From Part 1 of this post series, let’s continue our list of retention strategies that worked for many businesses.

Company Newsletter

A company newsletter is a simple and cost-effective way of retaining customers. You can use email automation to send updates or offers to all of your customers at once. And, you can send the email using an RSS feed on a designated frequency, so you don’t have to manually update the content or remember to click “send.” Even though it’s simple, newsletters remind customers of your brand every time they open their inbox.

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Deliver Your Promise

As the famous saying goes, “under promise and over deliver”, therefore, don’t promise customers what you can’t fulfill.

Not everyone succeeds in surpassing expectations, and some businesses fail to meet their customers’ expectations. When you promise something to your client, be certain that you have the means to deliver. If you say the personalized product the client ordered will be ready in a week, make it ready in five days or less. If you say a rebate will be given to the first 50 buyers in 24 hours, give the rebate just right after they make the purchase.

It’s a simple action plan, but to the customers, it exceeds their expectations. To them, you are going beyond your promise to satisfy them. That’s more points for you and your business.

Exceeding customers’ expectations will help in keeping them for good.

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Listen to Customer Complaints

At a glance, addressing customer complaints is a waste of time. There are more important matters to attend to, like convincing new leads to convert to buyers or how to retain existing customers. It is the most logical business path.

But on a long-term perspective, customer complaints can open doors for business growth. Care to listen to their frustrations, their issues at hand. What made them unhappy? What did not work for them that worked for other customers?

This gives you a chance to see things you haven’t considered before. Complaints need your attention, so attend to them now.

Hire people to power your customer care department. Train them to be flexible, welcoming, knowledgeable, and most importantly, they must know how to pick up the root cause of every complaint. Use their dissatisfaction to your advantage.

Customer Education

Knowledgebase… community forums… These are some of the tools a company can use to openly laid down accessible and useful information to the customers. It is a long-term investment.

It is an extension of your products and services. It is going beyond your promise. Customers can use these tools when they need help, when they want answers but are too tired to call customer support or when they need simple solutions that can be found in Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page on your website.

Customers are active and participative when they know they can gain valuable information from you, and not just from your product or service.

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Get Started Now

Businesses in the online world compete to get more leads, convert more prospects, or become one of the best brands out there. Getting your hands full of things that won’t give you a definite road to grow your business is a waste of effort, money, and time.

Know where to invest your resources in. Neovora can lead you there. We have social media posting services and other marketing strategies that have worked for many businesses. Visit our page!