Who Are Your Best Clients? | Neovora

who-are-your-best-clientsAnd The Best Clients Are… No matter what marketing strategies are used, most companies see the majority of their sales from 20% of their clients. So, let us ask you one simple question: do you know who these clients are? If you’re like most companies, you don’t, and you are probably not making all the efforts necessary to keep this 20% of your clients happy.

You can’t afford to lose these clients. However, if they start feeling neglected, if they do not receive the proper attention from you in terms of loyalty campaigns and strategic communication, then they will feel like they are not appreciated. They will start looking for another provider for the products and services they need. The motto “knowledge is power” couldn’t be more appropriate than in this situation.

At Neovora we know how important your Client Value is for your company, and we can show you exactly who your best customers are. Once we know this, we can tell you what their purchase patterns are and what kind of campaigns will make them feel appreciated and keep them buying from you.