Let’s consider a few:

E-Commerce Comparison, Advantages, and Disadvantages for your Business

Consumer Choices:

More Choices, more offers. Online shopping offers 10 to 100 times more products than what an average retail store is capable of. This is because of the cost of storing and referencing a particular product in a physical store. The storage and listing costs are far less compared to traditional shops.

Competitive Prices:

Another major advantage of e-commerce websites is the competitive price. Websites have lower expenses than a physical store, they are more likely to receive discounts from suppliers and they can afford to be more flexible since they can open 24/7, 365 days a year.

Supply and Demand:

Another interesting effect has been in the supply and demand behavior. If I make an online purchase for a mobile phone, as an example, and use it for a period of time, but soon enough I decide to purchase the latest model, I can easily advertise my recently purchased item, sell it, trade it and purchase the new model that I desire.

Look at what Amazon has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time… starting as a mere online book seller to one of the largest retailers in the world.

Businesses can sell and trade old and new items online.

Round Rock TX SEO – A Good Option For You?

There are certain points to consider as to whether your should offer online shopping for your clients, and if it is indeed suitable or not for your type of business. Some unique small town shops may advertise online and have a map with their location but they do not sell online, since they may argue that certain types of consumers such as tourists would prefer to physically visit their store. This is crucial in Central Texas SEO, and everywhere.

Round Rock TX SEO and E-Commerce

But then again, if those visitors purchase a product and leave town and decide they wish to purchase that same product again for a gift to someone, they are most likely not to travel all the way to your store for that item. Why not have both options? Today even grocery online ordering has gained popularity.

Online Shopping | Round Rock SEO Firm

Round Rock SEO Company

On the other hand, many consumers have the need to physically see or touch a product before purchasing it. Some like to have the face-to-face interaction with store associates before deciding which item to buy. This may also be true with certain fashion trends, women’s clothing or maybe selected electronic in-store products. Others prefer to go to a shopping mall for children play facilities, movie theaters or just enjoy the variety of entertainment options when shopping with the family. Other reasons include consumers that hesitate because of security reasons and others simply because they wish to have the product immediately.

The Premier Round Rock Texas SEO Company

Regardless the consumer preferred method of purchase, one important fact to consider is that having an online presence alone helps your prospects locate you. Even if your website does not offer e-commerce, you still require an online presence for wider exposure of your services and products. Consider your type of products and ask yourself: Why not have both options available? Visit the last blog post in our Round Rock SEO Company Series! Visit our social media sites to learn more about what it is that we do.

Be sure that your website is meeting the technological requirements necessary to be found online. Not all Round Rock TX SEO companies will give this away for free.. We offer a free analysis that will tell you exactly how your site is fairing:

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3 Critical Things To Know Before Building Your Mobile Site

Mobile Technology’s Impact on Your Business Productivity & Profitability

Mobile website optimization has become a hot topic since Google’s “Mobilegeddon” announcement on April 21st of 2015. We were recently working with a Fresno SEO Company that specializes in mobile optimization, web speed optimization, and the upcoming AMP Google update (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and how Google is literally forcing businesses to become Mobile Friendly.

You see, Google wants a great user experience… and the hottest business development within the last few years has been mobile technology used by worldwide consumers. The demand for access to business information and applications via  mobile technologies such as the iPhone from Apple or  Google’s Android, or even the Windows 7 Mobile has risen to become a consumer preference tool you need to add into your business workforce.

mobile-friendlyThe massive growth and use of these technologies around the world has many businesses thinking about how to effectively position themselves to benefit from this hot new trend. The drive for mobility is part of the business technology agenda for most companies today. Mobile technology can and will boost people to use company data and resources without being limited to a single location. Whether your staff is traveling, out on sales calls, or working from a client’s site from home or anywhere on the globe, mobile devices can help everyone easily get ahold of each other, be productive, and make use of company resources.

New technologies lead to new habits of working, and new products and services that can be offered to your customers. Think about how much more efficient and creative technology is and how valuable it has become to your clients. But also consider the following changes made by the world’s largest advertising company in the next section as to why mobile technology today is mandatory for your business as an essential marketing tool.

Reasons to Have a Mobile Site

For the past year or so, Google has been focusing on the global domination of mobile technology and why businesses need to make the necessary changes to have a mobile-friendly website. More than half of Google’s users today perform online searches using mobile devices. Yes, mobile users have become the biggest group performing searches – surpassing desktops.

Google’s statement is clear and it is a fact that this is happening – more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan. 

Furthermore the company has stated that it will discount businesses that do not comply and update their websites with mobile-friendly websites. This has been referred to as: Google’s Mobilegeddon, and it is upon us. Website owners, designers and developers had time prepare since Google did announce the change would take place (albeit the quiet announcement went by unheard by most all businesses). Google typically doesn’t pre-announce algorithm change, but since Mobilegeddon has such a dramatic impact on mobile search results, Google gave businesses plenty time to get ready, but many simply ignored or were unaware. Consequently on April 21, 2015, Google released their new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm designed to give preference to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results.

3 Different Types of Mobile Websites

Basically there are 3 options: The Responsive Design, the Dynamic and the “M” site or Mobile Site.

