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Neovora believes in the power of knowledge to help you stand out in your industry. In this special section we make available to you the most relevant articles and white papers that will assist you in keeping up with the most recent proven and tested tactics and strategies to improve your business. You will gather insight from top specialists in the field on cutting-edge business practices that get results.

You will find information to guide you in many areas and not limited to the following local SEO services:

Lead Generation

bullet-2 Search Engine Optimization
bullet-2 Digital Marketing
bullet-2 Video Marketing
bullet-2 Email Marketing
bullet-2 Local SEO
bullet-2 Social Media
bullet-2 Website Optimization

Client Retention

bullet-2 Client Lifetime Value (CLV)
bullet-2 Lifecycle Analytics
bullet-2 Client Segmentation
bullet-2 Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value Scoring (learn about this, as it is very powerful!)

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