Build Better Client Relationships With Follow-Up

How many prospects have you spoken to one single time? How many of those single interactions do you think went and bought from your competitors?

Only 4-6% of prospects you meet for the first time actually purchase from you. What are you doing with the other 96%?

Sales Follow Up

Follow Up Mastery Course

Developed for business owners, sales people, and team players wanting to use all methods of communication to grow their businesses through increased conversion and to develop of happier clients.

Are you and your team feeling some of these things:

  • Lack of communication – You aren’t actively help your prospects understand that you value their business.

  • Not maximizing your time and effort – You skip the biggest opportunity to develop relationships.

  • Trouble overcoming objections – You don’t know how to overcome the reasons people don’t buy from you

  • No system in place for following up with unsold prospects – You lack the organization and time to follow up.

  • You or your team have a lot of free time – You don’t use the phone or email to their greatest potential.

  • No Consistent Messaging – You don’t know the easy methods to follow up with prospects.

Neovora’s Follow-Up Mastery Course was developed for business owners wanting to use all methods of communication to grow their businesses through increased conversion and to develop happier clients.

About This Course

This course will teach the effectiveness of continued communication with prospects who have not purchased yet. Through the many strategies of follow-up, you can turn even unmotivated prospects into lifelong clients. If the ultimate objective is to make the most amount of sales and convert more prospects, then this is the course for you and your team. You will immediately see the benefit of follow-up with more sales and new clients and a better ROI on your advertising.

  • Clear strategy for communication – Make your prospects feel valued by you and your team.

  • Learn processes for nurturing prospects and clients – Systematically use the follow up to develop better relationships.

  • Understand objection motivations – Understand why people don’t buy and overcome their objections so you can to make the sale.

  • Learn how to set up systems for success – Find the tools and traits to make follow up part of your schedule.

  • Learn valuable systems and processes – Learn how to use all of the different methods to follow up with clients and prospects.

  • Maximize your business communication – Use the phone, email, text, letters, and visits to build prospect and customer relationships.

Why The Course Works

Most modern sales strategies are inadequate. They only focus on converting prospects to clients during the first meeting. Yet, at this time most prospects are not yet ready to make the purchase. As a result, businesses let these prospects go without re-engaging them and lose out on a huge amount of sales. With a strategic method to follow up, a business can convert all of those unsold clients. A strong follow up routine is rarely implemented, so when a business engages in this, they are able to dominate their local market and bring in more clients than competitors.

Included In the Course:

The course is built with many learning styles in mind and to be useful for your entire staff. Through this course, sales reps and business development staff will understand the objective of follow up strategy, have step-by-step instructions to follow up with, and have a calendar for the most important times to follow up.

  • On-demand video course  – (9 videos /  1 hour 47 minute running time)

  • Course goals and progress tracking  – Monitor your or your team member’s progress through the course.

  • Printable PDF handouts that follow along with the course – Help make the information stick with your team.

  • Step by step guidance on how to set up your ideal follow up system – Flow charts helping you design your customized system.

  • Our favorite resources – Lists of all the tools you’ll need to get started.