We have retina displays on our phones, 20”computer monitors at our desks, and thousands of pixels per square inch on our televisions. Internet users are becoming more and more used to seeing images and video on-page. Not only are they accustomed to highly visual and attractive pages that have imaging that guides their experience, but they are demanding it.

Increase user engagement with videos and imagesBecause of this video and images have become incredibly important components, and are definitely critical for your on-page strategy.

How are they demanding it? As an SEO Expert, we know they desire these types of media for two reasons, and both are causal. This is a demand not only in Round Rock Texas, but for businesses everywhere!

1. Conversion rates are much higher on pages with images and videos that are relevant to your content.

2. Because Google ranking factors are dependent on the user experience, and other components like bounce rates… pages with video and images get a ranking boost.

A recent report from Searchmetrics does a really good job of explaining the year over year impact of ranking factors. Their report, which is available via PDF explains the following:

The number of images found in the analyzed landing pages which rank in the top 30 search results has increased in comparison to the previous year. The ranking websites use around a quarter more images – this is probably partially responsible for the increase in file sizes compared to 2014.

How images affect rankings, from a report by Searchmetrics

Source: Searchmetricx

They explain that from 2014 to 2015, the number of images per ranking page went up. More images are being used on pages and this is why:

Images placed in content increase time on site and enhance the user experience. Some keyword searches even lead to picture galleries ranking highest, for example “hairstyle trends 2015” – because the user is expecting them. Users can also be reached via separate Google image search. PDF Available here…

Google is incredibly cognizant of what internet users want, and they deliver results. The Google image ranking factor is a major component of on-page requirements. Another important thing is to make sure that all alt-tags and descriptions for images are optimized for keywords that you are looking to rank for.

On our own internal pages and especially on clients’ pages, we develop the content around powerful images. This means that the pictures help guide the article and content. Now with smartphones and 20″ retina displays, this is what consumers want. So give it to them! You will not regret it.

Image & Video Ranking Factors | Round Rock SEO

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Pages that are walls of text are hard on the eyes and will deter consumers so fast! Make sure that images are relevant and optimized to fit your page. We will likely cover all the components of image optimization for page use, but in a later blog post.

The same Searchmetrics report includes many on-page SEO factors, one of which is video changes on top ranking sites.

The proportion of ranking sites with integrated videos on the page has fallen in comparison with the previous year. One reason for this is very likely the modification by Google in relation to rich snippets, whereby since July 2014 only video thumbnails are still shown for ranking results of larger video platforms.


Affects of video on page rankings, from Searchmetrics report

Source: Searchmetrics


While the video correlation is down by 3 percent, it can be explained by a change in the appearance of video. But notwithstanding, videos are still crucial, especially if you are embedding YouTube videos. Searchmetrics explains:

8 out of 10 videos in the top U.S. SERPs are from YouTube. It has also become more difficult to get high rankings for non-YouTube videos.

However, videos are able to greatly improve the user experience on the provider’s website and also increase time on site. Furthermore, people like sharing videos via social networks.

So what do images and video have to do with your site? Well these rich media components, increase visitors’ time on your pages. This means that Google interprets these pages as being more relevant by offering content that the user is looking for.

How all of this affects users' time on your site, from Searchmetrics report

Source: Searchmetrics

Remember, the videos and images you use must be relevant, geo-tagged, and optimized for your keywords or ranking strategy. We covered this more in depth in a recent blog post on geotagging.

Now, we know that creating your own content can be laborious, especially for the uninitiated. However, it’s absolutely crucial to either make your own or find some content online that you can use. Videos should be highly relevant and be on YouTube. Visit the last blog post in our Round Rock SEO Company Series!

Look through our website and to see how we implement these very strategies! Get those pages to the top of Google by creating content that your clients want to see! In addition to creating content, you need to make sure that your site is being found! First step is being identified by Google as a site that is meeting all their minimum requirements. Do you pass the test? Get your website audit for free today.