Strategic Dental Marketing for Your Practice

We know that, as a dentist, you have a lot of options for dental marketing ideas. The bottom line is that your practice requires a constant flow of qualified prospective patients. You can work with any dental marketing agency in the country, so why consider Neovora?

We’d actually like to answer that with a very specific answer! We do things a bit differently. We don’t put our hands into your pocket, telling you have great we are, with you sitting on the sidelines hoping that we actually know what we’re doing. Nope, not our process.

Let me take a quick moment to frame things for you, then, if you like what you hear, you can feel free to move on down the page.

We only work with ONE INDUSTRY CLIENT PER CITY throughout the United States. 1 per city only. The reason for this is simple. Our program is designed to dominate every local market we enter. What we do and what we will show you how to do will truly enable you to dominate your local dental market. Period.

Now let me be specific:

  • You will be asked to pay for services we provide, leads we send you, referrals we show you how to get, lifecycle analytics to grow your bottom line, and how to generate “user generated content,” all to be broken down below.
  • Simultaneously, we will teach you, free of charge, exactly what steps you need to take to rank your personal business website #1 in all search engines. This is your asset, we want you to have power over it.

If this sounds somewhat interesting, as all of our clients have felt while reading the same page, we invite you to continue reading.

The Neovora Difference

Where a lot of companies will rattle off multiple dental marketing strategies that they “will deploy” once you write the big check, we would argue, “Why would you ever do that?”

Why would you put your trust into any marketing company, regardless of any potentially great past results, for work that needs to be done in the future?

What 100% assurance do you have that the dental consultants you are working with are going to be able to duplicate those prior results?

Nothing. Quite frankly, nothing. Ask for a 100% refund policy and let us know how far that gets you! I’ll bet that it won’t get you very far.

Instead, Neovora has decided to take a different approach to the way in which we structure our business relationship with dentists.

Let’s outline it here!

Why Trust That Someone Will Build You A Lead Generation System That Works?

We have already built our own asset. We have built our own lead generation machine. Why have you pay for something that we may or may not be able to deliver on?

So, rather than developing a business model where you need to “trust” that we have the necessary experience to perform, we put our money where our mouth is and built a platform that you simply plug into.

Phase 1 Begins Our Business Relationship

When we created our dental platform, we built it with the mindset that we wanted to provide the ABSOLUTE BEST RESOURCE the dental patient could ever dream of. Full of cutting-edge procedural content, guiding the patients through the different areas of dentistry, from general preventive procedures to restorative dentistry and then on to cosmetic procedures.

If a consumer wishes to know about anything having to do with dental works, they will find it within our portal. Furthermore, they will find our network of dentists.

This is the lead generation element of our site. We only work with one dentist per city, and that dentist will be the beneficiary of every single lead from over 50 dental keywords we rank for within that respective city.

Are you a general practitioner that works with preventive, restorative and cosmetic procedures? Well, you’ll love our system, as you will have website traffic coming in for all three areas. Do you specialize in a specific form of dentistry, well, marketing “dental implants,” as an example, requires very specific SEO skills that we not only have, but use virtually every day.

Once you become a client of our dental portal, you will immediately be plugging into an inbound traffic channel. No needing to wait to see if we know what we are doing. It is at that point that we begin to outline a dental marketing plan for your practice, one that you can implement at whatever pace you decide makes sense for your business objectives.

Marketing dental procedures is about nurturing. Not everyone needs a new dentist today. However, they are open to learning about a dentist over time. Does your current dental marketing expert execute a segmentation and nurturing process?

Do your dental marketing experts use a surveying process to learn more about what the subscribers want to learn more about? Getting someone into a list, is generally the first step in a marketing campaign and, not so surprisingly, is the easiest. What you do with the prospect at this point is what separates a lot of dental marketers from others.

Is your existing dental consultant using dental digital marketing strategies or are they exclusively engaged in offline tactics?

Once we have developed our overall strategy, we deploy it within 4 distinct phases: lead generation, referral marketing, CLV and reputation building/management. This is it, no more and certainly no less.

Now you, as the dentist, need to evaluate at what pace you want to deploy the 3 additional phases once you initially plugged in to our lead generation platform.

Phase 2 – Proactive Referral Programs Is Where It’s At

If Neovora were to give you any dental marketing tips, the first thing that we’d tell you is that you need to develop constant streams of new leads into your practice. You can accomplish this with Phase 1 of our dental solution.

However, as top dental marketing consultants, we’d not be doing you any favors if we stopped the education of our clients there.

