Understanding Domains From A Local Business Perspective

In the computer age, the power of search engine optimization has capitalized on the growth direction of the online market, subsequent to the sprouting of the more financially dominant companies reaching out internationally through the use of internet media. This is more true now than ever.

The Domain Name Effect

Portland SEOExperts on the field of marketing, branding, and ecommerce have pushed companies to make an appeal to the vastness of the web connection all over the world. Building websites seems to be the most ideal first course of action to take in penetrating the online market.

Choosing the right name for your website is as crucial as finding the right formula to make your product work. The success of your online presence and marketing strategy will depend on the viewer’s first impression website name, which usually lasts.

The domain name of your choosing will hold as much weight as your company name. A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS).

But the decision will depend whether Exact Match Domain (EMD) or Branded Domain is what your business needs.

So in Portland OR, do we go ahead and use portlanddogwalking.com or TheDogDude.com ? These are all considerations we need to make when thinking about Portland SEO.

Understanding Exact Match Domain

Generally, EMDs include one or two words representing the product or service your business is offering. The keyword optimization in the domain name makes it easier for customers to find the exact match for the product they are searching for.

It is likely for your website to be ranked in the first page when your domain name is familiar and most commonly used by the users of your products or services.

With a better matching anchor text links, higher search engine click-through rates (CTR), and higher AdWords CTR; the EMD will surely effectively work just how it was programmed to.

Today, however, customers are more technology oriented. They can be more specific in searching for the kind of product and service they want to have. Websites which offer no real valuable information simply will not work. Find out more about EMDs here.

Branded Domains Work Differently

Branded domains do not contain keywords related to your products or services. This type of domain rely mostly on the popularity of your product brand. It is easier to recognize and obtain.

This type of domain is best for building your online visibility, allowing you to diversify your product and service activities without having to rebrand. Plus, the chance of getting penalties for inappropriate anchor text is less. This is a god send for Portland SEO purposes.

Given that Branded Domain gives you room for flexibility, it doesn’t come without a disadvantage. Establishing your website credibility with Google will take time and effort on your end. You will likely spend more on advertising your products, services, and the website itself since click-through rates may be lower compared to EMDs.

Defining Your Goal

Choosing the best domain type will lean greatly on your business goals and the online visibility you want to achieve for your website. There are advantages and disadvantages in both Exact Match Domain and Branded Domain. Neovora is an expert at identifying which works for which industries/niches.

While your ranking on search engines matter, if you want to attain a greater number of viewers, thus advancing your online exposure, using more relevant keywords in your domain name has proven to be more effective. If you’re looking for the premier Portland SEO Company, give us a call.