Leads are the lifeblood of many businesses. It’s one of the ways to grow a business. Here are three of the strategies that we help our customers capitalize on (read more on these here):

  • More Transactions
  • More Value PER Transaction
  • More Leads and Clients

So you want to grow your business. You will need leads, interested prospects. You need to nurture those leads and convert them to clients. Then you need to treat them well, learn from them, and grow alongside them for a long time.

If you are a growing local-business, we have a formula for you to follow. There are three stages…

Immediately Generate Leads Online

Find a way to get people to call your business. You will need to find a marketing company that can use Google to send you exclusive calls. The agreement will be at a pay-per-call rate, and you’ll get interested prospects. Leads that you obtain from this system have a higher rate of conversion than others.

Implementing a pay-per-call campaign is an IMMEDIATE solution to generating online leads. Most strategies to grow a business via prospects take time to gain steam.

Once you get the calls coming in, you will see a clear pattern in ROI. Each call will cost between $20 and $40 (depending on your location/industry), and you’ll be able to see how much business you generate. Spending more resources on calls gets you more business.

This works BEST if you have have systems in place to actually convert clients. If you do not answer phones frequently, or have bad receptionists, bad salesmen with weak installation estimate pitches, then it will be all for nothing.

This is the first step because it allows the other, longer term strategies to take effect – which leads us into our next strategy.

Short Development Time to Dominate Local Lead Generation

how to improve lead generationWhile your business is growing through immediate calls, and you’re paying per call, you need to secure a few key things. These take a few months to implement, so they need to get rolling promptly:

  • Your website is ironed out, optimized for SEO, with all content developed
  • Your google my business profile is completely optimized with everything that Google’s algorithm is looking for to display to prospects
  • You maximize all types of Google Assets to support your GMB profile and to rank in the maps listings

Now, when people search ‘Sacramento air conditioning’ or any of the top keywords for your local business, your brand is there! This is a huge place to be. This strategy is long lasting and very effective to bring in qualified leads.

Maps can be implemented in a few months, and slowly you’ll see more calls coming from the impressions you get on the Maps Pack.

Long Term Strategies to Improve Lead Generation

Getting your business on the map won’t be enough. You also need to get your business on the organic rankings.

While a maps listing can help boost your organic ranking, it’s simply one of the first steps. If you don’t devote time on more long term SEO strategies, and this is even more crucial for highly competitive industries, you will fall off the rankings very quickly.

how to generate leads onlineThis is a longer term approach because it takes time to build your site and get it enough authority and credibility to actually rank on page one against the older and more established companies.

This is a great place to be because the leads you get from your site doesn’t cost anything on a per-call basis. If done right, you will find yourself owning an established brand and leads will start to roll in on their own!

Combine the ongoing calls you receive, the maps listings, and the organic ranking and you are well on your way to buying out competitors, branching out to other locations, or stepping away and watching what you build grow- without much involvement!

It’s ALL About the Leads! Improve Your Lead Gen and Grow

Interested in how to get this started?

Visit our Call Adrenaline page to know how to improve lead generation with immediate calls. This will give you the ROI to invest into the longer term strategies that will be exactly what you need to how to generate leads online.

Speak with a rep for a no-obligation consultation. We may already be working with a contractor in your area, and these leads are exclusive, so don’t think TOO long.