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Welcome to another post of a five part series in our Fresno SEO Expert series. This post is about using digital marketing. We speak about how you can leverage client experiences to your advantage and to attract new customers.

The previous post was about to how to convert prospects to leads. This last article was big on using email marketing, social media marketing, and building trust over a scheduled timeframe.

We are an SEO Company in Fresno CA. Our team comes from many types of backgrounds and industries. We’ve collectively done business in over a dozen countries- mainly in Europe and Latin America. And as experienced as we are, we will never be able to tell you how to improve your business offerings and services.

We are marketers, and we do internet and digital marketing for small, medium and local businesses around the USA and in LATAM. Your business is your own issue. We can only do so much as your marketing partner before we’re running it!

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Offer outstanding service and receive great referrals and testimonialsFor this reason we’ll leave the actual business operations alone. We will, however, cover testimonial and referral systems. Let’s assume that you are actually miles ahead of your competitors. You finish work before schedule with minimal errors, and rarely have issues with clients over services rendered.

You are in a league of your own. The most ideal situation for you is to have your current clients spreading the praise of your business around town. You want them to tell their friends, their family, and to shout your hard work from rooftops.

What if we told you this was possible? And it’s being implemented around the country with resounding results! Testimonial and referral systems are being used by business owners around the world to leverage their congratulatory praises from clients to acquire new clients.

This is how it works. Upon delivering goods or providing services, your job is far from done. The new goal is to get both testimonials and referrals from your existing and new clients.

You want testimonials because you will be able to highlight your positive client experiences on the web. This will develop new clients who are unsure your business or services. You want referrals and will actively pursue them because they are the best kind of new clients.

You can actively make videos of clients whose houses you’ve repaired, whose teeth you’ve rearranged, whose divorce was clean and easy with your help. Posting branded videos on your site through YouTube is incredibly powerful!

This goes beyond videos. You can also post their praise from emails or reviews on your site. Let prospective clients know how far and above you normally go. Now, not all clients will participate in this part. Most will take some convincing, and that is normal. Give them an incentive! A percentage off the next transaction, a free item, anything to get their video testimonial!

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Another asset that you can acquire from current clients are referrals. Entrepreneur recently had a good write up about this. Again, this is best offered with an incentive. Offer a gift card, a percentage of the sale, or anything for a referral that is brought in by a current client!

  • If you’re a roofer, you can offer a free gutter cleaning to every client that recommends a friend.
  • If you’re a dentist, you can offer free teeth cleanings for referrals.
  • Get creative!

These types of testimonials and stories of current and past clients make wonderful assets on your site. In addition to your blog, testimonial, and services pages, clients can spend hours on your site learning about your products.

This is absolutely PERFECT if your product is a high ticket price. Buyers are hesitant to spend thousands on anything, and often need to be warmed up to a business they are seeking to work with.

If you’re a more visual learner, here is a video about this specific blog post!

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