Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

Top ranking pages. We all want them, but sometimes we don’t have the resources to dedicate in order to achieve these rankings. So what is the solution? There is definitely a way to earn decent rankings without the large investment that usually accompanies content marketing and targeted backlinking strategies.

This post will cover several of the easier and less time consuming methods that small and medium-sized businesses can use to really ramp up their existing page rankings. Let me first go over why the page rankings can be crucial or not only your website pages but also your blog posts. As a Fresno SEO Company, we deal with these kinds of issues on a daily basis.

Whether for our website or when working for a client (we are a Fresno SEO consultant), these are foundational ranking strategies that we base everything else upon.

Top Fresno SEO Tips and Tricks For Page Rankings

Search engine spiders are adding data to google's computers every dayEvery day millions of Americans and world citizens are using Google and other search engines to find solutions to their problems. Often the solutions they are seeking will fall it directly into your basket. This means that by putting out blog posts and pages that answer specific questions, you are placing bait in the World Wide Web’s ocean. How did you find this page? Searching Fresno SEO Pros often works!

These prospects will pick your bait and find a way to your site. Eventually a small percentage of these prospects will convert on your pages and your blog posts. Most often small and medium-sized businesses have some small bait that is floating in the ocean. However because these businesses’ expertise is not in search engine optimization for Fresno topics, that bait is not optimal.

Fresno SEO Discussion on Page Rankings

We’re going to cover some of the things that will allow you to layout the best bait that you possibly can with the tools and resources that you currently have. We are a Fresno SEO Expert agency but do not take our word for it, test it out also! It will work!

  1. Look into rich snippets. Rich snippets are an amazing tool that will help search engines identify the content and topics of your website. Rich snippets provide meta-data that allow google to highlight specific parts of your page for prospects. Rich snippets can include: video schema, table of contents schema, menu schema, image schema, reviews.
  2. Improve crawl friendliness. When the website is optimized for internal linking, Google and other search engines can easily crawl and index all the pages on your site. Increasing the crawl-ability of your website means connecting pages that are similar and relevant to one another. Don’t connect pages that have nothing to do with one another even if they are still under your domain. You want to make sure that the pages that are connecting are of high value to the original page, the links are continuous an unbroken, and that the juice is free to flow throughout the website. Furthermore make sure that the navigation for your website is similar throughout the pages because indexing is a hugely important factor.
  3. Speed up your existing pages. With many tools that are available in WordPress you can ensure that your pages load fast. The faster that your pages load for prospects the lower your bounce rate and the happier prospects are. Google understands habits and tendencies of Internet browsers and rewards websites that have low page speeds. Reducing your bounce rate will also mean more clients will stay on that landing page and you are sure to get a higher conversion rate.
  4. Geotagging. If you don’t know what Geotagging is and you are operating in the local market you are missing a huge opportunity. First of all your pages and posts must be rich with visual media, meaning there are images that are appealing to your prospects. A large part of our browsing habits includes expectations of relevant images. Uploading these images to your website is simply not enough these days. Those images must have geo coordinates that allow search engines to identify that page with the specific location on a coordinate grid. Absolutely essential if you are a local marketplace operator.
  5. Optimize existing pages. Using Google Webmaster Tools you must identify webpages on your site are of high quality but do not have organic traffic. Likely you are missing out on organic traffic because the page is not optimized for any keywords or other on page factors. Buy high-quality we mean that even though the pages not listed in the search engines your prospects find their way to that page and spend a considerable amount of time on it. It will be highly worthwhile to identify the target keywords for that page and do your best to optimize it so that it can be found in the search engines.

Might we also suggest becoming integrated in the Fresno Chamber of Commerce? This will always provide valuable credit to your website.

Fresno SEO Quick Page Rankings

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Now these are the easiest methods for a small and medium-sized business to implement right away. This is taking into account that most business websites already have existing content in the form of posts or pages.

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