Happy client, happy life,” that’s the saying.

Happier clients leads to more loyal clients, that’s the mindset that successful multi-million Fortune 500 companies cultivate.

They devote a massive amount of their budgets to this simple idea, from the administrative levels to their staff of deck. That said, you want to be able to implement the same kind of loyalty component to your own local market.

customer loyalty solutionsYou know the options. Possibilities are out there. But which solution is going to make your brand have a stronger following of clients that don’t stray, spend lots, and recommend you to their family and friends? How to increase customer loyalty effectively and with ROI in mind?

Importance of Client Lifetime Value For Small Local Businesses

Client relationships that last a long time are the lifeblood of sustaining a lasting business, no matter how small. You want to increase the client lifetime value of each and every client. Increasing customer loyalty and their staying power is a sure fire way to increase CLV and revenue.

Moreover, working with existing clients is multitudes easier than getting new clients.

According to The National Law Review, “It can cost 5 times more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones.” If you’re interested in ROI, invest in your existing customers!

Looking To Increase Customer Loyalty | Quick and Easy

So how do you improve client loyalty? You need to increase your operations, continue delivering good products and services, and offer them value for free!

Email newsletters are big these days. Sending scheduled, helpful information to client emails is a leading way to offer free value and increase loyalty.

An email newsletter is the best way to remind clients of the value you offer. Here are some reasons why it builds value and will improve your CLV:

  • Communication builds trust
  • Free value (tips, helpful information) is free!
  • Compelling information establishes your expertise

creating customer loyaltyCustomer Loyalty Solutions

So by now you must be asking, where and how do I implement these customer loyalty solutions? Where will you find the time to set up an automated email newsletter software, write the newsletters, schedule them, enter emails, and sequence the list? Chances are it’s going to be something you need to learn to do, study, then implement. Can you take the time off to learn all of that? You’re busy operating your business.

When it comes to increasing and building customer loyalty to help grow revenue, this is definitely the solution for you. If you have an email list and you know there is value to be built in your relationships, take a look at Touchpoint 80/20.

It is a done for you client retention system that not only emails your clients a monthly newsletter to build trust, but also offers NPS scoring and a review generator! It will build customer loyalty, increase your CLV, and bring in tons of raving reviews.