Grow Your Business With Your Phone

How many times did your phone ring the past month? How many of those callers are now clients?

Business Phone Mastery Course

Learn how to use your phone to systemically convert prospects to clients. Implement methods to ensure your callers purchase from you and not the competition.

  • Lack of Appointments – Calls aren’t turning into appointments or visits like you want to.
  • No Inbound Call Strategy – Those answering your phone don’t know the steps or elements of a good phone call.
  • No Conversion Mindset – Your team thinks the phone skills are not vitally important.
  • Lack of Customer Service Skills – Sometimes employees’ attitudes on the phone are not positive.
  • No Consistent Messaging – You’re company does not have an inbound phone script focused on getting appointments.

Neovora’s Business Phone Mastery Course is a complete solution with on-demand, self-paced video, audio, and written training modules. We also provide supporting documents such as printable scripts, worksheets, and process maps for your entire team.

About This Course

This course will train your entire staff to answer the phone like they earned a degree in Phone Communication. Convert interested callers to new clients, secure your financial security, and make competitors wonder what your secret is.

  • Get More Appointments – Convert calls to sales better than your local competitors.
  • Inbound Call Strategy – Learn and teach your team the steps and elements of a good phone call.
  • Change Your Mindset – Learn the importance of the inbound phone call.
  • Ideal Personality Skills – Learn the ideal personality traits for those who answer your phone.
  • Give Then Receive – Learn how to give callers what they want so you get what you want.
  • Consistent Goals & Messaging – Create your own call script to use each and every time.

Anyone that answers the phone needs this course to maximize each and every phone call. You will immediately see an increase in in-person prospect meetings, an increase on ROI if you are actively marketing your brand, and increase in conversion rates and more onboarded clients.

Why The Course Works

Most business interactions these days are focused on short text SMS and email or correspondence via web, and as a result, phone skills and phone success is dwindling. Even in 2019, prospects from all walks of life are still calling businesses looking for answers. As innocent and simple as a call may seem, these callers are selecting their ultimate solutions based on these calls. Most businesses across the nation do not have a strategy in place to develop these callers into business.

Included In the Course:

The course is built with many learning styles in mind. It is designed for immediate consumption and application.

  • Video course available at any time of day or night – (11 videos / 1:20 hours total running time)
  • Course goals and progress tracking  – Monitor your or your team member’s progress through the course.
  • Worksheets – Develop your own actionable guides and scripts.
  • Handouts – Develop your own unique optimized system.
  • Flow charts – Guidance through all the steps to an ideal call.