Email Marketing Strategies | Local Retail Client Acquisition & Retention

email-marketingWhen a prospect is first introduced to any type of product or service, marketing statistics tell us that it can take up to 7 separate touches to move them towards making a purchasing decision. So, if you are a plumber in Tucson, or an architect in Atlanta, how are you executing these touches?

What about when a prospect becomes a new client… how are you maintaining continued communications? How are you educating your new client about how they have made a great purchasing decision of your product or service? How are you guiding them to make continued purchases?

Do you run a retail flower shop that serves a community and wants to reach out to your clients during Mother’s Day… or a Dentist that needs to ensure your client base continues to engage in better overall dental hygiene? How are you accomplishing this?

With a well-structured Autoresponder email series, every local business can literally become a local hero. Email Marketing has come a long way from your old Outlook account. There are strategic ways to leverage an Autoresponder to manage many different aspects of your business from prospecting, to customer service as well as client retention. Overcome 90+ % of prospect objections, educating them on exactly why you are the preferred provider in your geographic area.

The Neovora team has over 40 combined years of experience in designing and deploying efficient Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing campaigns. Whether you are looking to convert a greater percentage of prospects, or looking to create a more sophisticated Tripwire client defection early warning system, Neovora has the experience to guide your company.