CLV | Customer Lifetime Value | Neovora

Ok, so, you’ve earned the right to serve a new client. Now what? I know that we’ve all heard the statistics; it costs up to 6 times more to sell to a new client than to an existing one, blah blah blah….

However, would it surprise you to learn that over 90% of all retail businesses that serve a local community have literally zero marketing budget allocated for current clients. Zero.

So, we all know the statistics, yet have zero strategy or marketing dollars allocated to those folks that are the easiest to sell to.

Neovora specializes in CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) as well as overall Lifecycle Analytics. We will show you how to breakdown your clients into very specific segments, how to score them, and how to market to each of these respective segments appropriately.

We will teach you terms like RFM Scoring, Tripwires, and the all important Halo Effect.

Armed with a comprehensive Customer Lifecycle Strategy, your business will not only attract and retain retail customers at a rate you have never experienced, but your company will be able to maximize the value of each and every client in a way that you knew was possible, but hadn’t yet achieved.