We’ve all heard our entire lives, and certainly as business owners, that getting referrals is the holy grail of customer acquisition. However, would it surprise you that less than 3% of SME’s worldwide have any type of passive or active referral systems in place that routinely bring referral business in the door. By utilizing comprehensive social media marketing for dentists, we are able to leverage the power of social media combined with our overall messaging.

Once you have engaged our Phase 1 system, we will outline for you how our passive and active referral system works and how you can immediately implement this strategy into your practice. As a dental consultant, we clearly understand that if your business is to ensure that your patients are extremely satisfied, the next step is to leverage this satisfaction with a steady flow of friends, family and colleagues from each and every satisfied patient. It won’t happen through great intentions, and certainly not through osmosis! The best practices in the country understand that ONLY through a comprehensive strategy can anything meaningful and sustainable occur.

Phase 3 – Where Profits And Lifecycle Analytics Meet, Even For The Dental Practice

You run your own business. As with all businesses, you get clients; next step is to grow each client.

Typically referred to as CLV, or Customer Lifetime Value, the goal of every business is to ensure that your business is able to maximize the financial relationship with each and every client.

How do you do that? And more specifically, how can marketing ideas for dental practices help design a plan that accomplishes this goal?

Lifecycle Analytics is a subset of the greater CLV data analysis. “WHAT?”

Yes, it’s true, data analysis can be your friend, not your enemy! No, we don’t expect that your dental practice will all of the sudden need a data administrator. However, we will ensure that you begin to clearly understand that not all patients are created equal, nor should they be communicated with in the same manner.

Phase 3 will both educate you as well as take your data to a new level, a level that makes your practice a lot of extra revenue that you have not been taking advantage of. We will introduce reports to your firm such as RFM Scoring, Tripwire Alerts, and HALO opportunities.

Effective dental marketing will take on an entirely different meaning once you enter into Phase 3 with Neovora.

Marketing dental services for your clinic is more than simply putting out piece of direct mail or an email blast. Once a client becomes a client, it is extremely important that your practice have a comprehensive strategy to grow your patient value.

Dental consulting should not be exclusively centered on customer acquisition, but rather a comprehensive approach to overall practice value. The best dental marketing companies understand that one main responsibility they have is to execute a strategy that helps the dentist build its overall value.

Your Practice Is An Asset, And Our Responsibility As Consultants Is To Help You Build Your Asset.

While we consider ourselves the best dental marketing company in the US, we don’t suggest this merely because it sounds good. We suggest this based on the strategy we execute for our clients and the results we achieve for their respective practices.

Once your practice has engaged Phase 3 of the Neovora action plan, your practice will take on an entirely different look, one that we are proud of to help you execute.

Phase 4 – Reputation Building And Management

Our 4th and final client phase is Phase 4 of our client relationship structure. Most dentist marketing strategies begin and end with client acquisition. Unfortunately, this leaves your competitors plenty of room to come in to dominate the market. How is this doing you any favors?

A local dentist marketing plan needs to include a strategy for testimonials, reviews and overall reputation management. We think that it goes without saying, you need reviews. Lots of reviews. We live at a time when reviews, in many cases, MAKE OR BREAK the decision making process of many people looking to choose a new dentist.

Furthermore, by leveraging dental social media marketing we are able to insert your name into the conversation in a positive and meaningful way. Dentists marketing to their communities need to remember that name recognition is important, but projecting the positive information that others are saying about you is a huge asset.

By implementing an active review and testimonial system, we are able to develop, what we in the marketing industry refer to as the holy grail of content, user-generated content.

In the age of Google controlling web traffic, there is nothing better than user-generated traffic.

Marketing for dental practices must include a strategy that ensures it leverages user-generated content.

Phase 5 – WHAT? You Said There Were Only 4 Phases? What Sort Of Slippery Nonsense Are You Pullin’ On Us??

Ok, a little humor never hurt any of us. Ok, smile at least!

Listen, everything that we have discussed in this article has to do with services that we provide. From our lead generation platform that you simply plug into, all the way through Phases 2, 3 and 4, to Reputation Building and Management. What are we missing?

A lot actually. Your site!

Digital marketing for dentists is competitive. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will never rank your website. If you don’t ever rank your website, it turns into little more than an extension of your business card.

However, our Phase 5 starts from day 1 in concert with Phase 1. We are going to guide you and your staff, or outsourcers of your choosing, to optimize your site so that it ranks #1!

Web marketing for dentists must include leveraging your website in every way possible. Our Phase 5 strategy is a plan to ensure we give you and your team comprehensive training of exactly what you need to do to rank your website. We will walk you through step-by-step on exactly how to structure your website, how to do your keyword research, and how to do both on-page and off-page link building.

