Geotagging and Round Rock SEO Services

The purpose of today’s blog is to bring the many ways to beef up on-page SEO to your eyes. Today we are focusing on Geotagging. It is one of the many ways to ping Google and let them know what your local page is about.

Have you ever searched for a vacation place on Google images, and come across highly relevant and beautiful images? Well this is partly because of a partnership with and Google that brings highly relevant images for searches on Google.

How did Google know those pics were relevant? Because they were Geocoded!!!

Geotagged or Not? Round Rock SEO

If you have a smartphone, chances are all the images you are taking with your phone will relay some kind of information about the GPS coordinates of where the image was taken. Its kind of crazy, my iPhone photo library remembers where my photos were taken better than I do, every single one!

SEO in Round Rock and Geo Locations

This GPS geocode is then uploaded along with the image (and other metadata like timestamps, camera settings) and stored within the metadata of the image. As long as the image is present on any web 2.0 or a domain page, the image is just as visible as the geotag. Facebook reads geo tags, that’s how it is able to make a map of ALL the places you went to. Ahem.. USA Freedom Act?

What Does A Geotag Mean For My Pages?

This strategy helped our affiliate, a Round Rock SEO Company get massive rankings. So now, where are we? Say you have a Jaguar Dealership business and website. Everywhere on this particular page you are sending Google signals about how you are the best Jaguar dealer and repair in *San Francisco. You are mentioning the county, state, local areas, and doing everything you’ve been taught to rank for Jaguar in that region..

But then you did the worst thing possible… Instead of going and taking a photo of one of your cars in stock, you went online and took a picture of a nice, shiny, Jaguar from the internet, and you changed the title to something like img: best-jaguar-repair-SF-California.

Geotagging | Round Rock SEO Expert

Round Rock SEO Company

All or Nothing | Round Rock SEO Services

BUT…You’re forgetting something… hint: its Round Rock SEO Services! The image that you found online was taken near a beautiful beach in Florida, . And the image has a GEOTAG for FLORIDA!! 3000 miles away from your business. Nobody is likely to see this, because geocoding is hidden in the properties of the image….unbeknownst to you and them. But Google with their ever watchful eye will see it… And they notice the discrepancy between the location of the photo’s Florida geotag and your current location of California.

This mismatch is going to cost you some rankings. 

Google rewards…and Google punishes.

If you geotag, you are making your pages highly specific for local results. You will have a leg up in the local SEO game that everyone is trying to master these days.

So What Is A Geotag And How To Alter It? SEO Texas

Every image on your local site MUST have a relevant geotag. Even if you took the image in an appropriate location, I suggest you alter it.. Here are a few ways how:

  • Camera: Take the pictures with a GPS camera. Boom! All the data is solved, you have unique photos. Gold!
  • Tools: So you don’t actually have an inventory of Jaguars to shoot with GPS enabled. It’s ok. You can use some tools to edit the GPS coordinates, like geotagmypic or flickr.
  • Manually: There are ways to code the image and do that back-end stuff. But I have no idea how to do this, so use the Google.

We will begin to dive deeper into Local SEO methods for domination. I guarantee that if you establish this method to tagging your photos, you will get a leg up on all of the competitors that are trying to rank for your keywords in your local markets! Visit the last blog post in our Round Rock SEO Company Series! Also check our Youtube channel.

Another crucial part of local SEO is ensuring that you have good links coming from important citations. Make sure you are getting these! Our free audit will provide you with the insight you need to improve your site. Consider Round Rock SEO Services.