Every entrepreneur and local business owner knows that there are three main steps to growing a business:

  1. Get more clients in the door;
  2. Get those clients to spend more often;
  3. Get the same clients to spend more in every transaction.

One of the simplest methods to get more clients through the door is maximizing the amount of Google customer reviews for your business. There are many review sites, and surely you’re familiar with them: Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, and many other specialty sites. The most important of these is Google, we’ll discuss why…

google customer reviewsWhy Google Company Reviews Matter

Google is undoubtedly the most important review site. It’s the site that you need to direct all your attention to when it comes to client referrals and social proof. Whenever a prospect searches their browser for their local solution provider, they will find the top companies suggested by Google…and why wouldn’t they place their own sites at the top of their suggest list?

A quick google search is almost always the first and last stop for prospects who are looking for products and services. Your job, if you desire to get more clients, is to make sure you get Google reviews, so that you can find yourself on your consumers’ radar.

Social Proof

In addition to all the information you provide, including but not limited to you contact details, website, and location on the map, your prospects are going to see your social proof and testimonials from previous clients. They will also see the numerical star average from your previous customers’ overall satisfaction with your products and services.

92% of internet users who search for local products and services are reading reviews

google my business reviewsIn this search listing here, the first business listed has 200+ reviews. In the eyes of the consumer, do you think that the number of reviews commands social proof? Doesn’t it look like this level of social reputation will help acquire new customers, as well as encourage the business’ existing ones?

Rankings and SEO

Notice in the last image that the one with the most reviews is also listed predominantly in position #1 of the maps results. This is not by chance. The quality and quantity of reviews for businesses listed on google are significant ranking factors. Acquiring reviews definitely needs to be part of your SEO strategy.

How To Get Google Reviews and Win?

Hopefully by now the enormous benefits that social proof from reviews can bring your business is quite clear. So how do you get more of these to help grow your business?

Its Simple – Ask For Google My Business Reviews

For anything that you want in life, you need to go out and get it. In this case you need to go out and get your customers to actively participate in this referral system. The simplest method to do so is by asking them.

Your customers understand the benefits that their testimonial will have in spreading the word of your brand. In asking them to hop online and leave a testimonial for you, more often than not they will be happy to do so.

7/10 customers will leave a review if asked

Making sure that you have an automated system to ask them to do so will be a great value to your success. Asking at point-of-sale, in a follow up call, by email, and in person are all great ways to show your customers that you value their opinion and want them to leave their opinion for others to see.

Don’t Ask Everyone!

But here is the catch, you don’t want to ask every single of your customers to leave feedback online for others to see. Why?

Quite frankly, not all of your clients are going to want to rate you five stars. If you ask all of your customers, from the dissatisfied to the ones that are ecstatic about your brand, you will receive varied results.

Filter Your Testimonials With NPS

To best counter this problem, you want to make sure that you’re only asking those clients who are most satisfied with your products and services. The way to find out who would rate you highly is with an NPS survey.

Use A Done-For-You Service – Touchpoint 80/20

If you want to step into the digital age and receive the benefits from this strategy, we have the perfect tool for you. Its called Touchpoint 80/20 and it is a done-for-you system that will catapult your business to the front of all your local prospects.

The increase in Google Reviews (and Facebook, too) are part of a larger client retention system developed by Neovora. Via email newsletter, it selects the clients that rave about you and asks them to leave feedback for your brand online, so that all prospects can see…