Email Marketing

Why it’s important:

98% of the prospects that come in contact with your business leave without ever spending a penny. (Source: So in order to maximize these advertising dollars, it’s very important that you make sure you have completed the previous steps.

58% of us check our email first-thing every day. (Source: OptinMonster)

  • Segment your prospects and clients into different groups.

  • Decide your main segments

  • Products and services

  • Content consumed

  • Buying history / experience

  • Set up a content schedule for each group.

  • Develop email content to send each group

  • Develop email content to send each group

  • Do not exceed 15% sales messaging

  • Set up automatic email delivery systems


Why it’s important:

  • 70 Percent of Customers are lost from neglect (Source:

  • Up to 15% of a business’s most loyal customers account for 55-70% of the company’s total sales. (Source: Forbes).

  • 48% of consumers say that the most critical time to gain their loyalty is when they make their first purchase or begin service. (Source: ClickFox)

  • Maintain and nurture a relationship with your clients

  • Create email series to reach out to your customers on a consistent basis

  • Useful information about your products and services

  • Industry news or trends

  • Tips and tricks to get the most of their lives

  • Give value in each email

  • Develop communication methods to send emails automatically