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This is part two in a five part local SEO series about leveraging internet marketing to your advantage. We are Neovora, a Fresno SEO Agency that is giving a super aerial view of what we do.

The purpose of this SEO Expert blog post series is to help businesses around the USA grow and flourish utilizing the internet and its many features. Neovora is a top SEO Company in California. As such, we like to offer a free website analysis to our blog readers.

What are you saying to your prospects to convert them to customers?This particular search engine optimization blog post about converting visitors is based on a previous blog post we made about attracting prospects. This is the second part of our journey.

We left off at describing the essential components of a website that is successful in attracting prospects to it. Now we delve into the methodology of how businesses can successfully turn this prospect into a lead.

Imagine that you have tons of prospects in Fresno, California for your industry. Lets use a dentist for example. The public is searching for things like “dentistry near me”, “Fresno dental office”, “family dentist”, “cosmetic dentistry” the list goes on.

Now imagine that our partner dentist “Bright Tooth Fresno” is in this market and has a website that is the first result for all of these searches.

This is big traffic for Bright Tooth. Everyone that is searching on Google for their dentistry needs is coming across the name Bright Tooth. This creates instant name brand recognition and familiarity. The prospect clicks on the link and visits the website Now what?

From here the goal of the business is to get the client to call the office and schedule an appointment. But how to hold the prospect’s hand most gently to lead them to take this action? How to keep them on page, reading your content?

How to entice them to consider Bright Tooth above all others on that search results page?

Neovora Fresno SEO Expert | Internet Marketing

The whole team at Neovora, the top Fresno internet marketing consulting firm, strives to be on the cutting edge of marketing. When there are new updates to the periodic and complex search algorithms, Neovora is among the first SEO companies to find solutions that utilize them to our clients’ advantage.

From all of our studies, expert led seminars, and personal experiences, we have found the perfect mix of systems and strategies for hand holding a prospect to your door. This entails a well designed website layout, providing ease of browsing your areas served, your particular services, and a special area for constantly posting blogs and articles related to your professional industry.

This well written content on your website acts as a tool for your prospects to learn about your business. Prospects want to understand the complexities of the services they are seeking. By having detailed offerings of your business, you are providing a way for prospects to begin to trust you.

Usually, prospects like to consume content, articles, blogs, testimonials, and see the kind of work that you do through images and video content. While not all businesses want to do this, only the best and most successful will implement these strategies.

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After developing this content, and laying out a schedule for additional content to be created, you must be able to provide some sort of value for free. This means giving your prospects a taste of what you offer, for free.

Usually, this free value offer is the first step in pushing them along the buying cycle. Maybe you make them more aware of their problem, or offer a solution that they were unaware of. More than anything, this provision of content is establishing your business as a trusted expert in the field.

Perhaps giving them a good price will push them to contract with a professional. Here are some examples of other content that can be built for some popular industries:

  • If you are a contractor, push these prospects to get a free estimate of your services.
  • A dentist might offer a free consultation to determine need and cost of treatment.
  • An interior designer would provide recent work to illustrate personal style and abilities.
  • A car dealership would highlight customers who purchased a car.
  • Travel companies could offer contents for special trips, free travel gear, etc.

Can you identify relevant content for your business industry? More important than gimmicks and aesthetics, your website must be content rich. This means that all websites much have a thorough explanation of all the services offered.

Using the Dentist example from above, I now list some of the kinds of blog posts and content that should be written and published on their page, A dentist page would include:

  • Relevant information about the city they practice in
  • Procedural information for all services like: tooth extraction, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, teeth whitening, etc.
  • Insurance information
  • Different pages on cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, implant dentistry, restorative dentistry, etc.

All this content provides what people are looking for; Information and a trusted local professional for their problem.

Now that your site has valuable content that informs the prospect, you are looking to get them to ring your bell and say, “Hi. Im interested in your service.” But it is up to you to provide this bell. No successful business doing internet marketing is without one. What’s yours?

For example, our goal with this post is to raise awareness of business’ shortcomings on the internet. As such, we provide a free website analysis that would cost a total amount of lots of dollars.

This is how we attract visitors and convert them to leads. How would you be able to close the leads? Check out what Moz has to say about conversion rates online. Coming up next in the SEO Company Expert series is the blog post about how to turn the prospect into a client.

Closing leads is what this is called, and we will explain how to turn your website into a lead closing machine! Until next time!

ABC….Always Be Closing!

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