  • The Responsive Design allows for content to move around and shift to conform to the size of the device on which it is viewed. Content literally responds to the size of your screen. If you are reading this right now on a desktop, grab the side of your browser and squish it to make it narrow…see how everything moves into place to accommodate the new screen size? No duplication of content is required for this design, but one of its major drawbacks is that it does not focus on the best mobile user experience. Since the content is exactly the same as for desktop the user will notice the speed difference or a delay in response aside from the attempted layout adjustment.
  • As for the Dynamic Mobile Design, also called the user-agent approach, it can detect which type of device is requesting the web page so that it can render the compatible or appropriate content to it. The server responds with different HTML and CSS, which are just web programming codes, on the same URL depending on the user agent requesting the page. The cons for using this type of design include the complex technical implementation and it incurs a higher cost of maintenance.
  • Now for the ‘M” site or Mobile Design, it as an abbreviation or summary of your current website that includes only the features that are proper to mobile, such as click to call, maps and directions, restaurant menus, videos, and social media among others. Think of it as a smaller rearranged version of your current website that fits perfectly with the screen of any smartphone. You get to keep your current desktop website as it is, avoiding any changes to it. The mobile M site is on a totally separate platform and it avoids companies from being deleted from the Google search engine results.

Mobile Marketing & Mobile Websites | Fresno SEO

Fresno SEO Company

If you enjoyed this blog post, visit our Fresno SEO Expert series for more information, this one might be of extreme value!

Whatever your approach, the message is out there and the best mobile design is the one that best fits your situation providing the best user experience. Be sure that your website is passing the mobile requirements with this free analysis here:

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3 HUGE Web Conferencing Benefits for Every Business

Our business works with many International clients. We talk with companies all over the world. Over the years we have considered many different types of communications solutions, from VoIP, to web conferencing, etc. We’ve looked at it all. We recently had the opportunity to talk with a web conferencing company about our services, and we were about to work out a barter scenario, we supplied Portland SEO Expert services to them, the supplied both consulting and hardware solutions for us. Win-Win. I love barter!

Listen, in the modern business world, web conferencing is an essential tool used by millions, regardless of location across the globe. Clients and customers can easily meet via the internet instead of having to leave the office and travel to meet with their clients, saving a tremendous amount of time and resources. Not to mention the environment-friendly results we benefit from it. Thanks to this new and advanced technological tool, businesses around the world are able to meet virtually from anywhere with internet access. Let us now remind ourselves some of the benefits that we enjoy on a daily basis with the use of this effective method of communication.

Visual and Verbal Communication

online video conferencing benefits for your businessVideo enhances visual communication in real-time by easily including participants to be able to see each other in face to face meetings. Travel and airport delays, traffic jams, or missing flights are things that don’t are not a burden anymore and no longer excuses for missing a meeting or conference. Project Managers are able to now see everyone face to face and check on their present status on projects that need to be delivered. For us, a Portland SEO Company the benefits are unparalleled.

In other cases, staff can work from home, whenever needed, over the internet reducing time, office costs and but at the same time increasing productivity. Web cams are a great way to that hosts and participants can look at each other into their eyes being able to effectively see each others facial expressions for better communication.

Remote Support has reaped the benefits of by allowing remote access and avoiding frustration both on the user’s end and of that of the support agent. Tasks can be accomplished with ease and support satisfaction has increased with this new method, allowing for a much better preferred client experience.

Staff has also enjoyed the benefit of brainstorming and collaboration. Members of your team can now collaborate and share new ideas and input, as you track them at the same time. New nifty tools are available for them to exchange turns when “raising their hands” virtually in a web meeting.

Reduce Travel Expenses

More Talk Less Travel” – because time is money.  This  pretty much summarizes how much money is saved with not having to travel, whether domestic or international, because in the past  this necessity existed as a necessity and has always had a financial impact on  businesses around the globe. The costs include parking tickets, taxi fares, hotel accommodations and food, plane tickets and one of our most precious resources if not the most: Time.

In addition, if the key person of a business needs to travel, the team is left short handed for quite some time. With today’s web conferencing capabilities the need for travel has been significantly reduced, allowing businesses to take advantage of a live video feed or a conversation using chat. Despite the thousands of miles distance we are able to share files, presentations, and receive training.

Not to mention that training via web conferencing has become so effective that businesses consider it the primary method used for new employees. Speed and effectiveness are direct traits inherited with the use of web conferencing, uniting distant offices and branches located throughout remote locations.

Web Conferencing | Portland SEO Company

Portland SEO Company

Data Sharing and Training

Data sharing and manipulation of programs and documents such as a word document, can be revised and edited “on the fly,” saving a tremendous amount of time. Sharing spreadsheets, documents, presentations and several types of files makes it easy to update data in real time, avoiding back and forth revisions via email attachments and appropriate permissions are granted to authorized only participants.

Managers and Trainers can now record meetings, making it possible for anyone to easily access the recorded data any time, allowing for staff to review the material at their own pace and their preferred time. Avoid the frustration that can exist when training new staff. They can now sit at their desks, with the flexibility of not requiring a conference room if the available ones are being used. Unique and simple communication tools are available when your team has any questions or need more training.

Whether you are a small company owner or a big corporation, web conferencing benefits both worlds reducing costs, saving you time and resources, and at the same time adding benefits with its new technological tools available. Businesses all over are strongly advised to try it out and see how worthwhile this cheap, easy technology will in both the short and long run. This is not only for a Portland SEO Expert, but all industries and niches.

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