Leveraging Social Media Marketing | Neovora

social-mediaGoogle is pretty smart. They have a couple two… three… perhaps four pretty smart folks working for them as well (ok, thousands).

As Google continues to pioneer Search, they have identified that Social Media creates a direct correlation to the popularity of a website. And the Google algorithm pays very close attention to exactly how these social media sites are involved with your website (referred to as Social Signals).

Now, would it surprise you to learn that if you were to leverage and properly optimize Google+, YouTube, Twitter and your Facebook Fanpage accounts that this could get you immediately ranked within the Snackpack (formerly Google Maps)? This is huge added visibility… right there on the first page of Google, along with your other SERP rankings.

What about Yelp? Yes, everyone seems to have a story related to Yelp, but what if we told you that there is a way to escape the high fees of Yelp, yet still optimize your Yelp profile to rank on the first page of Google for your primary keyword. We are continuing to stack up first page rankings!

Google loves social. Google heavily rewards social properties… and you can immediately put this to work in dominating your local SEO search results. Rank your local retail business website for your primary keyword, rank in the Snack Pack, rank your Facebook Fanpage, Rank your Yelp Profile page, and rank a YouTube video. We are quickly adding first page rankings to drive more leads to your business.

You see, with the right understanding and subsequent deployed strategy, it won’t take long before your company is dominating the first page of the major search engines for many of your primary keywords.