Now, we want to be clear, we do not do this work on your site. We want you to gain this information, as well as maintain the power over your own website. We want to empower you to own the knowledge of what you need to do to build your website into a ranking powerhouse within your community.

Think about it, if you turn over your biggest digital asset, your website, to a consulting company, you are turning over an asset that can be leveraged against you. We don’t advocate for you to do this to your business. While dental internet marketing is very competitive and ever-changing, we are going to create an entire outline for your clinic to follow.

Once you become a client of Neovora, you will have, free of charge, a comprehensive cheat-sheet of exactly what to do to rank your website and begin developing addition leads. Ah, did I just mention that Phase 5 is free? Yes, 100% free. You need this information and we are happy to provide it.

In addition to our cheat-sheet, we will provide a comprehensive action plan of multiple steps that your practice can begin implementing immediately to work in concert with our Phase 1 lead generation platform. We get the question every day regarding how to get more dental patients, which is exactly why we have developed our 5 Phase action plan.

This is what Neovora does. This is what we do all day, every day.

Online dental marketing is only one element of our program. Sure, we leverage big Google, as well as the other search engines, but there is a lot more to our dentist marketing services than just online tactics.

Recap: The Neovora 5-Phase Business Building Approach – Total Market Domination

Phase 1 – This is where you immediately plug into our internet dental marketing platform. The day you plug in is the day you start getting new patients to your clinic.

Phase 5 – (Executed simultaneously with Phase 1 and all 4 phases) All of our dental office marketing ideas are encapsulated into a comprehensive cheat-sheet and action plan. We will teach you everything you need to know to rank your website in the first position of Google. Everything. We will not leave out anything. We want to empower your practice with everything you need to dominate your local market.

Phase 2 A Passive and Active Referral System is put into place, which is one of the dental office marketing strategies that is most overlooked and underutilized. This strategy of marketing dentistry as a whole will demonstrate you and your practice in a very different light, within your community, than ever before.

Phase 3 – Virtual overdrive. Here we combine your dental online marketing platform that you’ve plugged into, along with your referral strategy and combine these with the most comprehensive Lifecycle analytics structure that you have ever been exposed to. This platform will show you exactly where to apply your marketing efforts as well as clearly identifies the “perfect patient” profile so that you can focus future marketing dollars attracting this type of client.

Phase 4 – Here we focus on a comprehensive strategy of building and managing your practice’s reputation. Marketing for dentists and individual practices is about more than just fancy advertising and a slick websites. Dental web marketing is just one facet of an overall comprehensive approach. Here we leverage user generated content in the form of testimonials as well as written, audio and video reviews. This content is priceless in the new Google-dominated world. It is in Phase 4 that your local marketing domination strategy will come to complete fruition.

Next Steps For Your Dental Practice

So, by the time your practice enacst all 5 of our Phases, you will have massive traffic and new prospects wishing to be patients of your practice (Phase 1). You will have more referrals coming to you each and every day (Phase 2).

You will have optimized, maximized and leveraged every asset within your overall dental practice and have identified the “perfect dental patient,” spending more of your marketing dollars on this channel (Phase 3).

And finally, you have tapped into the holy grail of content marketing: user-generated content (Phase 4).

Meanwhile, you have your own personal business website that you are learning how to optimize and rank for any/all of the keywords (Phase 5).

Let me ask you a couple questions…

  • Can you envision your dental practice being the #1 dental practice spoken about within your city. When anyone talks about a dentist, they mention your name?
  • Can you see your dental practice growing leaps and bounds over the course of the next year?
  • Can you see how this new focus will chang not only the amount of lives YOU are able to help, but how it, too, will help change your life as well?
Listen, marketing in dentistry related markets is not for the uninitiated. Whether you are engaged in dental implant marketing or marketing for your overall procedures, Neovora is your secret weapon.

However, there is a catch. Isn’t there always?

We only work with one dentist per city. ONE. Not two, three or ten. JUST ONE.


Well, it’s quite simple. Only one dentist can dominate a local city market. And our program is built to dominate in a local market.

If you are dentist that is interested in growing both your patient base and profit margins, we’d be interested in talking with you to outline our 5-Phase Strategy.

If you’d like to learn how you can leverage Neovora, simply fill out the form on this page and one of our representatives will respond to your query within 24 hours.

We hope that this information was helpful, informative and gives you guidance of exactly what is possible for your practice. We’re looking forward to meeting you!