Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) profile is now a common marketing strategy for small to medium businesses wanting to grow their business. Online marketing SEOs also use it to help business owners gain more traffic and visibility. Most of our marketing strategies and website promotion for local SEO Businesses take part in compiling these helpful tips, aiming to guide businesses to lead domination and sales increase.

Countless numbers of helpful articles and online guides are all over the web with one common purpose – to help local companies gain an edge over their competitors and rank higher in Google’s Map Local 3-Pack. With similar information scattered around, finding the most logical and applicable advice should be a priority.

The Power Of Image Story-Telling

With the many things you can do to promote your business in GMB, starting off with the easiest, most basic action step could bring you a long way. Nowadays, images can be produced without difficulty, with high quality photos often telling a lot about the brand.

It is an alternative way to tell people what your business is, what you are offering, the services you provide, and what the customers will miss if they choose not to visit your place.

By painting a thousand words without relying on content alone, you can promote your business with breath-taking images.

Google My Business Profile Images

With GMB, adding different types of pictures on your account not only improves the effectiveness of the page, it’s also an outlet for company owners to showcase the best pictures they have to promote the store. Much like taking extra time to beautify your personal Facebook profile page to gain likes, your business listing works just the same.

For Profile – This one should be the best representation of your business, enabling any customer to recognize your store across Google. If you opt for a subtle or serene, colorful or black and white picture, it matters that it’s a reflection of your brand’s personality. The ideal size is 250×250 pixels.

For Cover – This will be displayed on your Google + page, which should be a grand showcase of your offers and services. Find the best spot in your store or location, snap a shot, enhance it and then add it as a cover photo. The best dimension is 2120 x 1192 pixels.

For Brand Logo – This is typically the 250×250 version of your company logo. If it doesn’t fit the ideal dimension, find ways to tweak it to get the desired size. Google allows owners to recommend an image to be displayed alongside your brand name on Google Search and Maps.

Aside from these primary images that need to be added, there are other pictures you can include in your GMB “my images” for optimization and better visual impact.

Interior View – Give customers a real-life feel of the ambiance and setting of your place. These photos should entice them to come and experience the service themselves, make their mouths water with the table and food presentation, give them a taste of the comfort your company can give with the furniture placement and accommodation.

Exterior View – Show them a popular signage, street or landmark that is close to your location. Let them see how your shop or store looks like from the outside in each direction. Let them see the well lighted streets, the people flocking in to experience your services.

Product Samples – This one should be easy. Food bloggers never fail to post pictures of great food and great eats every day. Online clothing stores flaunt their latest collections and popular designs. You should do the same with your products, if it’s food, then get the best photo with the best angle and lighting effects.

The Google Trusted Photographer program provides a list of professional photographers equipped with 360 degree cameras and everything else needed to get a panoramic view of your location, which will give potential customers more reason to try out your service.

Additional tips on optimizing your photos

  1. Google really appreciates frequency, so as often as you post, better ranked you will be on Google listings. Often posting doesn’t mean to post plenty of pics on random days, but to maintain a frequency for a while. It is better for you to post 5 images a week but one everyday, then posting 15 a week and then posting again 2 weeks later.
  2. I’m sure you wish the best for your business, so for your photos it shouldn’t be different. Make sure you’re posting the best photos you can! If you can’t take good photos or you have no idea on how to edit them, you may probably hire someone to be in charge of this for you.
  3. Last but not least, you might also want to change all your photos name and description. Instead of using the general saved name (img.4423) change it for “Neovora SEO”. You may also use specific keywords on the pictures name.
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